cold nights

11/05/2009 11:46:00 AM 0 Comments »

it's raining cats and dogs for the last 3 days. sejuk brrrrr...

been moody for the whole week. mainly it was due to packed and tiring schedule over the last 2 weekends. if 2 weekends ago was spent celebrating our first anniversary at tasik belum, last weekend i drove all the way to cherating beach (that's 330km to be exact from my place, and that's just one-way!) and to come back again the next day! so so so tiring, and yup i did all the driving stuff. so when i started this week, my whole body was aching bad time. i was counting every second for the weekend, and now it has arrived! hehe happy weekend to me :D

nothing much happen, just typical busy days. love the new posting so far in spite of the fullness of the timetable. one thing i like the most about this posting is that most, if not all, of the lecturers are all good and kind lecturers. they are keen to teach, and most of them are very funny! what a delightful change. i just hope other lecturers in other postings can take examples from these very nice people.

finals are just a few months away. 21 weeks away to be exact! seems like ages away, but when you have lots and lots to cover, the best way is to start opening the old notes starting now. the other members in my group have started to talk about study groups and who covers this and that, it shivers me. but i know they are right, and there's nowhere to run but to face the inevitable path. but the main question that has been playing in my head is that should i join a study group as well? i've always been a solo revisioner (does this word exists haha), but it's the finals we are talking about so i'm willing to consider almost everything to pass my way through. i have never properly involved in a study group before, most of the time i quit not even half way through mainly because i didnt feel comfortable doing it, discussing and explaining and listening, to do it in a group, no matter how big or small the group is. i do have a problem being in a group, the bigger the worse, i just dont find it easy to talk and explain and discuss in a group.

besides that, even if i decide to join a study group, which study group should i join? i think that is a wrong question haha, the right one should be; which study group would want me to join them? haha funny you think, but that's SO a true question. i entered my current batch last year, when everyone else already been in the course for years and thus know each other quite well. as a result they already found friends and become rather close with each other. so when i came last year, joining the batch more than half-way through the course, i felt left out. the only people i know is my groupmates and maybe some students in my batch that i can only finger-count, and my roomate and ex-roomates and some of their friends. anyway i'm not complaining nor blaming anyone, the only person to blame is myself and my anti-socialness haha. but i guess that is me, i'm always comfortable to be a soloist, so the limited number of acquintances and friends are really not an issue here. but back to the big question, do i need to join a study group?

you know what, i think i'll assemble a revision schedule this weekend and see how it goes. what matters is that i should start my revision now and set my priorities right. i really want to make it through this time, no one wants it more than i do huh. i want to get through, so that i can start working and earning and doing my part to the society. i want to get through so that i can start living with my dearest hubby and build our dream home together. i want to get through so that i can have my little ones and start a family. i want to get through so that i can always be by my mother's side and take care of her. i want to get through, i need to get through. may Allah blesses me and my path, amin