feeling shite

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bloody moody

rase nak maki org je

even better if i could just kill someone

really hate the last posting. damn glad it's over

need to restrain myself from bitching. moody + bitching = so so not good

need to face-masking for one more day. not literally, you idiot

really really have this urge to go and strangle and stab someone. damn i left the one and only knife at the previous posting flat

well god's work has many ways..

just one more day elly.. just one more day before you can shut yourself from the world

29 things about hubby

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today has been a good day, so naturally i feel the urge to write and blog. i wont write about my day, but this is something that i've been wanting to write about for some time.

one of the blogs that i regularly visit wrote on 30 facts about her husband on her husband's 30th birthday. so i thought it would be a nice thing to write about. this friend's friend's blog is a pretty one, and her english command is very good, and that's the main reason why i like to visit her blog. plus from her blog, i can imagine that she's a very nice lady.

anyway, here goes, i've been thinking about the 29 things about my hubby for quite some time. btw, his birthday was on the 25th of november, so happy belated birthday hubby :)

1) hubby was born at machang, kelantan. he's very proud to be a kelantanase, and this annoys me a little bit as i myself dont have a specific place/state that i can called home (born at kedah and was brought up in many, many places). he knows about this, so he likes to tease me every now and then, and said silly, unthinkable, impossible stuff like 'kat kelantan mane ade nyamuk!' when i complained about the mosquitoes while at kelantan

2) he went to sekolah sains selangor at cheras from form 1 til form 5. he was the best spm student in his batch

3) he went to university of warwick, uk under petronas scholarship where he studied computer engineering (but i forgot his minor! sory honey..)

4) hubby is not a fussy person, especially in terms of his meals. he eats whatever i cook, and he also doesnt mind if we eat out, like every day. he doesnt have any particular fav food, anything i serve on the table he will eat it haha

5) he loves his family so much, especially his mother. i couldnt understand it at first, but after knowing his mother aka my mother-in-law, now i can understand why hubby loves this very warm-hearted woman, who is so kind and loving, and treats me like her own daughter. she is a great woman and now i love her like my own mother

6) hubby's secret passion is to comb my hair (hihi). he would carefully brush my newly washed hair so carefully, like combing a doll's hair haha. one reason why i keep my hair long..

7) when i first met him, he was about 65kg, and was quite fit. now he weighs about 85kg hihi. not that it bothers me as i would still love him no matter what his size is, but i'm kinda worried about his health

8) he doesnt like crocs, no matter how much i promote it to him, i even offered to buy him one, but he refused it flat

9) he is actually a good cook, but quite a messy person at the kitchen, and that's the main reason why i keep him away from the kitchen!

10) he is very brave and doesnt believe in ghosts. but he does believe in politics which is one of the things i dont like about him huh. no one's perfect huh, not that i was trying to find one

11) he used to play football/futsal a lot, but then he injured one of his knees (forgot which one! hihi) + gained some weight, so he doesnt play sport anymore. but he does jog every now and then

12) he doesnt mind spending on beauty products. for me, mind you haha. whenever my cleanser, or moisturiser, or toner, or compact powder etc abis, i would just mention it to him and he will buy it for me. he even pays for my facials. he really stresses on having a clear, pimple-free face for his wife. which is hard for me, cos my skin is not the easiest to take care of.. but i do try my best huh

13) he's very (9999x) passionate about 2 things in this world: cars and computers. he would miss his meals, ignored any phone calls, tak mandi, tak makan when he's 'in the zone' with his computers or his beloved car. i think he would also ignore if there's a naked lady laying in front of him if he is in the middle of doing his obsessed work huh

14) i just discovered about this like very recently, that he likes to match the colour of his shirt with mine. which is so unexpected! apparently he has been doing this for a long time, it is just me who didnt realise it before. like if i wear red shirt, he would find a red shirt to wear it also. and he'll wear orange if i wear orange too haha

15) hubby is the least romantic person that i know of, which is totally fine with me as i'm also a non-romantic person and doesnt like jiwang2 stuff. but he does like to surprise me every now and then, and this pleases me tremendeously hehe

16) he likes music, but doesnt actually play any musical instrument. he listens to a variety of music, a wide range one too, varying from rocks and pops, to dondang sayang haha

17) did i mention that he's very2 good with computers? he does like computers a lot, and he owns a computer engineering degree, but he is also naturally talented with computers. his friends would send him computers and laptops for him to fix, and he would be more than happy to do it for free

18) he worries about me, but he also knows that i hate people, especially him to worry about me, so he tends to not show his worries in front of me

19) he's the only person in the world who can handle me, and gives advices that i actually listen to. that's a very very rare ability indeed

20) he's very good with children, which is quite the opposite of me haha. he can layan children better than me, and he can layan children's karenah easily. i think now we know who would be the one who wakes up in the middle of the night to tend our crying child haha

21) according to him, he said he used to have girlfriends before knowing me, but he never mentions anymore than that, no matter how hard i try. he said i was his first serious gf and the first to be brought home and introduced to his family. i dont care much about his past anyway, so not knowing his past gfs doesnt bother me much

22) he owns 2 cactuses that he takes good care of. he doesnt owns any pet though, and i think he is never a fan of pets anyway. but now he has to like pets, as i plan to take care of my two adopted turtles as long as they live! hihi

23)he owns one of the most perfect natural eyebrows ever, i tell you. it's my favourite of the many features that i like about him. mmg perfect, symmetrical, takyah nak pluck2, mmg elok aje bentuknye i tell you huh

24) he likes me to dress up and wears make-ups, which is ok for me since i like it too. and he would comment on the dress i wear if he thinks it's not suitable for the occasion, which i find it odd, cos he himself is not a fashion-concious person, but when it comes to me, he would prefer for me to wear nice things. which is fine with me as i can now have excuses to buy more nice clothes or even better, ask him to buy me more! haha

25) he trusts me a lot, and gives me a lot of freedom. like he allows me to pursue my ambition, allows me to drive alone at night, allows me to make many, many decisions by myself. which is why i love him even more. i do need my space

26) most of his clothes were bought with me. like i mention, he's not a fashion-concious person, and he prefers to leave all the fashion-related decision to me. this i dont like. cos i'm not very good with male fashion. it's like an alien terratory, cant compared with female's fashion at all

27) he sometimes calls me 'tapir', and i call him 'monyet'. there's a story behind the names, but it would be too long to write it here hehe

28) one of his first present to me was a gray teddy bear, which i owns it till now. i bring this teddy bear to almost everywhere i go, even the flight journey to and forth kl-uk. but now the teddy, which i infamously named 'ismail', is a little abandoned since i got married, since now i got my own real-life teddy bear! tee hee hee

29) finally.. (run out of idea already) he and i got to know each other when we both went to the same a-levels college at lembah beringin. we didnt know each other existance initially, we only got to know after he joined my group for a camping trip. and the rest is history

oklah, this takes a lot longer than i previously anticipated. think i'll read a bit before heading to la la land. adios


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no matter how tired and exhausted the body is, work is always a priority..

just came back from a 7-hour journey and go straight to work..

drove to kl this weekend, and yup, i was travelling alone. i almost always travel alone. dont think it bothers me much, well not as much as other people who seem to concern (bother/busybody) about me travelling alone huh

anyway, it wasnt a planned trip. poor youngest bro had an emergency operation to remove a certain cancer, and it was a malignant one. it was diagnosed last weekend. yup, people as young as their 20s can get cancer nowadays. poor him. the whole family was very worried. i was a bit sebak while driving down to kl on thursday, i told myself that no matter how far my family is, if they're in trouble and need my presence, i'll be there. 500km is nothing. i'll drive even if it's 1000 or 2000km. my family, my loved ones, they're always and will always be my priority.

i was always worried sick about my family when i was in the uk. my worst fear was that if there was anything bad occured to my family, i wouldnt have enough time to go back. the quickest i can get back would take me at least 24 hours, that is to arrange for the flight, even the flight alone takes at least 13 hours the quickest. imagine if anything bad, emergency, unplanned event occur to your family, and you couldnt be there on time. it would be the worst nightmare ever.

i guess those who never live that far apart from their loved ones wouldnt understand that.

that's why whenever my loved ones needed my presence, i'll drive/take the bus/flight or even run if i have to, to go back home asap. cos time is precious. you never know how long the time left that you have to spend with your loved ones before you or your loved ones' ajal arrive..

anyway, the operation went smooth and lil bro is now resting and recuperating in a hotel somewhere in kl, with my mum. my dad took care of everything, from the hosp bill to the hotel bill, although he couldnt be there personally (he's in china for work currently). lil brother went to see not one, but 2 specialists from 2 different private hosps for a fast and hopefully an accurate consultation. appointment was gained at the very same day and operation was done all within the same week. i cant help but to wonder how long the waiting list would be if he went to a government hosp. no, dont get me wrong, i think the government docs and hosps are as good and thorough as the private ones, but the waiting lists can be really long. not just the operation waiting list, but also the specialist appointment. at least it will take a few months. well, that's the reality, and it is no one's fault. the public aka the government hosps are still limited in terms of numbers compared to the population demands.

anyway, i should continue my work. penatnye badan! and also my eyes, my hands, my feet and also my mind and my soul.. i'm so exhausted...

long time passion

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such a cool job title

whoever loves F1 must know who mike gascoyne is. he's one of F1's most renowned technicians, having previously worked for reynault and toyota F1 team, and he used to work as a aerodynamicist for the mclaren team upon finishing his phd in fluid dynamic at cambridge university, i think. how cool is that

and he's now the chief technical officer for lotus f1 team, also known as 1malaysia f1 racing team.

super cool!

then today they announced the 2 new drivers for the team, 2 well-known, experienced f1 drivers, jarno trulli and heikki kovalainen.

triple coolness!

i'm an avid f1 fan. or i used to be one. hubby introduced it to me some time ago and he explained a lot about the rules, the strategies, the technical parts, from the role of the tyres to the role of the weather and everything else, and i'm hooked since then. i would never missed a single race, and would literally be glued in front of the tele huh

but since coming back from the uk, i have other priorities that need to be paid attention to, so i seldomly got to watch the race. but i do keep up-to-date about the f1 world, mainly from the internet. hubby has stopped following the f1, he said nowadays it has been tinted with much politics and money and has lost its sport appeal, but for me, i still find f1 fascinating. we even went to see f1 race once at sepang, and it was such a memorable experience.

anyway, i am now very excited about the development of the new 1mf1 lotus team. not just because it's a malaysian team, but i can feel the potential. obviously i'll also be watching other teams like mclaren (now that it has such great 2 british drivers - button and hamilton), but definitely not ferrari. i can understand the attraction, but i tend not to go for too commercialised team, furthermore they had now ditched raikkonen for alonso (what were they thinking!!), lagilah malas nak tgk haha.

i feel so much enlightened by all these news, i decided it is worth for an entry on my blog.

long live f1!

self-evaluation of stressed situation (bapak skema tajuk, but it's quite the right title)

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guess what? i've got diarrhoea pulak. along with 3 other of my groupmates. ade pelik sket, i've got almost no abdo pain, just watery diarrhoea. they suspect it is something contagious, but then mine was a bit delayed compared to others. dono *shrugs*

anyway, i should have known this would happen. i think the nearer i am to the finals, my body system seems to go haywired. last time when i had my finals, i got shingles. shingles is not kayap ok, it's a result of the remnants of chicken pox virus. i had chicken pox before, but it was way years before, like when i was in standard 2? so that was like 20 years ago. then besides that i got quite a bad neck eczema that stucked there for more or less 4 months. self reminder: to take care of my neck skin more cautiously this time around..

anyway, hope i can get through all these. hope things are not getting worse. just one thing, besides the diarrhoea, my mouth taste like s*** (like i know how that's taste like haha). i'm soo nauseous. buat ku terpk.. adakah ini rasenye when i get pregnant? tak bestnye! so so rase nak muntah, cannot drink plain water at all, can only yg berperisa ones.

and those maxolon tabs (went to see dr yesterday) makes my body weak throughout. dono why la. but it does lessen the nauseousness..

and for those concerned.. i aint pregnant.. not a chance.. just to let you know..

but with all these stresses, my period has also gone haywired. cannot plot any cycle anymore. aiyo..

a few weeks back some of my friends said to me that they were amazed to see how calm and unstressful i was about the finals, well compared to the others, they said. well, they have nooo idea whatsoever what will happen when i'm stressed out. i try, the best i can, to avoid being stressfull. i do my job, have my own schedule, do this and that, all in my own time and place. just like someone just mentioned to me last week, 'a one man soldier'. i think it's true, although i never think of that phrase before.

so when this last couple of weeks when some of us had to live together, as in sleep right next to each other, eat everything together, everything together-gether, i feel restricted, suffocated. like why the hell are you in front of my face everyday? i see you, you see me. do this together, do that together. i like to do things on my own. i need my space!

then i started to stress out. when i stressed out, i dont think i'm that a good person. in fact, i'll be vain. i'll be moody. trying in vain to keep things to myself. but when you live where everything is together-gether, this is impossible. and to make things worse, i'm also, what some people said, quite (very) self-cautious. i tend to avoid this thought usually by maintaining a good distance from everybody else. but when you live like together-gether, i start to think what other people would think of me. i'll be like 'oh i should not be that moody, what would other people think of me? i should be more socialable', then my other head would said 'what the hell? who are they to ask you too many questions and be in such close proximity with you and invade you privacy? you should act what you feel like.'

then i became all stressed out. god knows how grateful i am to own a car. i cant thank enough of my dad for giving me a car, although i bet he doesnt have a clue how big role is my car to me. when i'm all stressed out, i would just leave. drive away and be as far away from those who are in close contact to me before. then after i've gained my senses, i'll return back. then the next day, it'll happen all over again. sigh.

it's weird isnt it? some people like the together-getherness. some people go to class together, wait each other, then eat together, study together, hang-out together. some even go to holiday together with each other, masak2 together. i just cant. i cant even stand spending a few hours with my own relatives during hari raya. there's nothing wrong with them, i just hate the questions-answers part. i would feel like 'why are you asking me these questions? and why do i have to answer all these questions?'

my own family? it's difficult to answer. i cant hate them because i love them too much. and they know me, so they dont ask that many questions. and because they know me, they dont ask that many questions, got it? the first one because they would have known the answer of their questions already since they're close family, or usually i've informed them earlier. the second one, they dont ask that many questions because they know i would not like to be questioned at. got it?

anyway, what about hubby? he's, what you say, a total exception. he broke all the rules in my life. weird, i dont know how that happen tho, seriously. with him, i dont mind spending my whole day staring at his face haha. with him, i dont mind hanging out, day and night, what i say, together-gether haha. he's one weird species i tell you. i cannot apply any of my so-called rule on him. like i'm this one independent woman who drives herself, do shopping herself, watch movie herself, carry groceries herself, but with him, i'd like to be taken care of. i even ask him to carry my handbag when we go out. so so weird la.

anyway, dah terlari topic plak. my point is that i'm a one man (or woman) soldier, who lives with my own rigid rules of life, either conciously or subconciously (altho one human so far doesnt apply to it). and when these rules are broken, or shaken, my head (and body system) can get haywired and will start to stress out and malfunction. (hmm i make it sound like a robot pulak haha). anyway, i do like my friends, i think generally they're nice people, they are like other normal people with feelings and emotions, and variable personalities (so true). so with this, i'm not blaming anyone. not me, not you. you build your personality based on your background experience, and so do i. i turned out like this because my family itself is a 'one family soldier' and we dont interact much with our relatives and neighbours. plus i had a 7 years experience of living all by myself, so obviously i cannot that easily to let other people into my life. so for this, i rest my case. hope now my head can be calm, and hopefully, function well. also hope that now my body can function well too.

huh it feels so much relief to let it out of my chest. i definitely need this, at least i know my head and body need this kind of evaluation. weird stuff i tell you!

sakit mata

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apola.. balik2 je from cuti raya haji terus kene mc.. baik stay kat kl je huh

anyway, the story started like this..

woke up yesterday morning with an ache on my left eye. it was a bit swollen, with lots and lots of watery discharge. hubby said it was red. i thought it was some kind of allergy, cos i do have a strong family history of atopy, with me, my sister and both our parents suffer from eczema, my youngest bro has asthma, and all of my siblings have rhinitis.

anyway, back to the eye, i thought it was nothing to worry about so i continued yesterday's plan that was to drive back to my uni. the whole journey was uneventful, but then it started to affect my other eye. both were painful to touch, lots and lots of discharge, with red eyes and a bit swollen. it had more or less affected my driving, but nevertheless i reached my uni safe and sound, as usual. it was almost 10 at night when i reached my destination, i was so tired after the 7-hour something journey, but i did sensed that something was not right about the eyes. i decided to go to the a&e but then unfortunately it was full of people waiting for consultations (it's the hospital, what do you expect? haha). i asked the nurse at the triage and she said they were 27 patients on the list before me, queing to see the doctor. so i decided to go back to the hostel to rest and sleep and wait for the next morning to go to the student's clinic.

my eyes didnt improve the next morning but i continued attending classes as usual. then at lunch time hubby called and told me that his eyes were swollen and gone red, just like mine. aha! there and then i knew it was not an allergy, cos from what i know, hubby does not suffer from any allergy. he also said that he went to see a doctor during lunch time and was given 2-day mc and a few meds. so after i had my lunch i rushed to the student's clinic just to find that they were closed after 2 to 3 for their lunch time. so with nothing else to do i decided to come to my afternoon classes. after one lecture, a couple of my friends advised me to go to the student's clinic before it closed at 5 (not sure what is the exact time the clinic closes). so i skipped my final class, of course after asking for permission from the lecturer, and went to the student's clinic.

at the clinic, i was told that i wasnt supposed to go to any class in the fear of infecting the other students. i was given some antibotic eye drops and oitments. i was also been given 2-day mc. but what puzzle me is that how on earth that i get conjunctivitis at the first place? hubby obviously got it from me. i called my family and they said none of the family members currently suffer from any eye disease.

so anyway, here i am, stuck in my room, lucky my roomate is still in her semester break. kesian sgt to hubby who also suffers from this eye thingy, and from the mms that he sent just now, he got it pretty bad. abis muke merah, mata merah, mata bengkak much much worse than me. i wish i'm in kl with him now, so that we can both take care of each other huhu

i want my hubby huhu

i am one spoilt wife i tell you ahahhaha

random thoughts

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internet soooo lambat. i thought when at least half of the uni students already left for their semester break, the internet connection would be faster due to lesser users.. well i dont know..

it's raining non-stop, starting 3 nights ago, i think. mmg sgt ler akan banjir..

soo sleepy right now.. but have to continue reading.. got to finish this chapter..6 more pages to go..

kenshin and kaoru, my turtles that is, have grown so much. in fact.. too much. they are now almost a palm's size. have to change their water at least once every other day. penat lah.. but i love their company.. cute (not so) little creatures they are..

will have weekend classes. kinda sucks huh. my weekend = my time. doesnt matter how i'm gonna spend it, but my weekend time is for me. mine and only mine. i will decide how i am going to spend it. weekend class suck big time huh

not enjoying current posting very much. enough said.

i think the nearer everyone is to the big, big exams aka the finals, all the stresses seem to come out. people start to show their true colours. will have to talk about it in my next blog. already got this headache, this typical headache that is like a siren in my head telling me to sleep. i'm really amaze in someone who seems able to not sleep at all for the whole night. tadaloo..


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feel a bit lonely. dear roomate had just left for her semester break. yours truly? in my dream only huhu. my next one and only break would be the chinese new year break for a week next february.

also not looking forward for next week's long weekend for aidiladha. hubby wont be there :`( he'll be away for 2 weeks starting this wednesday. i know he is really looking forward for his first off-shore work commitment and that he's enjoying his current job, but at the same time i feel left behind :(. no more talking and listening to his voice every few hours :(

but i know as long as he's happy, then i should be happy too. and the wonderful surprise that he arranged for us last weekend when i drove down to kl to see him, had fully compensated for his absence during next week's aidiladha. thanks for the surprise sayang, it was quite unexpected. nonetheless, it made me misses him more :(((

okey! get yourself together elly! you have a life to live, and responsibilities to fulfill. time to do your (endless) tasks!

owns heart

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this is something that i wrote sometime ago. i read and re-read it for time to time and each time, without fail, it makes me falling in love all over again to the same guy.

for the guy who owns my heart.

"It was late summer 2002. I had to return to the United Kingdom earlier than expected for I had to retake my exams. Never failed a single paper before, I was stressed and lonely, but most of my friends were still enjoying their summer holiday. Somehow I knew of someone who stayed over the summer. He and I had such a difficult and long history together. He was my ex, and I was the one who dumped him a year before, not before telling him that he was ugly and I was too embarrassed to be seen with him.

However I still needed a place to go after the exams. It was like a ritual for me to go somewhere, anywhere on the evening of the last paper. We had not contacted each other for some time. I apologised soon after we broke up, he accepted it, and we contacted each other about once a month. But now I was too tired and stressed to think about the past. I made up my mind, called him and told him I needed a place to go to take my mind off the exams. He accepted my request. As planned, I went to his place, a city called Coventry, on the evening of my last paper. We did not talk much and we tried to keep it as formal and superficial as possible. We spent the next day walking around his campus and again, we did not talk much. He was a quiet guy after all, and my mind was still occupied with the exams. The next day, he suggested a place for us to visit, it was in the Midlands, where Shakespeare used to live he said, and I agreed.

He said it would take us about an hour by bus to reach that place. I left it to him to find the bus and map, since it was his place anyway. So the next morning, we jumped on a double-decker bus, paid for the fares and the bus took off. Ten minutes later, he realised we got on the wrong bus that took a longer route but with the same destination. The driver later said that the journey would take about 3 hours. There was nothing we could do but to stay on the bus.

So we sat there on the front-most sits on the top of a double-decker bus. The bus went to several small villages, with various small cottages that looked so cute and cosy. It was a lovely late summer day, with all the leaves coloured greenish gold. The various colourful moors were breathtakingly beautiful. I was lost with the view, and he seemed to enjoy it as well. I looked at him then looked straight back again. ‘There sat a nice guy next to me’, I thought.

We arrived at Stanford upon Avon on early afternoon. The view was overwhelming. There was a lake which separated the famous Shakespeare’s Playhouse and the town. We sat by the lake and realised there were some pink swans swimming gracefully across the lake. We bought some food and shared them between us. We did not talk much and spent our time enjoying the view. We then went to the playhouse and walked around town.

We decided to go back a few hours later and took the right bus this time. The journey back was uneventful but I could not stop thinking about the nice guy. He used to be mine but I let him slipped away. I was cruel to him. The truth was that I found it hard to give my heart away and I was not ready for a relationship at all. Being such a kind-hearted guy, he did not deserve a girl like me.

The next day I went back to Newcastle. A month later he called and said he wanted to come to my place. We met and he, for the second time, opened up him heart again to the girl who broke his heart before. I went silent as I was not certain about my feelings. I knew that I really did not want to hurt him again. I closed my eyes and realised he was being honest and took a great risk of being hurt again, by the same girl. We had a long talk and decided to let time decide. He then went back to Coventry again.

I then carried on with my life but I could not forget our late summer trip. I could not stop thinking about him either. A week later I made up my mind and called him. He felt the same. Both of us agreed to take our relationship further, but this time, to do it slower but steadier. We visited each other at least once a month and became really close friends.

He was there when I was ill. He was there to cuddle me when I was lonely. He was there to hold my hand when I was down. He was there to weep my tears. He was there to listen whenever I need someone to talk to. He was there with red roses waiting for my arrival at the train station. How could I not fall in love with this guy?

When he put a ring onto my left wedding finger last year, he made me the happiest girl.

For the first time, I felt safe and protected. He touched my heart like no other. Just thinking of him makes me smile from the bottom of my heart. I love to spend the rest of my life with him. I want to take good care of him, until he is old and wrinkled. May our fate together last as long as we live."

now just let me gaze at the sky and daydream about the guy who stole my heart and owns it til now...

cold nights

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it's raining cats and dogs for the last 3 days. sejuk brrrrr...

been moody for the whole week. mainly it was due to packed and tiring schedule over the last 2 weekends. if 2 weekends ago was spent celebrating our first anniversary at tasik belum, last weekend i drove all the way to cherating beach (that's 330km to be exact from my place, and that's just one-way!) and to come back again the next day! so so so tiring, and yup i did all the driving stuff. so when i started this week, my whole body was aching bad time. i was counting every second for the weekend, and now it has arrived! hehe happy weekend to me :D

nothing much happen, just typical busy days. love the new posting so far in spite of the fullness of the timetable. one thing i like the most about this posting is that most, if not all, of the lecturers are all good and kind lecturers. they are keen to teach, and most of them are very funny! what a delightful change. i just hope other lecturers in other postings can take examples from these very nice people.

finals are just a few months away. 21 weeks away to be exact! seems like ages away, but when you have lots and lots to cover, the best way is to start opening the old notes starting now. the other members in my group have started to talk about study groups and who covers this and that, it shivers me. but i know they are right, and there's nowhere to run but to face the inevitable path. but the main question that has been playing in my head is that should i join a study group as well? i've always been a solo revisioner (does this word exists haha), but it's the finals we are talking about so i'm willing to consider almost everything to pass my way through. i have never properly involved in a study group before, most of the time i quit not even half way through mainly because i didnt feel comfortable doing it, discussing and explaining and listening, to do it in a group, no matter how big or small the group is. i do have a problem being in a group, the bigger the worse, i just dont find it easy to talk and explain and discuss in a group.

besides that, even if i decide to join a study group, which study group should i join? i think that is a wrong question haha, the right one should be; which study group would want me to join them? haha funny you think, but that's SO a true question. i entered my current batch last year, when everyone else already been in the course for years and thus know each other quite well. as a result they already found friends and become rather close with each other. so when i came last year, joining the batch more than half-way through the course, i felt left out. the only people i know is my groupmates and maybe some students in my batch that i can only finger-count, and my roomate and ex-roomates and some of their friends. anyway i'm not complaining nor blaming anyone, the only person to blame is myself and my anti-socialness haha. but i guess that is me, i'm always comfortable to be a soloist, so the limited number of acquintances and friends are really not an issue here. but back to the big question, do i need to join a study group?

you know what, i think i'll assemble a revision schedule this weekend and see how it goes. what matters is that i should start my revision now and set my priorities right. i really want to make it through this time, no one wants it more than i do huh. i want to get through, so that i can start working and earning and doing my part to the society. i want to get through so that i can start living with my dearest hubby and build our dream home together. i want to get through so that i can have my little ones and start a family. i want to get through so that i can always be by my mother's side and take care of her. i want to get through, i need to get through. may Allah blesses me and my path, amin

what we did last weekend

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in an attempt to boost my mood, i'll post out some pics

this is what i did last weekend

the weather was great

puncak titiwangsa. not as chilly as i thought it would be

this is us!

finally after about 2 hours of driving, we have arrived! what? rumah panjang? nice architecture though. i know who would appreciate all of these hehe (you know who you are)

nice right?

i thought the design was gorgeous

our room. i thought the interior was unique. but a bit smaller than i've anticipated. but it was nice nevertheless

our view, the lake (where?)

lurve the toilet. sleek!

the best part is the sink

the dress, my LBD (little black dress hihi)

the make-up. oh i love dressing up! i've been collecting all the make-ups for quite sometime and i think i have completed my collection, well maybe i need to get a good loose powder. a complete collection consists of (lists according to the ones you apply first):
1) face base cream
2) concealer - eye base + skin
3) foundation
4) loose powder
5) eye-shadow - base
6) eye-shadow - colour
7) eye-liner
8) mascara
9) eye-brow liner
10) blusher
11) lipstick
12) lip-liner
13) lip-gloss
14) illuminator powder for final touch
15) good collection of brushes
16) make-up remover
i think that's it. obviously this is just a basic collection of make-ups, ie the must-haves. there are lots and lots of other make-ups that can be included in the list. anyway, i was so excited to play with the brushes again and it took me about an hour to do my make-up this time, excluding the time to put the contact-lens and the hair-do. i think the most precious make-up that i own so far is the gel eye-liner by bobby brown. i didnt realise it was so easy to apply, obviously it must be applied using the special brush they supply, and it gave amazing result!
maybe on one good, good day, i'll post some d-i-y make-up technique. it would be fun!
wish i could post the final make-up face result, along with the dress that i worn!
btw i know i did alright with the make-up when hubby said 'you look beautiful' and sengih from ear to ear when he saw me!

the candle-light dinner

the appetizer

the main course

the dessert
overall it was a great night. the service was great, they provided everything that we asked and they excluded everything that we didnt need.

the next day...

a cup of tea, anyone?

green, and more green

so there we were! the famous tasik banding, and we were staying at belum rainforest resort, pulau banding. the scene was great, but i thought tasik kenyir has better view. maybe next trip, dear?

us again

after breakfast
thank you for taking me as i am
luv ya


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i hate my template

i guess green doesnt really suit me

i'll stay in black until this cloud leaves my head


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what an odd week

we barely have classes this week. class to start at 11am and finish at 2pm and free for the rest of the day? then to start the next day on 11am again?

what an odd, odd week

i aint complaining, but i hate unproductive days. even yesterday the class finished quite early. am i in the final year or what?

as you can guess, my mood is not actually at its best.

someone asked some really stupid and idiotic questions today. really hate it when someone asks question with so bloody damn obvious answer.

'oh is that lisptick on the mannequin?'

'why do you wear lipstick?'

because i feel like i want to, you asshole

such a stupid, stupid question

if you dont know what else to say or ask, just shut the fuck up

what do you expect me to answer? 'oh this morning i 'accidently' put some lipstick on' or 'oh ade lipstick ke, oh tak perasan la'. what the fuck? what kind of question is that?

i wont let people change me for who i am

i am what i am, and unless i ask for your opinion, just shut the fuck up

this person has pisses me off for quite some time, and this is not the first time such stupid questions being asked to me


i promise you if this stupid person who keeps on asking stupid questions to me ask me some more stupid, stupid questions, i'll slap it hard on the face

example of someone who has mouth wayy bigger than their head

i hate it la when people starts to ask question about me and my life and my decision and my choices, when they in fact is nothing significant whatsoever to me

i just like to be myself

take it or leave it

what you see is what you get

i dont ask stupid question to you, you dont ask stupid question to me, got it?

now i need to do something to clear off my mind

this is a loonnnggg entry.. you have been warned!

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went back to kl last weekend. it wasnt planned tho, i initially thought of staying at the uni as for the next week i'll be having some papers. but it was going to be a long weekend! with free days on friday, saturday and sunday, and when i found out that thursday was free as well, i know i had to come home. so there i go: driving to kl on wednesday afternoon at 4 sharp, and reached kl at almost 11pm!

let me tell you about my first experience driving at nite. it was not a typical night driving, definitely not like night driving at kl where lights and neons are everywhere you feel like daylight anyway. this was almost 4 hours driving on mainly kampung route, in the middle of hutan somewhere. good thing about it was that there was more or less no car or any vehicle at all, to my surprise. so ape lagi, pecut la all the way haha. me lurve high beam hehe. bad news was that the route was, like i mention before, in the middle of the jungle somewhere. TAKUT! dono what made me decided to drive at such a late time instead of on the next day thursday morning (well i do know the reasons haha 1)takmo bosan katak on that wednesday night as my roomate went home on wednesday morning 2)bengang kat hubby who refused to let me ponteng that 1-hour class on wednesday afternoon, so typical me bile dah bengang, want to do something to show to hubby that i'm capable of doing something adventurous 3)miss hubby terribly! haha i think the number 3 gave me the most motivation to drive all 7 hours!)

so, where are we? right. night driving. the maghrib time was the most challenging (and scary!) time of all. imagine yourself driving alone (well, in my case, i brought along kenchi and kaoru, my kura2 along at the back seat as i could not find anyone to babysit(!) :p them over the weekend), with no car at all on the road, at the middle of hutan somewhere, with no phone or radio reception at all, and not even a single house on sight.. what will you do? what i did was... i switched off the cd, put the high beam on, drive as fast as i could, and cite (more like shout) all the surah2 that i know of. i did this for about 1 hour, until i almost lost my voice, until i reached the next small town. scary i tell you. will i do it again? NO i dont think so. but i admit it was such an experience hehe me like adventure =D

another driving milestones for me =DD

so i reached kl at about 11pm and went straight to hubby's warm arms (heheh). sometimes it's hard to believe about the things that hubby let me do by myself (including driving alone at the middle of the night, at the middle of the jungle), but i know he knows me the best. he understands me. he knows i'm a careful driver (hehe) and that my motivation to drive home is strong. he knows that if he didnt let me drive that night, i will be, in nicer word, 'unsatisfied' ie tak puas hati, and i wont have a good rest and sleep that night, and that i will leave my hostel the next very early morning, maybe at 3 in the morning or something. so lack of sleep + tired + bengang + tak puas hati + too early morning driving = nahas. so i guess hubby does know me the best =p

ok, the next day, after tido tak ingat dunia that wednesday night, i went to subang to my bro's, jiman, house. hubby of course had to go work. i'm now much more confident on driving at kl. no more switch off the radio heheh. damansara to subang only takes about 20 minutes of driving. and guess who greeted me at subang? my maisarah of course! this dearest niece of mine was smiling ear-to-ear and literally ran towards me and hugged me tightly when i arrived at the door. i heart you maisarah!

thursday was spent with jiman's family and mama. drove mama to ampang to see our house reconstruction. it's gonna be a huge house when it's finished, a big 5-bedroom house. mama is going to live there when it's finished at the end of december, and my siblings and i promised to take turns to live and take care of her there, hence the 4 + 1 bedroom (total siblings i have are 4 including myself). anyway, the house construction is going very well and all of us are excited to see the final result.

after that mama & i went to our usual spot, klcc. jalan2 cuci mata. thanks mama for the levi's jean! it was totally unexpected. i gained (a lot) of weight recently and i couldnt even fit any of my jeans. muat tu muat, but like pisang nangka huhu. for the last few months i've been trying to find in vain a nice, suitable jeans that can actually fit my (big, fat) butt but with no success at all. last month i bought a pair of jeans from dorothy perkins at oneutama, it's not the most ideal, but i used to wear dorothy perkins' jeans and tops quite a lot in the past while i was at the uk (it's a uk brand) and i know their jeans are wearable for my body (mostly, for my butt). but to find a pair of jeans that's actually fits and compliments my bottom half (meaning: it doesnt make it look bigger that it actually does), it's quite a task. i think i manage to find one it every 2-3 years, maybe? and now that i'm bigger (and fatter huhu), with my body fat tends to accummulate more at the butt and the thigh areas (huhu), i can say it is quite impossible to find a pair of jeans that actually fits. so last thursday was like a miracle. first, to finally, finally found a pair of jeans that fits super NICELY on me, second, to have someone else to pay it for me. MIRACLE, i tell you =DD

anyway, super thanks to mama for making me super happy that day. later on that day both of us went for lunch there at klcc, then i drove her back to subang, and me back to damansara to be with hubby.

on friday, mama, iwan (my youngest bro who returned home from utp the night before), hubby and i went again to our ampang's house for the construction manager wanted to see mama to update with the house's progress. later on, after sending hubby to work, i had lunch with mama and iwan at ampang point. then iwan went to lowyatt for some computer thingy, and i drove mama back to subang. later that afternoon i arranged for a meet up with one of my oldest, bestest friend ever, ellina. miss her so much! we met up at AU2 jaya jusco keramat and had dinner at some korean's restaurant. the bbq chicken salad was tasty. most of all, i was truly happy and glad to be able to meet up with her, borak sane borak sini. reminds me of some good ol' memories hmm. it's good to see her happy with her life and work. her suzuki swift was cool too :p

on saturday, i managed to pujuk hubby to not go to work :p. we just lepak2, baring2 depan tv, just enjoying each other's company =D. oh yeah, earlier that day, we went to petaling jaya for my other good old friend from newcastle, oja, for her raya open house. best soto die, dah lame tak makan soto. paling best her apple crumble! malam tu i told hubby i craved for apple crumble but he wasnt sure where to get some, so he belanja me cendol instead. takpe la, it's the thought that counts. anyway, so this weekend i didnt only met 1 old friend, but 2 of them! not only they are my old friends, they're good, good friends. i dont have that many good friends, yes i do have many friends, but to own such a good, good friend who knows and understands you, that's rare. so overall it was such a great weekend to sum up.

oklah, better log off now. i cant wait for this posting to end, no dont get me wrong, i do enjoy this posting and i know i'm going to be sad when it ends, but it's this weekend that i'm eagerly waiting for. it's our 1st anniversary! marriage anniversary, not relationship anniversary. i totally forgot on the exact date when we first got together, but we've been together since 2001, so this year is our 8th year together! but that doesnt count, with all the break-ups and make-ups hehe i promise to make a separate blog post for that one. see ya this friday, hubby! :)


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helo helo

this weekend is not a typical weekend. my schedule is empty, just finished the last posting on thursday, so my head is free of worry of assigments, logbooks, exams etc. so supposedly i'll be happy to be lazying around, like laying on the bed facing the ceiling and just kelap-kelip with nothing to do (one of my other guilty pleasures haha), but as i said, this weekend is not a typical one. i want to do something! tasks! homework! reading! anything!

sangat pelik i tell you this feeling

so what i decided to do was kemas-ing my room. thoroughly. kemas tu kemas ni, arrange this and that, siap tukar2 position side tables lagi, then sapu and mop etc. and now i'm done. but i want to do more! my room is a tiny one i tell you, so dah takde apekende lagi nak kemas dah. almari baju? check. book on the shelf? check. jahit butang etc yg dah koyak? check. kemas make-up? check. lap all the surface, sapu lantai + mop? check, check and check! what else to do?

think i'll open up the books for my next posting. hope i'll enjoy this next one


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decided to blog out of boredom

cant seem to bother to revise. yes, next week there's some what-do-you-call exams, but right now, i cant seem to bother about anything. i blame it on the hectic sleeping schedule. i need a good sleeping pattern to function well. right now i've trained myself to sleep less, and i can function ok, tho not to the max potential, when i sleep 5 hours daily, it used to be 7-8 hours daily sleeping requirement. but 2 nights ago i slept at 5 in the morning to finish this one report, and at the end it disturbed my body schedule. and this morning i had to wake up early to send dear viva for its 20k km services, hence this sleepy head. had an hour nap later on, but still i have my head in the clouds.

one other reason of my refusal to open the book is because i hate this posting. hate it to bits. enough said.

anyway, lets talk something random..

i cut my hair over the raya hols. i know i was gonna regret it, but i did it anyway cos i know it's for the best. i lurvveeee having a long hair, but wearing a tudung + unorganised, stressful life of a final student makes it hard to manage a long hair. i've tried for more than a year now, but it still gives frustating result. dandruff and hair fall are the worst. i tried changing to good, quality shampoos, get some hair salon treatment etc but still it's not as healthy as it used to be. what to do.. so at the end i decided to cut my hair sob sob

mr eczema has returned. at his favourite place of all: my neck. benci gile. i'm definitely sure it's all due the stress that i experience doing this current posting. mmg everytime i stress, mase tu gatal sana, gatal sini and then next day tada! dah ade kat my neck. i've been using the same steroid cream, but it's not working, neck eczema mmg degil, i've experienced it before. so the best thing to do now is to level down my stress level. and maybe next week i'll try to get a more potent steroid cream.

bosan. hubby is starting a new job since 2 weeks ago, and as usual, he's really into it. 'cant talk to you lah, byk keje kene belajar/buat ni huh'. i'm feeling neglected huh. one of my guilty pleasure is being spoilt by dear hubby, and i hate it when he cant seem to pay all his attention to me huh.

i cant believe it's gonna be a year since we got married. our 1st anniversary! i already have some plan to celebrate that day with him, but with him starting a new job, not sure whether he can take a leave or not. sigh. i have no choice but to understand. but i still hope we can spend some good time together on that day.

dono what else to write. i'm such an anti-social person. malas nak kuar, malas nak jumpe org, lagilah malas nak borak. i just want to borak to one person. hubby la of course. tonight got some jamuan hari raya at one of the halls at the uni, tapi rase malassss sgt nk pegie. tapi dah byr rm10 huh. malas nak iron baju kurung, iron tudung lagi, and most of all, paling malas nak jumpe org. tgk la nnt how's my mood.

i want my hubby :(

let the pictures tell the tale

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is it a trend or what to blog only once a month haha

currently feeling quite depressed over current posting that is over-the-top/suffocating/intimidating/SUCK big time. first time ever for a long time i feel suicidal. fuck you old man

anyways, dont let the fuck old man interfere with my life, especially my head. only 8 more days to go and i'll pray really hard i dont have to see you, not even your shadow, ever again.

right, raya time. it's time of happiness and cheerfulness right.. not in the mood to blog actually but need to do something to clear my head so i'll let the pictures tell it all.. or almost..

this is us! picture taken 2 weeks of ramadhan. we joined my family to buka puasa at concorde hotel, shah alam. minus my old man (not the bastard mentioned above, fyi), he wasnt invited. nevertheless, hubby & i had a great, great time, along with mama, kak lysa & abg jeff, jiman & meda and their children, maisarah and harith, and of course my youngest bro, iwan. the food was great, just that it was too over-crowded. lots of food, but lots of people too

the whole clan, minus the old man. mama left him for good, at least for now. good news for me as a woman, bad news for me as a daughter. anyway lets just leave it there

little maisarah! sukenye dpt belon. ade clown buat belon kat situ. harith pun dpt satu gak, tapi dah hilang ntah ke mana haha

about 2 weeks later, my cuti raya started, and hubby belanja us buke puasa chinese food. best! kat sogo tingkat 6, forgot the name of the place already. i've been craving for chinese food for a long time, since i left newcastle ages ago. alhamdullillah rezeki hubby bertambah baik after we got married. rezeki bini yg makan byk kot hehehhe

first day raya! typical twosome picture. makes me wondering whether the number will expand next year.. am very broody i tell you! anyway, first day raya was spent at hubby's family place at machang. ps/ worth to mention that it was my first ever experience to drive an 11-hour journey to go back for raya a day before. and both of us puasa! gile penat. luckily we drove my auto car, so that we could change drivers. but 11 hours! giler gak la when remembering the crawling traffic throught the almot 500km journey...

2nd day raya. from machang, we drove straight to genting highlands. mama decided to have our raya there, so there is where we all shall go haha. agak pelik gak la to spend the 2nd day raya at genting, but as long as it makes mama happy, then we all happy gak la. and as you can see altho it's the 2nd day of raya, the traffic going up to genting is still mildly congested.

at genting, waiting for our hotel kondo to be readied.

the next day, we had breakfast at a mamak's restaurant. someone craved for roti canai and teh tarik haha
budak makin nakal, si maisarah

us again. poyo gak bile tgk byk gambar2 gini hahah

budak makin-hari-makin-cute, harith. budak ni sgt baik, compared with his big sister yg makin lame makin ganas. craving for attention kot, i guess
guess that's all. hubby and i left genting on the 3rd day of raya, and went straight to kuala selangor to visit my side of the relatives. that night we went back home at damansara damai as hubby started working on the 4th day of raya. so me lepak2ing at damansara until the 7th day of raya, when i drove back to my uni.
ok, shud stop now. no mood to write anymore


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i'm still here

yes, i'm still doing the same course at the same place

no, i'm not pregnant lol

in case anyone is wondering about my hiatus

nothing much to write. erm let me rephrase that: too many things happening, but too little to write about. got what i mean?

i think it's true that when you already have someone to share your life with, you tend not to want to share your life with the world anymore. do you think that's true?

right here and right now, i'm really grateful for everything that i have. life isnt perfect i know, but hey, i'm just enjoying the ride and the view that comes along with it. take a day as it is, and worry not about the future. yes you can prepare to face the future, but try not to worry too much. look at the past for inspiration, but never regret. you are who you are because of your past.

anyway, where did that come from? shrug..

maybe just the old age lol

happy belated birthday to me

happy ramadhan to all the muslims

selamat hari kemerdekaan too

oh yeah, no wonder i sound more cheerful that usual.. it's public holiday tomoro hihi. selamat beristirehat :D

weekend and next weekend..

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weekend.. bliss..

but still..

the rest of the family, all of them actually, parents, brothers, sister, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew and niece, all are in their way to port dickson right at this moment for a weekend breakaway. and then there'll be a barbeque and maisarah's 2nd birth party. ME SO WANT TO BE THERE huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuu

but i'm here. looking at this laptop, trying in vain to start my powerpoint presentation for next week. what can do sob sob

thank god hubby took pity at me and asked me to come home next weekend. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

so next weekend i'm going to see hubby and then he promised to bring me to watch harry potter 6. double weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

at least i got to spend this weekend freely and leisurely. woke up at 11 something today (amek ko! hahaha) and golek sane golek sini dulu. today is also my 5th day of ganti puasa. well done elly! i did it in 5 days in a row, and tomoro will be the last day. might have to postpone it tho, cos tomoro is going to be a full one, and me sure lembik punyer. dah la this whole week i was having a cold, lots of fluid lost in the tissue, making me feel quite dry and dehydrated, then this morning after subuh i had a minor diarrhoea, courtesy of durians that my in-laws gave me yesterday afternoon when i came and visited them. takpe takpe, today is weekend, i'm not going to do much physical work, am just going to sit here facing my laptop and books :)

i'm still not able to write about the last semester break. wanted to post some pics but then i realised i forgot to upload the pics from the camera, and the camera is now in kl as my sis borrowed it! walaweh. well i guess there is always next time. i'll get the camera back next weekend, when i'm going back to kl. cant wait to see hubby!

btw, should i drive or get the bus ticket? flight ticket is double the price, i've checked, so no can do since hubby and i decided to save a bit for a secret getaway for our 1st anniversary this october. the fuel cost for the trip, if i'm driving, will be almost the same as the bus ticket price (they're expensive huh, or is it my viva that is so fuel-saving?) so i cant decide which one. driving the car on my own means i can bring as much things as i want, and i can travel anytime on my own convenience, but driving also means i have drive like 7 hours, most likely on my own. penat sih! and taking the bus is not bad, but it also means about 7hours ++ in the bus, sitting, and that's not good for my neck. and then the issue of going to the bus station, i hate asking for other people's favour. plus i cannot bring that many stuff.

think i'll discuss with hubby after this, after he wakes up that is. kesian die finished his work at 5am this morning!


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it's almost 2 in the morning and i'm still wide awake and i got full day oncall tomoro arghh!!

i decided to blog out of boredom haha. been facing the same page and paragraph for the last 1/2 an hour. hubby is sleeping early tonight since he'll be working tomoro. sian hubby, got to work over the weekend. then on sunday he has to go to ipoh to send his sis's laptop at utp.

anyway, i just realised lately that almost all of the blogs that i have been following are not as active as they used to be. and why would that be? maybe due to being busy with family, children and jobs, and also maybe due to loss of interest, just like me. i hope this is just a temporary phase, i would love to continue writing as much as i could, and where else could i write other than at this blog?

this is to cheer me up, and hopefully everybody out there..

little rascal who has never seen such an extraordinary bright pink head-gear..

and refused to take it off for the whole day!
maisarah.. acik nina misses you..

short entry

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it's been a while since i last blog. this is solely due to me over-enjoying my 2-week semester break haha. dont blame me, i did try a couple of times to blog while in the middle of my holiday, but i only managed to write half-way thru, and then was too lazy to finish it. anyway, now i'm back in my uni to start the new semester. i expect it would to be a lot more busier, more hectic and obviously more stressful year as it is my final year, but i know i wont be facing it alone. i know hubby will support me all the way, and of course the role of my beloved car is not something to be seen lightly. the viva will bring me south and north, west and east, for me to see my loved ones. long live viva la vida! :p

hmm i plan to write bout the things i did during the 2-week hols but then realised it was too many. you know i like to write in such details (more like 'elaboration' and 'description' haha). i guess that is the way and style i write, altho i was, more than once, being told off by my english writing teacher about my way of writing haha. well, i dont plan to write professionally, altho i would like to write as good as i can, but i guess that is the least of my worry at the moment haha. in fact i already passed that writing class and to my surprise, she gave me a B+ for my writing haha. how generous of her hehe

and the most surprising of all, i got an A for my speaking class hihi. and a B- for my BM class :D. i honestly thought i'd failed that BM class! susah gile BM sekarang i tell you. alhamdullillah i passed all my subjects so far :)

unfortunately, now is not a good time for me to write about the hols. didnt have the time and the mood to continue writing. will definitely write again pretty soon.. tadaloo

ps/ hate the fact that there is no cinema at all at my place, and that the new harry potter movie is coming to the cinema in a few days time :(

ipoh trip

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last weekend i went to ipoh. i drove all the way there, it took me 4 hours and a half to cover about 350km i think. the road condition was ok, in fact it was the first time i took that route. besides my over-used-sampai-lunyai malaysia map, this time i looked at google map to get a clearer route. it was also because when i reached ipoh, i had to go through ipoh town to the train station to fetch hubby. you know what, google map is awesome! seriously useful, in full detailed. me like it :D. i followed the printed google map religiously and reached ipoh ktm station with no hassle at all. another driving milestones for me ;)

as i mentioned earlier, i had to go to ipoh ktm station to fetch hubby, who took an earlier train from kl to ipoh. self-note: next adventure journey, i want to take the train hehe. anyway, the reason for our trip to ipoh last weekend was to attend ellina's wedding. her wedding was on saturday, and hubby and i arrived at ipoh a day earlier. after checking-in at a local hotel nearby (bravo to hubby who booked a hotel with good, adequate room), we carried on our plan of the day. but obviously after having our lunch first hehe.

first, we went to liza's house. and again, it was the printed google map that showed us the right and precised route to her house. it was a joyful moment to be able to meet liza again, last time we met was last october, during my wedding at kuantan. it was also a pleasure to meet afya, who was in such a good mood that afternoon :).

comelnya afya :) me so broody huhu. i want a baby huhu. ni belum lagi jumpe amir, anak wirda, nnt mesti terus beg hubby to give me a baby :p

after a session of borak2 (and me kissing super-cutey afya :D - told ya i am broody haha), hubby and i went to our next plan: to go to cameron highlands. actually hubby wanted to spend our night there and he spent a lot of time searching thru internet to get a good and affordable room there. but it was a school holiday season kan, so most of the rooms were occupied and the ones left were expensive ones. takpe ye hubby, next time kite pie cameron, we plan for it properly k. it took us about an hour to reach cameron, and we reached there just in time for the pasar brinchang. we pusing sane pusing sini, bought food mainly (with my fav, jagung rebus hehe) and sayur for my in-laws (veges are so cheap there). then after about an hour, we drove back to ipoh.

our journey back to ipoh from cameron. lawakan sunset. obviously hubby did all the driving hehe

that night we spent in our hotel room and didnt go out. quality time together :D

the next day, after breakfast, again we spent it in our room. at about 11 am, we prepared ourselves for the wedding. check-out at 12 noon, and went straight to dewan cempaka sari silveritage galleria, near terminal bus medan gopeng, for ellina's reception. she was so gorgeous! she was wearing a kebaya songket bunga tabur. lawa siut kasut ko. velvet bright red hehe. and most importantly, she looked happy that day, and i knew my trip to ipoh was all worth it just to see her ear-to-ear smiling face. we only managed to say a few words, but it was all expected as it was her wedding reception afterall. i hope to be able to catch her again next week, when my semester break starts and where i will be spending most of my time with hubby at kl.

on our way to ellina's reception.

notice her red shoes? i hope she keeps that shoes hehe

overall, it was a tiring trip, and hubby was ever-so-dear to drive me back to my uni later that same afternoon, and then to take a bus right the next day back to kl. so far so good, he has been a good husband to me, and i hope i am a good wife to him also (altho i doubt it huhu). thank you hubby for accompanying me to ipoh, for me to attend my best friend's wedding.

anyway, now i'm back in my uni, trying my best to finish my report and presentation, so that i can have an early semester break. the semester break officially starts this friday, but i just done my presentation this afternoon, then hopefully by tonight i'll finish the report (already half way through) so that i can submit it tomoro, and then i'll be able to start my semester break and drove to kl on wednesday! :D HEHE

last weekend

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finally i have the mood to write in this blog. no, i'm not busy, in fact i'm kinda free nowadays and my timetable is very flexible, but it was just plain laziness to type this and that. mmg malas betul haha.

ok. what has been happening lately? last weekend i went back to kl. it was a sudden trip, in fact i was only being told about the extended weekend on thursday afternoon, then tried to get a bus ticket at around 5pm (and managed to get one of the last ticket - blamed it on the school hols season) and jumped on the bus at 9.30pm that night. arrived at kl at about 6 early friday morning and my bro iwan, who is in his semester break, came and picked me up at the bus station. hubby later came to ampang before 8 and we went out for breakfast. he then off to work and i was left with my family at ampang.

nowadays my family will mostly be in kl, for various reasons. last weekend they had to attend a relative's wedding somewhere in ipoh, so my parents, iwan, jiman and his wife and children, were all in kl. and the weekend before and also the one before that, they were also in kl. i miss our kuantan house. i need to start packing my stuff there and move it to kl. but almost all weekends there will be no one in kuantan. even this coming weekend pun they all be coming to kl for some reason, i think my dad has a meeting somewhere, and jiman and his family also have their own plan. and the weekend after that, ie next weekend when i will start my 2-week semester break, there will be no one in kuantan also. my parents will be going to russia and uk starting next wednesday for a week, for abah's company annual trip to russia, and iwan will be going to kota kinabalu at almost the same time, then jiman will start his kursus at butterworth, all at the same time too. so, i dont have any choice but to drive to kl. anyway, at least now i have hubby waiting for me at kl, so actually i should not complain hihi.

ok, back to last friday, after hubby was off to work, mama, iwan and i went jalan around kl. first, ampang park. i think it was becos mama wanted to have breakfast at oldtown whitecoffee cafe there. then we went to the pavillion, which i could not remember the reason. oh yeah, we wanted to watch 'night at the museum 2' there. i thought it was a good movie, hillarious and feel-good movie, but mama did not enjoy it as much as i did. i think she prefers action movie like batman, which she said, i quote, 'best giler!'. anyway, after the movie, we went browsing the shops at pavillion, actually mostly we accompanied mama to browse thru handbag shops. she liked this one particular burberry handbag, one which i liked it too and both of us were quite surprised for this. before, most of the handbags from that brand were quite bland and boring to our choice, i myself like fendi's design very much, and mama in the past liked gucci and ferragamo. but this one particular burberry handbag is quite nice, and mama almost wanted to buy it, but then she thought that maybe there will be more choice and designs at the uk, since she's going there in less than 2 weeks time. i told her that i dont think the price will be that different between here and the uk, but they maybe have more latest designs. mama is still thinking about it. she'll be going back to kl this weekend, and with iwan as her driver, she can just go to the pavillion anytime and buy it. i hope she buys it, because it's one fine handbag, but i dont want her regret it later after finding another better design to her taste when she's in the uk.

anyway, after pavillion, we went to klcc as mama was craving for burgerking. i thought it was funny choice haha, but mama's food choice nowadays is quite funny too actually. there was one time when she said she wanted mcd's french fries and nothing else and she wants it hot haha. anyway, after burgerking, we went to isetan klcc. mama bought a nice pastel pink blouse and i bought myself a very nice lacey pale chocolate top myself. i think as i'm getting older, my taste of clothing change too. i seldomly wear baby-t anymore, before this i'm a fan of padini and seed, then later i moved to mng and zara, and now i like tops and blouses from laura ashley and british east india.

later that friday night hubby brought me back to his house at damansara damai. what did we do on saturday? we went to sg wang and low yatt to find a cover/pouch for my psp. many months ago i found this one super cute bright red pouch for psp at east coast mall kuantan. at that time i didnt have enough money to buy it, so this time i want the exact one. we spent hours in sg wang and low yatt but still i couldnt find the one that i want. pusing sane pusing sini mmg takde. hempeh betul. hubby was so patient with me, and followed me here and there. and finally, from iwan's advice, we went to ampang point and tada! i found it! exactly the one that i've always wanted! so suka hati hehe. later that night we went to pasar malam near hubby place and bought jagung rebus. me sungguh bahagia! HIHI

on sunday mama and iwan called and asked for us to meet at one utama. apparently the thing that she was searching for (dont ask what) can only be found at one utama. later in the afternoon, hubby and i went back to ampang for my brother had bought an early birthday cake for his wife and my dad (they share the same date). after makan2, and me playing with the ever-so-adorable maisarah and ever-so-cute harith, my parents, iwan, jiman and and his family were off back to kuantan. then hubby sent me to the bus station for my trip back to my uni. arrived at the uni at 6am, to start my class at 8.30pm. overall it was a tiring, yet very enjoyable trip.

and guess what? this weekend i'm off to ipoh! i want to attend ellina's wedding, the ipoh's reception is her husband's side. i didnt managed to attend her wedding 2 weeks ago because of my exams, and i felt so much guilty and sad for not being able to attend her wedding. she's the closest human being can get to me (i'm not kidding) and she means a lot to me. so this weekend i'm going to drive 350km++ to attend her wedding. hubby meanwhile is going to take a train to ipoh from kl and we are going to meet at ipoh, and i like that very much :D. and who else in ipoh? liza of course! i plan to meet her too. then on the way back hubby going to drive with me back to my uni, just to catch a bus the next day to return to kl. love you hubby! one more day for the weekend. cant wait for it to start!

picture time

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hubby and i went to my cousin's wedding 2 weekends ago, while i was having my semester break at kl.
cute maisarah. datang2 je terus duk kat pelamin, siap posing haha
harith and atuk. most people agree that harith is a splitting image of his grandpa, just minus the glasses and the mustache, and of course, he is fairer la
iwan! he drove all the way from utp for the wedding. he is closed to the bride's younger brother, ie one of his cousins juga la
tired maisarah. sian kene gigit nyamuk
kak lysa and i. i love those kurung pahang! and as you can see, my sis was the bridesmaid on that day. you can never guessed that she's 32 (shh...) and married
the bride and groom with us. my cousin is a pharmacist working at UH at the moment. she met the groom while she was studying at surabaya. a week after the reception, my whole family, excluding me (damn my course started that weekend) and iwan (who had exams), went to surabaya for the groom's reception. even maisarah went to surabaya huh. anyway i wish all the happiness for ibi and her husband. they went through a lot to be together huh

night talk

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i've been back to the uni for a week now. and by the end of this week, the uni will be almost empty, with, my best guess would be, about 100 people left. how sad. and even the canteen will be closed, starting the day after tomoro! how lonely it will be. and sadly i have no other choice but to stay here for the next 3 weeks and a half.

i've moved to a new room. i was offered a single room, as next term will be my senior and final year, but i declined. who wants a single room with nothing to stare but the wall? living on my own room for 6 years ++ was enough to experience it all. yes, i like my privacy, but i hate being lonely and alone. so they gave a double room, meaning 2 students per room, and i like it very much. my new room is next to the canteen (very handy) and also next to the parking lot (very super handy). i've settled down a couple of weeks ago, and i like my new room very much. it's spacious and cosy, just enough for me :)

before i come back to the uni last weekend, i had my first part of semester break. it's only a week break, sadly, but at least they gave me some break, right? better a week than nothing at all (although most of the students got at least 2 months off huhu). so i drove to kl, that took me 7 hours worth of driving. my family was at kl at that moment, and obviously hubby was at kl too, so i knew it was going to be a good break.

one of the many things that hubby and i did was going to the cinema. we watched star trek and angels & demons. the star trek movie was a BLAST! totally LOVING it! a sci-fi geek/fan/obsessed like me was sitting at the edge of my sit throughout the movie. it was that good that i was terkinja2 and terlompat2 (not literally la, altho i wish i can do that haha). wanted to go and watch the movie for the second time, but then i decided to buy the dvd when it come out, so that i can watch it over and over and over again HAHA (evil laugh haha). go and watch it! (warning: very sci-fi techno thingy haha).

anyway, the second movie that we watched, angels & demons was a fair one. i had a low expectation for this movie, so i guess it was an ok movie. got that moulin rouge guy so i think that's worth the ticket (haha). lots of roman catholic info and the verticans, i felt like watching a documentary haha.

one other thing that i did while in kl was driving around. i somehow had developed some kind of a phobia to drive at kl. for some reason i am scared of driving in kl. as soon as i reach kl, i'll switch off the radio and give my full concentration to the road. then mesti berpeluh2 nyer. but over the last week i managed to overcome my fear and was able to drive around kl, like to ampang point and to fetch hubby from work at keramat. i even one time, managed to get through a heavy traffic jam, with all the cars tried to squeeze into lesser number of lanes hehe. but sadly i managed to scratch my beloved viva when i was reversing my car from my family's ampang jaya house and hit the gate. damn. a virgin scratch. at least i didnt hit another people's car huh, but still, damn.

i think that's all. oh yeah, i gained weight recently, to be more precised, since coming back from bali last march. i think as a woman (almost type it as a 'girl' haha) i should be worried, but for some reason i'm not. i'm happy with the things i'm doing now, so i think it cannot be helped. my eating pattern is quite straight forward: when i'm depressed i lose my appetite and eat less, and when i'm happy and content, i eat easily. i know my life is far from perfect, but i'm more than satisfied with it. it's because i've been in a much worse kind of life before, so right now, although hubby is living away and we only meet at least once a month, plus with my parents' marital issues, and the strugglement (is there such word?) of my study, but to be truly honest, i'm happy and really grateful to the Almighty with my current life. like although i dont have this and that, but at least i got this and that, and i'm grateful for that. one thing that i am not is being greedy. i dont want everything in life, i dont need everything in life, as long as i got this and that, i'm forever grateful :)

green? why green?

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it's almost 2 in the morning and i'm supposed to put my head on the pillow at least an hour ago. tonnes of work to do!

anyway, that's not the reason why i blog now with my eyes half closed..

it's my new layout!

as you can see, it's not finished yet. hubby is in charge with 'kemas2' kan ape2 yg patut, since he's in the computer arena anyway. tapi tengok tu.. malasnyer nak letakkan 'link' that is supposed to the at the right side of this blog page. altho i can do it myself, but believe me, with this computer-idiot head of mine, i'll take at least 10x more of the time needed for hubby to do it for me. anyway, that's the use of hubby kan? to make his wife's life easier kan? setuju? heheheheheh

oklah, think i'll nag hubby again tmrw ;p

bank holiday weekend

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some more pictures! since i got my own camera, makin byk gambar yg diambil hehe. what's the use of a camera if not to take pictures kan? hear hear!

last bank holiday weekend i managed to persuade hubby to go to kuala selangor. my family owns an apartment there, that is mainly used during hari raya time only (!) (my kampung is at kuala selangor) since my father doesnt like to spend raya nights at my ever-so-crowded grandmother's house. so that poor fully-furnished, whole-house air-conditioned apartment will only be occupied once a year, the most maybe 2-3 times a year ie whenever my parents balik kampung. i thought it was such a waste to not spend some time on that apartment, it is such a good place to live in, all furnished with dapur, fridge, washing machine, beds, pillows, pinggan mangkuk etc, with the balcony facing bukit melawati, and the ever-so-peaceful pekan kuala selangor.

so last weekend hubby and i drove to kuala selangor on friday morning. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that the day before i drove for a straight 7 hours from my uni to kl. what an adventure! i only stopped twice for toilet breaks. anyway, it was an uneventful journey and i reached kl safe and sound hehe. but then the trip from kl to kuala selangor i let hubby drive. am so malas and dependable whenever hubby is around ;p

oklah i let the pics to tell it all

this is us :) hehe that's my new specs.
hehe my new handbag hehe. abis duit simpananku utk beli pda huhu. nothing change i'm afraid.. still weak and helpless whenever it comes to handbags and shoes huhu

love this pic :) lamp post
my signature move haha. at rumah api bukit melawati

penat sih jalan. lawa kan bukit melawati? such a good weather.. but unfortunately someone too malas to jalan and it aint me huh
at a place called batu hampar. got a story behind it but i'm too scared to write it down in this blog ha ha. so we took pic at one of the meriam. bukit melawati is full of scary stories i tell you
at makam diraja bukit melawati. there are 3 makams of previous sultan selangor there, but they were really old ones, 18th and 19th centuries sultans i think.
anyway, sorry no scenary pics. we took lots of beautiful scenary pics of kuala selangor and bukit melawati, but it's not possible to post it all here. overall it was a good trip, a tired one as well, especially since we were leaving for my uni the next day (another 7 hours trip!). but this time hubby drove me back :). i guess he was more tired than me, since he was the one who drove the car, then to take a bus trip from my uni to kl the next day! he must have cared for me that much hehe. love you hubby :D