friday night talk..

9/28/2007 06:18:00 PM 0 Comments »
havent blogged for some time.

not sure where to start.

well i still have to start somewhere, dont i?

am still stuck in the same phase. the very same phase that i started 7 years ago. fuh. long time huh 7 years. three quarter of a decade? gosh i'm old. i feel ancient. seriously.

dont know what else to write. i found it difficult to write when i'm bitter.

well i still have to write something, dont i?

so it's going to be my 7th year of aidilfitri away from home. sigh. this year i plan to spend it differently. i'm up for a trip to london on my own. am gonna wander around. already plan to go to british museum for their china's teracota armies exhibition. it's not like they are going to come to malaysia, right? so might as well see them while i can. and there's also tutankhamun's tomb exhibition somewhere in london as well, so that's a must to see (geek!). i like acting like a tourist. in fact i like being someone totally different. anyone, except my own. sad, innit?

anyway, that's the plan. london in 2 weeks time. good. i like organised plan. just hope that the weather south is better than here up north. i swore it was less than 5 degrees yesterday. today is cold as well. damn i shipped my good coat back home, all i have now is my old one. but it's also my favourite one. guess i have to make do of it.

am currently listening to high school musical soundtrack songs. i've watched the movie 4 times already. zac efron is soo hot!! he's young, i know, but it's not like i want to marry him huh. young talents are so refreshing (hihi).

fotopages everywhere are full with babies' pictures. and i want one too :(

you know what, when i'm going back, i'm going to marry that fiance of mine, and we gonna have babies and babies and babies and babies

huh talking about desperado hahah

anyway, this is my failing attempt to write. less than 2 months to go, and lets hope i can put my life back on track. adios