picture time

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hubby and i went to my cousin's wedding 2 weekends ago, while i was having my semester break at kl.
cute maisarah. datang2 je terus duk kat pelamin, siap posing haha
harith and atuk. most people agree that harith is a splitting image of his grandpa, just minus the glasses and the mustache, and of course, he is fairer la
iwan! he drove all the way from utp for the wedding. he is closed to the bride's younger brother, ie one of his cousins juga la
tired maisarah. sian kene gigit nyamuk
kak lysa and i. i love those kurung pahang! and as you can see, my sis was the bridesmaid on that day. you can never guessed that she's 32 (shh...) and married
the bride and groom with us. my cousin is a pharmacist working at UH at the moment. she met the groom while she was studying at surabaya. a week after the reception, my whole family, excluding me (damn my course started that weekend) and iwan (who had exams), went to surabaya for the groom's reception. even maisarah went to surabaya huh. anyway i wish all the happiness for ibi and her husband. they went through a lot to be together huh

night talk

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i've been back to the uni for a week now. and by the end of this week, the uni will be almost empty, with, my best guess would be, about 100 people left. how sad. and even the canteen will be closed, starting the day after tomoro! how lonely it will be. and sadly i have no other choice but to stay here for the next 3 weeks and a half.

i've moved to a new room. i was offered a single room, as next term will be my senior and final year, but i declined. who wants a single room with nothing to stare but the wall? living on my own room for 6 years ++ was enough to experience it all. yes, i like my privacy, but i hate being lonely and alone. so they gave a double room, meaning 2 students per room, and i like it very much. my new room is next to the canteen (very handy) and also next to the parking lot (very super handy). i've settled down a couple of weeks ago, and i like my new room very much. it's spacious and cosy, just enough for me :)

before i come back to the uni last weekend, i had my first part of semester break. it's only a week break, sadly, but at least they gave me some break, right? better a week than nothing at all (although most of the students got at least 2 months off huhu). so i drove to kl, that took me 7 hours worth of driving. my family was at kl at that moment, and obviously hubby was at kl too, so i knew it was going to be a good break.

one of the many things that hubby and i did was going to the cinema. we watched star trek and angels & demons. the star trek movie was a BLAST! totally LOVING it! a sci-fi geek/fan/obsessed like me was sitting at the edge of my sit throughout the movie. it was that good that i was terkinja2 and terlompat2 (not literally la, altho i wish i can do that haha). wanted to go and watch the movie for the second time, but then i decided to buy the dvd when it come out, so that i can watch it over and over and over again HAHA (evil laugh haha). go and watch it! (warning: very sci-fi techno thingy haha).

anyway, the second movie that we watched, angels & demons was a fair one. i had a low expectation for this movie, so i guess it was an ok movie. got that moulin rouge guy so i think that's worth the ticket (haha). lots of roman catholic info and the verticans, i felt like watching a documentary haha.

one other thing that i did while in kl was driving around. i somehow had developed some kind of a phobia to drive at kl. for some reason i am scared of driving in kl. as soon as i reach kl, i'll switch off the radio and give my full concentration to the road. then mesti berpeluh2 nyer. but over the last week i managed to overcome my fear and was able to drive around kl, like to ampang point and to fetch hubby from work at keramat. i even one time, managed to get through a heavy traffic jam, with all the cars tried to squeeze into lesser number of lanes hehe. but sadly i managed to scratch my beloved viva when i was reversing my car from my family's ampang jaya house and hit the gate. damn. a virgin scratch. at least i didnt hit another people's car huh, but still, damn.

i think that's all. oh yeah, i gained weight recently, to be more precised, since coming back from bali last march. i think as a woman (almost type it as a 'girl' haha) i should be worried, but for some reason i'm not. i'm happy with the things i'm doing now, so i think it cannot be helped. my eating pattern is quite straight forward: when i'm depressed i lose my appetite and eat less, and when i'm happy and content, i eat easily. i know my life is far from perfect, but i'm more than satisfied with it. it's because i've been in a much worse kind of life before, so right now, although hubby is living away and we only meet at least once a month, plus with my parents' marital issues, and the strugglement (is there such word?) of my study, but to be truly honest, i'm happy and really grateful to the Almighty with my current life. like although i dont have this and that, but at least i got this and that, and i'm grateful for that. one thing that i am not is being greedy. i dont want everything in life, i dont need everything in life, as long as i got this and that, i'm forever grateful :)

green? why green?

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it's almost 2 in the morning and i'm supposed to put my head on the pillow at least an hour ago. tonnes of work to do!

anyway, that's not the reason why i blog now with my eyes half closed..

it's my new layout!

as you can see, it's not finished yet. hubby is in charge with 'kemas2' kan ape2 yg patut, since he's in the computer arena anyway. tapi tengok tu.. malasnyer nak letakkan 'link' that is supposed to the at the right side of this blog page. altho i can do it myself, but believe me, with this computer-idiot head of mine, i'll take at least 10x more of the time needed for hubby to do it for me. anyway, that's the use of hubby kan? to make his wife's life easier kan? setuju? heheheheheh

oklah, think i'll nag hubby again tmrw ;p

bank holiday weekend

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some more pictures! since i got my own camera, makin byk gambar yg diambil hehe. what's the use of a camera if not to take pictures kan? hear hear!

last bank holiday weekend i managed to persuade hubby to go to kuala selangor. my family owns an apartment there, that is mainly used during hari raya time only (!) (my kampung is at kuala selangor) since my father doesnt like to spend raya nights at my ever-so-crowded grandmother's house. so that poor fully-furnished, whole-house air-conditioned apartment will only be occupied once a year, the most maybe 2-3 times a year ie whenever my parents balik kampung. i thought it was such a waste to not spend some time on that apartment, it is such a good place to live in, all furnished with dapur, fridge, washing machine, beds, pillows, pinggan mangkuk etc, with the balcony facing bukit melawati, and the ever-so-peaceful pekan kuala selangor.

so last weekend hubby and i drove to kuala selangor on friday morning. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that the day before i drove for a straight 7 hours from my uni to kl. what an adventure! i only stopped twice for toilet breaks. anyway, it was an uneventful journey and i reached kl safe and sound hehe. but then the trip from kl to kuala selangor i let hubby drive. am so malas and dependable whenever hubby is around ;p

oklah i let the pics to tell it all

this is us :) hehe that's my new specs.
hehe my new handbag hehe. abis duit simpananku utk beli pda huhu. nothing change i'm afraid.. still weak and helpless whenever it comes to handbags and shoes huhu

love this pic :) lamp post
my signature move haha. at rumah api bukit melawati

penat sih jalan. lawa kan bukit melawati? such a good weather.. but unfortunately someone too malas to jalan and it aint me huh
at a place called batu hampar. got a story behind it but i'm too scared to write it down in this blog ha ha. so we took pic at one of the meriam. bukit melawati is full of scary stories i tell you
at makam diraja bukit melawati. there are 3 makams of previous sultan selangor there, but they were really old ones, 18th and 19th centuries sultans i think.
anyway, sorry no scenary pics. we took lots of beautiful scenary pics of kuala selangor and bukit melawati, but it's not possible to post it all here. overall it was a good trip, a tired one as well, especially since we were leaving for my uni the next day (another 7 hours trip!). but this time hubby drove me back :). i guess he was more tired than me, since he was the one who drove the car, then to take a bus trip from my uni to kl the next day! he must have cared for me that much hehe. love you hubby :D

maisarah & harith yusuf

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my niece is such a cheeky little girl who loves barney, and hates wearing skirts hehe. she's now a year and 9 months and she can say a few words now like ateng (atuk), nana (nenek) and most significantly, NINA, which is me!
sengih sampai telinga =D
and also introducing my nephew, harith, or ayi, a name his sister called him, is a healthy going to be 4 months old baby boy. he's an easy baby, but he does like to 'borak' or mumble, especially to his nenek yang rajin layan die borak hehe
such adorable children. i love them to bits!
ps: oh yeah, their dad, ie my brother, has just been diagnosed to have tb last week. the whole family had health check-ups afterwards and declared fine, and the dad now wears face mask everywhere. poor lad!