a loooOOoonng entry

7/16/2006 01:14:00 AM 1 Comment »
helo there!

it's been a looonngg time since my last entry. i've been quite bz myself, doing my electives and a bit of travelling here and there. i'm at husm kubang kerian currently, and supposedly start obs & gynae today, but my supervisor is not here at the moment, so i got the day off. which is sucks. never would i complain on having a day off, but being here, there is nothing else to do. seriously. they gave me the guest room, meaning i got a huge room, en suite, all for myself, but there is no tv. which is super sucks. when they told me i got a room here, i thought i would live in the hostels, with all the students. that is one of the reason why i choose husm. to become a student again. not a guest. hempeh. i know i know i should be grateful to be given a comfortable place to live and sleep.

husm is actually quite good. i learnt a lot, altho it still takes me some time to understand the locals, but to have now to understand 60-70% of what they are talking about, i think that should be ok. there are also a few funny things that i've learnt as well. like when we try to test vocal resonance, in newcastle we tend to ask patient to say 'ninety nine' while we auscultate, but here in kelantan, we ask the patient to say 'nenek nenek'. which is soo funny. and then when we ask the patient to take their breath in and out through their mouth while we auscultate, here we say, 'nyawa pakcik, nyawa', which is sooo damn funny.

'one shall not laugh at the locals culture and behaviour'. hehe

ok, where should i start? i shall start at the beginning, and i'll try to write as simple as possible.

i started when i left newcastle airport for london. it was uneventful. it was at heathrow when things got really bad. i promised myself not to fly through this airport again. my baggage was overweight, and i had to leave a lot of things behind. which was very hard for me, as i love and value my stuff a lot. and the staff wasnt that helpful and considerate either. i'm not blaming them, it's a busy airport, and it was indeed my fault for having overweight baggages. fine. super fine. i dont want to think of the stuff that i had to leave behind.

klia. got to see my beloved. enough said. wait for my pics with all (really) wide smiles =D

we went to putrajaya after that. got a few pics. makan makan makan. then he sent me back to my family in ampang. only me and iwan went back to kuantan the next day. abah had some meetings in kl the next week, but i had to be in kuantan on monday to start my electives.

started my electives the very next monday. it was a fair one. the clinic is a small community clinic, and people from all over kuantan come to get some treatment. i've never been to government's clinics before, and it was an eye-opening experience to have attached myself there. most of the equipment are not enough, and the patients have to wait for a while the nurse cleans, steams and sterilises the equipment, just to get a wound cleaned. it took me a while to take history in full bm, i didnt realise how many english words i use everyday, simple words like 'so' and 'and'. high blood pressure and diabetes are the commonest chronic conditions, but the compliance is very poor. enough said. i managed to practise my venesection skill a few times and also cleaned some wounds and even performed a few ecgs (a really really old and traditional one).

1st weekend: singapore. it was a splendid one. i went there with kak lysa and mama, to take advantage of the great singapore sale. mama shopped like mad, kak lysa was the guide, as she was there last year and that she knew the place. me? haha bawak bontot je la hehe. all fares mama sponsor, from tickets, to hotels and food. hehehehe. plus some money-pocket lagi hehehe. student lagi maaa hehehe. i was quite surprised with singapore; i like it. whenever i go to foreign places, i tend to like it because it's different, but nothing compares to my hometown. i'm quite patriotic, you see. i love my homeland, a lot. but in singapore, it was the first town that i really like, and if the opportunity comes, i dont mind working there. in fact, i want to live there. the town is super clean, super organised, lots and lots and LOTS of shopping malls and the people i like, they mind their own business, respect each other, not busy-body like makcik2 kat malaysia yg suke benor jaga kain org. in kl, people do mind their own business, but up to the point of being selfish and arrogant, but in singapore, it's not. hmm now i feel guilty for comparing things between other people and places with my homeland. i know malaysia is not perfect, but i do love them, with all my heart.

2nd weekend: kuching. with azali. it's the company that i like. the town? 4 days in kuching? hmm... overall it was a good one, the reason for me to go for this trip is to spend some good quality time with azali, and we got that. what else could i ask for?

3rd weekend: trip to husm kubang kerian. azali drove me there. got the chance to visit my future-in-laws, well, that is one of the reason why i choose husm; that is to get to know azali's family better. azali visits my family every now and then, but i only see his parents 3 times: once mase merisik, then mase tunang, then 2 years ago when azali and i drove to machang. i know it's not my fault, i only come back to malaysia once or twice a year, and the most i spend in malaysia was 3 to 4 weeks and usually i got lots of other things to do and settle and no time for a trip up north to see his parents.

so here i am, about 1 hour journey by car to azali's parents in machang. i plan to visit his parents this weekend, where i plan to spend a night there. it would be my first trip without azali be with me. well, like mama said, pandai2 la bawak diri. hope everything goes well.

it's my 3rd week here, and my 2nd last week. i went to kl last weekend, to send iwan, my youngest bro to utp tronoh. i was also feeling a bit homesicky last week. home situation is fair, and with now iwan is away, things might get from fair to bad, but everyone is now tired and sick and just try to accept things as it is. whatever happens, happens.

ok, i know this entry will be a long one. my ol laptop is now under azali's surveilance, poor old laptop, this is its 6th year of service, mmg nampak uzur benar, i hope it can maintain for 1 more year until i finish my study.

it's 11 am now, on my day off, in a place with no MNG and no cinema and no astro (no tv!) and no mama's food, what should i do? visit muzium negeri kat kota bharu? if you say yes, then you only knew me yesterday haha. think i'll browse some more, go to the library that closes at 5 and i cant borrow any book (!!), stay there for a while, get my lunch and then... i'll figure out later. i rather miss newcastle. the company, my own sweet room, my BELOVED tv (oh tv i lap u..), the kitchen where i can make and bake anything, the exhibition park where i can jog (more like walk hehe) anytime. it's 6 more weeks in malaysia, and no, i dont want to leave my beloved homeland, but that doesnt prevent me for missing my 2nd home in newcastle.

hmm..wonder what ellina is doing now in indonesia? sudah panjat gunung ka? hope she's fine :)