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it's been 2 weeks since my last entry, dont blame me ok, blame the laptop haha. die wat hal, sian die, sudah 6 tahun dah, that's considered old for a laptop. dont you die on me maximus! (hehe that is its name). another 6 months to go, so dont you die on me! today it has decided to behave itself and now i can browse the internet, check my emails and of course, update this blog.

it's the 3rd week of the christmas hols, ie the last week. the first week was spent on barcelona, then a few days of recovering sleep and exhaustion, before going to glasgow on the 2nd week. barcelona? speechless. to be honest, i felt a bit awkward, i havent made any trip or visit for personal pleasure for a long time. trips with family do not count, as it took place in malaysia where everything, i mean EVERYTHING is super nice and enjoyable. the last time i left newcastle tuk jalan2 was to go to paris, and that was ages, ages ago. you see, i'm not kaki jalan sgt, trips and journeys excite and exhaust me a lot, it makes me anxious like hell and i dont like that. and the main reason why i agreed to go to barcelona was because of a promise that i've made last year to someone dear to me and i felt oblige to fulfill this promise. and of course the other reason was the exploration part. i wont go to much detail of where and what we did in barcelona, all i can say was that i enjoyed myself tremendously, with the company that i had, with barcelona, with Gaudi, with the shopping bits, with the hotel, with everything. i'm surely going to treasure this experience.

i think that's for now. i will write again soon. a reminder for myself: next time i will write about my glasgow and edinburgh trips, the purchase of THE handbag that costs me a fortune, why i'm giving-up on someone who i think is a loser, why i hate holiday season for it makes my head misrable. happy new year everyone. may 20o7 be as good as 2006 (in my case)