happy mood

7/31/2008 02:31:00 AM 1 Comment »

weekend is coming! weee! as much as i like my time in the hospital and all the new things that i learn during the weekdays, weekend is very much welcome nevertheless. i'm hoping, really hoping to get my car this afternoon, it's been at the mechanics for a few days now, so that i can go to town and get some serious retail therapy! just kidding maa. i'm serious about going to the mall tonight, but not for retail therapy :( this wedding thing has cost me a lot, and the new life here also makan duit juge. i hope my financial state will be better and well-balanced, at least after the wedding in october.

yup, the wedding will, hopefully, be on october. 25th of october to be more precised. so you people out there, if there is any la, keep yourself available that day and come to kuantan for my wedding :) yup the wedding will be in kuantan, and, hopefully, it will be a small but nice event. i said 'hopefully' because i know my family well enough haha. my mother especially. for some reason her definition of the word 'simple' is different from everybody else haha. like my dream wedding will be like really small, with just me and the guy who i'm going to get married to, my family, his family, kadi, 2 saksi and less then 10 guests. and of course me wearing a very nice dress, with very nice make-up haha. so obviously that is impossible, at least in my family la. you should have seen the scale of my sister and brothers' weddings haha.

so i already know that i couldnt possibly have my dream wedding, well at least not entirely la. now we got a pelamin, bilik pengantin, AND makan beradab. never occur in my mind at all to have that latter part. and there will be, not one, not two, but 3 khemahs outside the house, but i think mama gave a very obvious hint last week that she would like the 4th khemah. god knows what will be added further when the event is getting closer. but at least i got my dream wedding dresses :D. i chose the colour myself :) chose the material myself :) chose the designer myself :) chose the make-up artist myself :) and for me, that are the most important hihi. and i chose the bridal boutique myself, design the pelamin myself, chose the bunga telor, bunga pahar and bunga dulang myself, create the hantarans myself. i even got to choose the type of chairs they gonna use for the event :) so basically i do have my dream wedding :D it's just in a larger scale haha.

enough about wedding. think i'll get some nap haha. of course with a huge smile on my face, thinking of the new wedding dresses that i'm going to get in 2 weeks time :D hopefully it'll be ready at that time :) self-note: remember to call the bridal boutique, the dress-maker at kuantan and ampang, the baju melayu maker at kl, before the uni holiday break in a week time. and yeah, the wedding card people. i need an organiser!

a not-so-great night

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oh my god, OH MY GOD!! just went online and an idea just popped into my head to browse to tgv.com.my and what a mistake it was. THE SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE is on!! i have waited for a long long time for that movie to surface, and i thought it would never be permitted for screening in malaysia's cinemas, but there it is - ready, available and accesible to all movie-goers to watch it. but oh-no-what-is-this-can't-be-true: the place that i'm habitating for the last 4 weeks aint got any cinema :(((((( what the hell curse that curse this T_T

speechless (plus more curses)

and there are great movies like the dark knight, journey to the centre of the earth, the x-files, hellboy 2, wanted, hancock etc - all the movies that i've always wanted to see, they are all shown now at the cinemas....

what the hell

i should have predicted this. i should have known. in fact i'm actually fully aware of the absence-ness of any cinemas in this place, and i thought i was able to cope with not going to any cinemas for a couple of months. but to have SATC the movie shown now? now? NOW?? now when i cant reach any cinema for less than 2 hours driving?

speechless (and more curses)

i did try to get a dvd copy of movies last week. i bought the dark knight dvd at pasar malam.. and again, what a mistake it was. the seller said terang, and in the place where my brother usually buy pirated dvd like in ampang, damansara, or even in kuantan, the sellers were usually honest, and they'll say it if the dvd copies were terang, jelas or not. but, obviously, that didnt happen at this place where i currently live. penipu. the dvd was unclear, dah la gelap, then suara tak jelas. i curse you, dvd seller huh.

i dont usually buy pirated dvd, i am in fact a very loyal cinema-goer, i dont mind seeing a movie alone as long as i can watch a good movie, but since i now live in this remote place, that cant be helped. if there is original dvd sold out there, i would buy it. but again, that wasnt the case in this place.

curse curse

ok. fine.

calm elly calm

point of my story: i hate unclear dvd when the seller said otherwise. i dont hate this place for not having any cinemas, it just the way it is around here, and i'm fully aware of that, but dasar penipu tu that i hate the most.


actually i think my outburst today has little to do with the cinemas, the dvd, SATC etc, when i come to think of it. well, it was one of the triggers, minor ones. it was just pure tiredness, exhaustion and overall, annoyance. am still recovering from a full over-the-clock oncall over the weekend, and this afternoon i received a rather annoying news from the uni. the annoying super-slow, the so-called birokrasi-ness in a local government-base uni. i actually dont know what birokrasi means, i was told it is the lembab-ness, go through the system one-by-one, the protocols etc. i know i know i should have known this when i decide to come here, but one's patience does have a limit. some of the times i thought, lembabnye buat keje.. certain things you can just finish it there and then, just spend an extra 5 minutes, press this and that. but NO, you have to do this first, that first, and yeah, 'you dont need that now, do you?' attitude that i dont like. and the 'you have to do this and that because it's always been like that'. honestly!

and you know what, again, all of these have thought me to be more... patient. things can be done... eventually (altho dont know when). i just have to be... patient. right. and that is the moral of today's story. i just hope in my effort to be more patient doesnt lead me to become more lembab in doing my work huh.


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just came back from oncall. weekend oncall! it was, erm, boring for some of the time, especially when you got only a few hours of sleep the night before, but overall the oncall was, again, interesting. i learnt a few new things, and the place that i was attached to was free of students, so i dont mind it all. i did curse silently a bit this afternoon to dearest roomates for buat bising until 4 in the morning last night (but i dont blame them.. it was in fact weekend night and they are afterall teenagers..) when my eyelids felt like they couldnt open anymore, but after an hour nap during lunch time, i felt fresh again. i guess this is life from now on. try to steal as much time as possible to sleep!

and it aint over yet. the oncall finishes at midnite tee hee hee

what for dinner tonight? food is so damn cheap here. seriously! you can have 3 full meals a day for less than rm10 - total for 3 meals! and one more good thing about being busy, you tend not to put on weight even if you eat a lot. well, it did that to me. in fact i think i'm losing weight hehe since all my clothes seem to be looser than it did before.

cant wait for the uni break in 2 weeks time! gonna drive for 5-6 hours straight - alone! hehe me like adventure hehe. i dont think anyone, meaning abah, mama or even azali to like that idea, but i insist on driving alone hehe. i thought it would be an interesting thing to do :) but of course i'll take some precaution like i will only drive during the day and not at night, and i'll check the car the day before. i'm sure it'll be alright. however, my car is not well at the moment :( kesian die terdampar kat depan hostel. i've already called the mechanic, well it wasnt me, it was a friend of a friend of a friend, and he is local and he knows a mechanic who uses turbo engine. the mechanic supposed to come today, but i guess he's busy and will come probably tomoro.

takpe la. one super big lesson that i learn for the past few months ie since i come back from the uk is to be PATIENT. and that is a very valuable lesson to learn. i know i'm not the most patient person, in fact i am very very impatient in, like, everything, so if there is anything that i got from everything that had happened, is to learn to be patient, and to just take and accept what happen around you and most of all, be grateful for what you have, for what He gives you :)

oklah, nak pie mandi. maybe wash some dirty clothes. here got some washing machines that you can pay to wash your clothes, but i think i'll wash manually today. lagipun i've got some time to spare before the oncall starts again at 8. nowadays i tend to do things that i feel like doing, and i wont try to find a reason for any of my action anymore. as long as it's sensible, i'll do it. then maybe after that i'll go to the cafe to tapau some food for dinner. calo :)

back for good :)

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i'm back. and it felt good :)

finally i have internet in my room. about time also. after about 4 weeks of internet-less. and after that 4 weeks also i finally have my own student card. that's why now i can register to wifi, and also get the uni car sticker. now i'm officially a student here hihi

life is good. bz, very bz, but i have already predicted that. but life is indeed good :)

let me just recall what had happened in the past 4 weeks:

orientation week. yup, i HAD to go and JOINED the orientation week. along with the other hundreds of new students. FIRST year student (!). damn i felt so old. most of them are even 10 years younger than me (!). gosh i felt ancient. but i loved every minute of it. i felt very blessed and grateful for being here. not everyone had the chance to experience what i had experienced. i know it felt a bit weird to say that, but that was exactly how i felt. and i still have the same feeling up to this moment :p

now it's been 3 weeks since the class started. how interesting it has been. i know i know i can be a complain freak sometimes, i know i tend to complain and whinge, like, a lot, but now that i realised it, i try not to do it that often.

life has been, how to say, different yet interesting since i moved here. i met new friends, i have roomate now, in fact 2 roomates now since there are 3 of us living in the same room. it's been almost 10 years now since i share my room with somebody else, so the feeling is.. i'm not sure how to say it.. i dont think i mind it at all, to be truthful. and to be living on a single bed, double-decker plak tu, this are all new things to me. and surprisingly, i dont mind it all. i had the chance to move to a better room but i decided to stay. i've decided to go with the flow, to be grateful for whatever rezeki that He gives me.

oklah, think i'll take a nap now. this week has been a busy one, and my 28-year-old cells are not as young as like it was 10 years ago. seriously it felt different, but me and my body will (hopefully) try the best we can and cope hehe