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decided to blog out of boredom

cant seem to bother to revise. yes, next week there's some what-do-you-call exams, but right now, i cant seem to bother about anything. i blame it on the hectic sleeping schedule. i need a good sleeping pattern to function well. right now i've trained myself to sleep less, and i can function ok, tho not to the max potential, when i sleep 5 hours daily, it used to be 7-8 hours daily sleeping requirement. but 2 nights ago i slept at 5 in the morning to finish this one report, and at the end it disturbed my body schedule. and this morning i had to wake up early to send dear viva for its 20k km services, hence this sleepy head. had an hour nap later on, but still i have my head in the clouds.

one other reason of my refusal to open the book is because i hate this posting. hate it to bits. enough said.

anyway, lets talk something random..

i cut my hair over the raya hols. i know i was gonna regret it, but i did it anyway cos i know it's for the best. i lurvveeee having a long hair, but wearing a tudung + unorganised, stressful life of a final student makes it hard to manage a long hair. i've tried for more than a year now, but it still gives frustating result. dandruff and hair fall are the worst. i tried changing to good, quality shampoos, get some hair salon treatment etc but still it's not as healthy as it used to be. what to do.. so at the end i decided to cut my hair sob sob

mr eczema has returned. at his favourite place of all: my neck. benci gile. i'm definitely sure it's all due the stress that i experience doing this current posting. mmg everytime i stress, mase tu gatal sana, gatal sini and then next day tada! dah ade kat my neck. i've been using the same steroid cream, but it's not working, neck eczema mmg degil, i've experienced it before. so the best thing to do now is to level down my stress level. and maybe next week i'll try to get a more potent steroid cream.

bosan. hubby is starting a new job since 2 weeks ago, and as usual, he's really into it. 'cant talk to you lah, byk keje kene belajar/buat ni huh'. i'm feeling neglected huh. one of my guilty pleasure is being spoilt by dear hubby, and i hate it when he cant seem to pay all his attention to me huh.

i cant believe it's gonna be a year since we got married. our 1st anniversary! i already have some plan to celebrate that day with him, but with him starting a new job, not sure whether he can take a leave or not. sigh. i have no choice but to understand. but i still hope we can spend some good time together on that day.

dono what else to write. i'm such an anti-social person. malas nak kuar, malas nak jumpe org, lagilah malas nak borak. i just want to borak to one person. hubby la of course. tonight got some jamuan hari raya at one of the halls at the uni, tapi rase malassss sgt nk pegie. tapi dah byr rm10 huh. malas nak iron baju kurung, iron tudung lagi, and most of all, paling malas nak jumpe org. tgk la nnt how's my mood.

i want my hubby :(