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feel a bit lonely. dear roomate had just left for her semester break. yours truly? in my dream only huhu. my next one and only break would be the chinese new year break for a week next february.

also not looking forward for next week's long weekend for aidiladha. hubby wont be there :`( he'll be away for 2 weeks starting this wednesday. i know he is really looking forward for his first off-shore work commitment and that he's enjoying his current job, but at the same time i feel left behind :(. no more talking and listening to his voice every few hours :(

but i know as long as he's happy, then i should be happy too. and the wonderful surprise that he arranged for us last weekend when i drove down to kl to see him, had fully compensated for his absence during next week's aidiladha. thanks for the surprise sayang, it was quite unexpected. nonetheless, it made me misses him more :(((

okey! get yourself together elly! you have a life to live, and responsibilities to fulfill. time to do your (endless) tasks!