8/30/2009 03:08:00 PM 0 Comments »

i'm still here

yes, i'm still doing the same course at the same place

no, i'm not pregnant lol

in case anyone is wondering about my hiatus

nothing much to write. erm let me rephrase that: too many things happening, but too little to write about. got what i mean?

i think it's true that when you already have someone to share your life with, you tend not to want to share your life with the world anymore. do you think that's true?

right here and right now, i'm really grateful for everything that i have. life isnt perfect i know, but hey, i'm just enjoying the ride and the view that comes along with it. take a day as it is, and worry not about the future. yes you can prepare to face the future, but try not to worry too much. look at the past for inspiration, but never regret. you are who you are because of your past.

anyway, where did that come from? shrug..

maybe just the old age lol

happy belated birthday to me

happy ramadhan to all the muslims

selamat hari kemerdekaan too

oh yeah, no wonder i sound more cheerful that usual.. it's public holiday tomoro hihi. selamat beristirehat :D