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bz bz bz. not bz studying, mind you, bz sorting out my account/budget for the next month. i do this every end of the month in order to be more organised. bayar bills, sewa umah, topup handphone, phonecard call mesia, bus pass etc etc, i hope i manage to settle or at least make a list of my budget for next month. money money money...

ha ha i got a job! my first proper job. i know i used to work with my dad, but dont think it's proper enough to call it a 'job', if you know what i mean. btw, starting next week, i will summarise medical notes in a gp surgery (it's like a government clinic). it means i have to put the written medical notes into a more organised computer system. it pays 6pounds per hour, which is not bad at all. and the working hour is sooo flexible. of course i will take it as a part time, since i will only be free on wednesday afternoon. i work about 5 hours per week. okey la tu, my main purpose for working is to fill up my time. i prefer to work on weekends but the surgery is closed on weekends. i want to keep myself busy and occupied. i think it will make me more organised. b4 this, wednesday afternoon and weekends i just lay on my bed, watch tv, cook, eat and cook and eat again yada yada yada. nk kuar pun buat perabih duit. and friends might have their own plans. if i know i have other things to do, bolehla jadi lebih organise. dont you think so?

i had a dream a couple of nights b4. i dreamt having my own wedding. at my grandma's house...nightmare! everyone was there, but i wasnt ready at all. then the costumes arrive. maroon songket, not bad. then the mak andam had not arrived and no one was there to make up me. dah la bedak cincai boncai, but then somebody forgot to put the lipstic on me! *lipstic plays a vital part in my LIFE*. then everyone forced me to wear tudung. white tudung! the last time i wore white tudung was 7 years ago. i hate white tudung. but then everybody insisted me to wear white tudung with the maroon songket. apa lagi...muncung 4 kaki! then my kasut hilang and i had to wear selipar jamban instead! worst nightmare ever ever. i woke up at 6.30am and felt really really tak puas hati.

i just talked to azali 10 minutes ago. miss him miss him. mesti semue org bosan me saying that..dont care. I MISS HIM SO MUCH. la la la have a nice day everyone

boring saturday... yey?

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saturday is supposed to be the best day of the week. well, that's what i thought. and what am i doing now? nothing. and am i supposed to be happy and enjoying every little bit of it while it last? if you ask me a year ago, then the answer would be yes. but now.. i feel..bored. damn bored. my partner in crime aka elina went to london yesterday and left me hanging here in newcastle alone. and the weather isnt helping at all. it put a definite no-no for me to go to town. eat and cook? nope nope cause i'm fasting today..ayo ganti posa la. should i go and cook now tuk buke posa kul 7.02? dont think so. sleep? 've done that so the last 10 hours. read book? it's saturday, for god's sake!

obviously i lead a boring life here in newcastle. every weekdays with the same routine. and now i'm lost during weekends. am i complaining? i know i shouldnt. boring boring.

i dont want this blog to be dull. but since i have a dull life, hence dull story, hence dull blog...

ok ok, let me think of something. think i might create something, like an art piece or something, in order to fill my bare wall. kinda interesting. ok ok, now what art piece? i cant say it is exactly an art piece, but people used to tell me i'm good in cutting colourful papers and stick them together to make cards and posters, as i have good colour coordination (that's what they all said, i'm not trying to angkat bakul here). u uh, think i might do that.

life is dull, if you made them dull


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me and azali on our engagement day Posted by Hello

miss azali huhu :'(
miss him so much. still at the same time aku bengang gak. apsal la mamat sekor ni duk jauh sgt? geram geram.

la la la la la think i might go to bed early tonite. pening, emo +++, cold ++++++++++ sigh

bad wednesday

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weather sungguh la tak baik nyer.since last weekend.and this morning pun lagih teruk. punye la penat aku bgn tido kul 7. pagi tu!! dah la aku dh decide nk jalan pie town every morning, 25 minutes tu!! ha ha my mission is NOT to be fatter than da bitch. well that's another story. sampai town naik bus pie hosp. sampai2 hosp je, class kensel...patient tak sihat and takmo di interview. wtf? sabo sabo

spent er...8-9 hours yesterday reading a book. memoirs of geisha. tak buat keje langsung! aisey this is not good. tapi ape nk wat...too absorb with that book. it's quite a good book. i dont, more like i cant read thick fiction book cos i will then be too excited, way tooo excited to read and will always read the final chapter first. mmg la tak best, but i just cant control my excitement. but this book is different (well last nite i did read the last page hoho). bcos it's like a biography, or like the author said, memoir, the book has its own pace and chronology that i have to read properly, or else i will not understand. and japan has always fascinates me. their proper-ness, and even their 'double meaning' tu sometimes quite weird gak. susah woo nk jadi geisha. you have to learn to dance, sing, play music instruments as well as to be alert and aware all the time. 'gei' means art, so geisha is an artist/artisan. i dont think they are prostitutes. cos prostitutes main job is getting paid for their sex. geisha on the other hand, entertains. and they got gifts, really expensive gifts for being a good entertainer. like other job as well, sometimes ppl do sleep with their colleague ie an affair. like geisha as well. they dont give sex every nite to any man. they entertain. i know it's not as simple as that, but that's what i thought, in a simple way.

need to get some nap now. or should i finish reading that book? it's only 20ish pages more, u see.

good day everyone

blissful saturday

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saturday...what a bliss. i woke up at 8am-ish and stayed on my bed doing nothing for the next hour or 2. my thought was with azali and his not-so-fresh face in the morning... kerang busuk! hihi. and his hair will be very comot. miss him (tho still marah kat die eee geram geram)

last nite me and elina went to leazes park (a park near uni and town). there was this 'Screen on the Green' thingy which showed a movie on a big screen (dhoh..too obvious). last nite it was the 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark'. i've never watched any open screen movie b4. last nite was exciting. a bit cold tho, but it was worth it. and this nite there will be 'Moulin Rouge'. bet it will be fun. nadine and the others are going too. it MUST be fun and exciting!

just discovered the title of Harry Potter 6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. dhoh? what? who? the author said that the half blood prince is neither Harry nor Voldemont. then who? oh man, i cant wait. isnt it too late to introduce a new character? book 6 is supposed to be the 2nd last book. it cant be neville longbottom? no no no.

i want to watch a movie. a really good one. it's been ages since i last watch big movies like LOTR3, spiderman 2, HP3. i dont really fancy chic flick movies. or comedies. but there is no big budget movie right now in the cinema. cant wait for 'Hero' to come to uk next friday. nope elina, there is no advanced screening. huhu guess i have to watch it with somebody else cos you are going to london on that friday, arent you? tappe aa..maybe i'll just go and watch the movie by myself. totally fine with me. honest. i rather go alone than have to go with somebody who is annoying. lucky all my frens (*repeat: my f.r.e.n.s) here in newcastle are all ok and not annoying haha.

i'm writing this blog while watching cduk on itv. need to update my entertainment knowlegde, definitely. think i might go to town after this. wakey wakey ellina!! you told me last nite you want to ikut me to town today. somebody recommends me to read 'memoirs of a geisha' so i think i might go and buy that book. i also need to get some lacey curtain for my window. and also a small lamp, any lamp basically, to accompany me at night. i cant sleep with the light totally off, you know. i've been using my study lamp for these past few days and i think i need a proper 'night light', if there is such thing..hmm

wah wah the sun is out! have a nice day everyone

la la la?

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tomoro's friday! yey! i've always like friday, as it means a full 2-day weekend is coming. the best day ever is saturday. but i hate sunday.. as it means monday is coming. i like monday tho..as it means the week has started and at the end of the day, there will be 4 days left. ha ha clearly i dont have any story to write here...

i called my mum yesterday. she said she missed me, she even 'mengigau' sometimes, hearing my voice calling 'mama!'. sian die. mum said that dad will be having another trip to moscow next may/june and as usual will have a stopover in london. it's a week-ish trip, and mum said she gonna follow my dad and stay with me here in newcastle while dad doing his business thingy in moscow. yey! i also got another good news. mum said she gonna sponsor my fiancee's flight ticket to come to newcastle this christmas. wow!

i called azali today to tell him about the news. you know what he said?

something that is really annoying, pisses me off a bit but i just couldnt marah him. bcause he's my fiancee. and i love him so much. and THAT pisses me off more.

engagements and fiances. why do these things exist? it ruined my perfect week :(

i lap u kakashi!!

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Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by

ps/ hehe got this after my 2nd attempt..guess who i got first? sasuke...dhoh..hate him


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autumn has officially arrived at newcastle. grey sky and super strong wind have totally conquered newcastle. yet my daily routine is still the same. got to wake up at 7 and leave the house at 7.40 to catch 2 buses to reach my destination by 9. yup, i reached my destination aka the hospital at 9am sharp today and finished at 5..sharp. tired and hungry, i reached home at 6ish. everyday with the same schedule.

lor..byk plak complain-complain. bukan semue org keje mmg waktu camtu ke ie 9-5 every single day? plus half day on saturday lg. only got a day ie sunday to relax. just one tiny winy thingy, they all GOT PAID. tho some of working people hate their jobs, they just continue doing it. first, they got some other mouths to feed aka wife, kids, parents etc. then there's the morgage, the car, the credit cards, house rent yada yada yada. it's all gotta do with MONEY. money can make ppl do whatever things they actually dont want to do. of course, my personal opinion...

hmm...actually i wanted to write about other stuff, but then about half way, my housemates called me to help them rearrange the living room and clean the spair room upstair. maybe next time i'll write about some interesting stuff. got this one very 'interesting' stuff. i think it's worth writing it in this blog. it's my blog anyway. i said it is worth to write it down in my blog so that in a few months time, when i re-read my previous blog entry, i can have something to laugh about. scary pun ade. good stuff huh.

key word 1 = lick
key word 2 = morning


finally FINALLY!!

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FINALLY i got my room. my new sweet damn fucking room. after a week, 1 whole week i had to stay in a friend's house (cos the bloody house/room/whatsoever isnt ready yet), finally i got my new room. and i didnt waste a sec to unpack!

initially, i have thought about the 'Minimalist' theme for my new room, since it's quite spacious. i had it paint all white, and planned to store most of my stuff in the extra storage compartment in my room + house. unfortunately, my stuff is way TOOOO many, even the extra storage compartment in the house cannot fit my stuff. tappe kot, i'm too happy myself to have my own room and space back, the minimalist thingy didnt bother me that much. i try to keep my stuff as minimal as possible, but with the big bean bag + big koala bear + 10++ coats and jackets + 24" tv yada yada yada, no wonder i couldnt fit everything in the storage compartment haha. well, i will not complain, as they are all my 4-year-total-collection stuff anyway.

my room is huge. not huge huge, but it's huge for me. my past rooms (4 year=4 house/flat=4 rooms) are small. my new room can fit a double bed, 1 cupboard, 1 study desk, 1 6feet book shelf, 1 2m wide shelf, 1 single and so-comfy armchair, 24" tv, 1 small centre table, 2 small book shelf, 1 shoe rack, and there is still 1 empty space for the size of +/- 2 double beds in the middle! hehe nice one.

my room is the only room downstairs. the other 3 of my housemates live on the 1st floor. 2 of the rooms are about my room's size, and the 3rd one is slightly smaller. and we have the 5th room, which is the smallest room, but it's still bigger than that kmys's room! no one lives there. the living room and the kitchen are huge too, it's about my room's size. i guess the house is pretty big for 4 of us. the house condition is ok overall, i have to admit it's not perfect. but houses in fenham are always like that. you cant compare it with houses in heaton or jesmond (posh areas in newcastle). the rent there is sometimes twice the rent here in fenham. so that's why i will not complain. as long as the house is warm, clean and safe, with nice housemates (this is the most important aspect), i am more than happy to live in that house. tho we didnt have a good start ( the landlord spent wayyy tooo long to prepare the house), i do think things couldnt be better now. to my dear housemates, it's nice having you guys as my housemates and i hope we can bear with each other good and bad sides. i do hope we can live in this new house for the next few years.

donno why, today i'm sooo diplomatic and optimistic

good day everyone


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wa....sakit ati gila bobeng. gile bobeng tahap gaban nyer sakit hati, pissed off sampai aku rase nk hantuk kapala org2 tu ke dinding, pecahkan satu botol arak kat kepala die

31/8 contract umah aku yg lame abis. 1/9 contract umah baru stat. cilake punye old tenant kat umah baru tu, petang kul 2 lebih 1/9 baru die nk kuar umah. so petang 1/9 tu aku pindah brg sampai la kul 12 mlm lebih. sakit hati lagi, umah yg depa tinggalkan tuk we all tu...TERUK NK MATI! kotor cam umah babi. paling teruk, bilik aku!! dinding terconteng2, tercat2, katil sampai lobang2! so tuan umah kate nk tukar kapet, cat dinding + tukar katil plus tilam. helo..logik la kan...sape leh tido kat katil lobang2??

we all view umah baru tu 3 kali, semue initially OK. damn those old tenants. gile psycho.

tapi, since we all kene pindah gak, so me and elina, my housemate tu kene aa dah letak brg2 we all kat umah tu. since umah tu teruk nk mampus, tak leh nk duk langsung, so kene aa tumpang duk umah member.

pastu, kejadian tu was last wednesday, today's saturday. lom siap lagi umah tu? LOM SIAP LAGI? bodoh lembab lembam nyer landlord! sial nk mati. kate ari tu leh siap dlm 2 hari. IF KO DTG PAGI, BUAT KEJE SAMPAI PETANG, MESTI LA LEH SIAP BAHALOL! NI KO DTG EVERYDAY KUL 3PTG, KUL 6PTG KO DAH KENE BALIK PIE MINUM KOPI WITH BITCH KO...MANE LEH NK SIAP??!!

sakit hati tahap gaban. menggelegak tahap kepul2 yer.

tau tak, mase aku pindah tu, aku dah stat kelas, dekat 1jam lebih aku kene travel pie hosp tu. aku abis pindah kul 12 lebih, lembik nk mati, esok pagi kene pgn kul 7 pie hospital, balik kul 5 lebih. mlm tu kemas umah yg tak bersih2, kene angkut brg semue kat tingkat atas sbb landlord kat nk tukar kapet, tido kul 1 lebih, esok bgn kul 7 gak. mase kat hosp...aku je la yg paham camne lombik aku jadik.