right after the presentation...

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finally the presentation is over. it wasnt bad, but it wasnt brilliant either. the presentation part went alright, i think it went smooth, well, according to my standard la, but the question-answer session was a bit, how can i say...shaky. didnt manage to answer a couple of questions, i think, mostly because i didnt know the answer. well, the questions were slightly over my topic, but i could have invented some answers to satisfy the questioner, in which i havent. well. there is nothing to regret about, all past is past, and there is nothing i can do to change the grade, whatever it is.

so i'm having my easter break now, for 2 weeks. no plan, just work, work and work. i couldnt afford to go anyway, so better stay still and quiet in newcastle.

nothing much happen lately. the last few days were spend with the presentation. oh yeah, me and ellina went to tesco extra on wednesday evening and bought lots, lots and lots of food. mainly junk food ahaha. we had to call a taxi to go home. imagine, we had about 5 to 6 bags, each. both were quite shocked to see how much food we had bought and how much it cost. so, a self-reminder: never ever go to tesco extra when i'm hungry or early of the month when money is good.

ellina's friends are coming over this weekend. nadine's too. hopefully the water wont cause any more trouble. last evening there was some water/tangki problem somewhere and they had to close the main pipe. so we didnt have water in the shower room, which is at the 1st floor, due to low water pressure. it was alright this morning, thank god, or else i would have to go to the university sport centre to have my shower.

cant think of anything else to write. ellina and her friend, yusra, want to join me ronda2 town in an 1 hour time. i'm thinking of going to metro centre, but my bag that i have to carry, is quite heavy, well, since i have a second pair of shoes inside. wonder if there is somewhere i can put my stuff. fat chance.

weekend plan? relax, relax and more relax. sleep, sleep and more sleep. oh yeah, F1. weeeeeee heeeeeeee

long-lost love

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for the first time in myself, i dont understand numbers. numbers and maths had been my strongest subject in schools, and now after more than 5 years of no-numbers, no-calculation life, i'm lost. it's bitter to swallow.

there was something about numbers that satistied me. they never lie. 2 plus 3 is 5, and will always be 5, and you can never change that. my heart was full of joy everytime i did numbers. i would smile from ear to ear everytime i did numbers. when i was 16 going 17, i cried to my mum and told her how much i loved numbers and that i would like very much to spend the rest of my life doing numbers. i would breath, live and die with numbers. that was how much i loved my numbers. she just went silent.

that was almost 10 years ago. i havent done numbers for a looong time, well, sometimes i do count for the house phonebills, whenever ct allows me. even the maths books that i swore to treasure for the rest of my life, had gone. my family had moved around quite a lot, and for me being away, they lost most of my stuff. a few years back when life got rough, i cried silently on my bed and soothed myself with good memories and reminded myself of my long-lost love of numbers. i used to promise myself to not let go of this love and tried to do as much numbers as i can, but it seemed to remain just as a promise. i couldnt even remember what standard deviation and variance are. i couldnt even remember how to do differentiation. i have lost my numbers.

lets not cry now, shall we. life has chosen a different path for me. i need to focus on my path now and there is no use to cry for the past. now, how shall i understand this sample variance study thingy? it is part of my presentation, the ol supervisor who declared himself as 'statistic genius' (...) had done all the statistic calculation himself and didnt explain it to me. now that it's part of my presentation where they have question-answer session and that there might be questions about the calculation from the audience, so in other words, i need to know about this sample variance study thingy in 2 days time. got it?


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monday.. i'm not complaining tho. i'm free this week, since it is the reading week for us to prepare our oral presentation this friday. i have finished mine, just need to practise presenting it to make it as smooth as possible. i'm meeting my supervisor tomoro for him wanting to hear me presenting. i'm not looking forward to meeting him, but since it would be useful for the real presentation on friday, i wouldnt mind. but still..

weekend was spend finishing the presentation. mine actually finished last week, but typical me, i like to do lots of changes and editing, and that's why i like to have mine finished early. plus i need to prepare myself mentally more than anything else, and that is surely take some more time. good. i know my own pace now, and it's a slow one, and i would handle it the best way i know how to. maybe that is one reason i like to do things on my own.

me and my head

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just had a loongg bath. no one's home, except ellina, so this is my chance to have my beloved bath. i love bath, but since we only have 1 and only 1 toilet and there are 5 of us, so bath is not exactly preferable. but i still grab my chance whenever no one's at home hihi

it's saturday. woke up at about 10. bliss. nad texted to meet up at town for coffee, but i decided to stay at home. my mood is not at its best lately, so best just to keep myself locked in the room. he called me just now to tell me he bought this dvd that i longed to watch, spirited away, and he offered to lend it to me. nice guy, he is. truly a nice guy :)

received another letter from the northumbria trust hospitals unit. this one was from north cumbria acute hospitals. it was about my stage 5 attachment with them after summer. i'm going to spend 3 months, ie the whole sept, oct and nov at carlisle. i know this is coming, i know i'm going to spend at least 3 months at carlisle, either before or after christmas this year. it was last christmas when i knew i got northumbria base unit for my final year. at that time, i was more than happy for not getting tees base unit, which is very very down south and i would have to move there if i got that base unit. altho northumbria is my second last choice, i was grateful for not getting tees. but now with all the letters and confirmation coming in, it is all a bit too much.

i cant take more than one step at a time, or else it confuses me. these past few weeks has been a struggle. with the obstetric attachment and its weird and pervy consultant, then this one oral presentation coming in less than a week, the electives thingy that i havent done a thing, and now this final year attachment. i'll be away from newcastle for a good 3 months, but it's the thought of becoming a final year that scares me the most.

i dont like being away from my comfort room. call me childish, but i need a familiar surrounding that i'm comfortable with. 'but you cant have everything you want, dear'. i know. it's the past experience that i'm scared of. i was away from newcastle a few years ago when i did my first 3rd year attachments, and it didnt turn out ok. i'm scared of what it can do to my head. i'm scared of my past. i've promised myself to not be in that situation again. but you'll never know.

then someone said, 'you need to grow up'.

he said that.

the one who knows every single thing about my past.

the one who i choose to tell every single thing that came out my mind.

the one whom i trust the most.

the one whom i choose to love.

he is entitled for his opinion, but i feel betrayed. all i want is for him to lend an ear.

i dont know him anymore. is it me? or him? i dont know who has changed, but we are two different people now. we're struggling. i am struggling.

final day

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i'm done with obstetrics.

as if.

today is my last day of my option. he who-i-want-to-kill had filled up my assessment form. oh man. i cant kill someone who gave me all merits, can i? damn. i've already had these lists of things that i want to write here about him, lots and lots of curses, but now i cant do that. it'll make me feel guilty. he said lots of good things about me throughout my attachment (altho i doubt his sincerity, but shall we not go there, you ungrateful lil thing, me that is haha) so i thought it would be best to just keep things to myself. see, i try to be nice and unselfish here haha.

but he wants me to come and see him next week to practise my oral presentation. damn. no, it's good, stupid elly. but i dont want to ever see him again. but he wants to help you with the presentation. he seems genuine on wanting to help me and my presentation. who cares whether he's genuine or not, i know i definitely need some help with my presentation. isk. shall i just enjoy my weekend and worry about it later? that's perfect, elly, lets just leave things last minute, shall we? me, who like to procastinate. 'great'.

what he said about me was a bit funny, i think. i was a bit shocked, just a little tiny shocked. he said i coped well when given a task. i worked hard to complete a given task. like the audit he asked me to do, i knew exactly what i was doing and he was satisfied with the end result with me asking least assistance. i think that also happened in my last option. the consultant gave me the newest guidelines and asked me to do an audit. 5 weeks later i showed him a complete 13 pages written report. personally, i think both audits that i did was super duper simple and straightforward, seriously simple, but both consultants were super impressed and i didnt know why. but now i know. they were actually impressed with me completing the task with least assistance.

the consultant also said that i was quite a quiet person (yes i am) and he thought it was a tactic of mine (huh?). since i was quiet, people wont have any expectation. and since they dont have any expectation, and when i managed to complete a task, like an audit or being asked some simple questions, which was a super simple task, they were amazed. got what i mean? dono. all i want is to pass my course, i dont know any tactic or strategy. seriously.

fine. lets just leave it there, shall we? i want to have a calm and relaxing weekend.

i want to write about the malaysian nite, which was almost 2 weeks ago, so macam dah kinda cite basi plak. i want to write about the old schools, like what nadine had in his blog, but this entry has already gone long, so i think i shall write that some time later. plans for tonite? nothing. plan for weekend? nothing. i like that. i really like that :)

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bloody hell!!!

think i'm gonna kill myself really soon

life sucks

i damn hate this one person. seriously i can kill him with my bare hands. kill him first, then kill myself HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


tired eyes

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finally i have some time to write something here. this week has been pretty loonngg indeed.

this week is the second last week of my option, so knowing that the supervisor is going to grade me next week, so extra rajin aa dtg sekolah hehe penat penat.

today was..i can say.. a waste. woke up at half 6 to attend the midwife take-over shift at half 7 . then waited for any pregnant mum to deliver. none of the pregnant mums at the delivery suite was ready to deliver, so i had to wait for about an hour or more when one pregnant mum came through the a&e whose due date was today. it was her 1st pregnancy. when she came at about 9ish, her cervix had already dilated about 6 cm. then i had to wait and wait till half 1 when she was fully dilate (10cm). but then her water hadnt broken so the midwife needed to artificially rupture her membrane. to cut the story short, i waited until half 4 when i realised she wasnt ready to deliver her baby until at least 9 or 10 tonite. she's a very nice lady, along with her husband. i can fully understand how she was pretty anxious about almost everything, since this is her 1st baby and she didnt know what to expect. all the best to her.

on the way back i went to the printer shop that i went in yesterday to get my posters laminated. i know some people dont understand why i spend so much time, energy and money for this 1st audit of mine. this audit is special. very special indeed. i gave it my all. it wasnt to get great marks, honestly, it was for my own satisfaction. when i did this audit, i was attached to one speciality in medicine that i truly, honestly care for. like i said before, care and love are something that cannot be forced. it is either you like it, or not like it. well, that is for me. like, i cannot simply say i like paediatrics and say how cute and adorable children are, when the true fact is that i dislike children. and i cannot care for something i hate. but when i did geriatrics, there was suddenly this one side of me that i didnt know could ever exist. like i said before, i am a selfish person and i know that. but when i realised how much i care about old people, it shocked me. in a good way. it was like, 'oo this is how it feels like to care about other people'. yup, i was that selfish. this one attachment is truly special to me and it shall remain in my heart, cos it makes me feel unselfish. so this audit is truly special to me, and i spent lots of time, energy and money to make it perfect. there you go. and those laminated posters, they look great :)

honestly, i cant wait to finish my current option. dont get me wrong, it is a good attachment. i admit it is different, but i've learnt a lot for these past few weeks. like, a lot. they are all very useful, not just for my course, but for myself. but again, interest is something, that i believe, cannot be created. yes you can learn to like and enjoy something, but we are talking about genuine interest on something that you gonna spend the rest of your life with. it is either you like it, or not. obstetrics is not for me. i'm not saying it is bad, in fact the attachment was very good and i've learnt a lot, but it is not my thing. full stop.

i hope to write more but i am very tired now. i hope to write about newcastle's malaysian nite which was held at the student union last wednesday night, but let leave that for tomoro. good nite. happy weekend.


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me! dont ask me why i had that huge smile. i was happy at that time. i like snow. i have good company. life is good. so i'm smiling :)

weekend went by very fast. i cooked tomyam on saturday, it was slightly different than my usual one, but no one complains, well, no one ever complains bout my cooking haha. i think they are just a bunch of nice and considerate people, my friends are. and that they know if they ever complain, i wont cook again hahaha

didnt do much on saturday except for the cooking part. watched jurassic park that night while ct, yus and nadine went to watch syriana at odeon. i'm not a fan of george clooney, so that film doesnt interest me, altho lots of people recommend it. dono, i just didnt feel like want to go out that night. no, actually, i wanted to watch jurassic park over itv2 haha.

sunday was filled with F1. finally it's that time of the year again! F1 started at bahrain, and they have lots of new rules! it was quite exciting i tell you, with the qualifying part got not 1, but 3 sessions. and they have tyre changes again this year. i got my eyes glued on the tele for the whole 3 hours. bless!

it was snowing since saturday night and it continued snowing on sunday. it wasnt thick, but i felt like taking some pics at the park. i managed to convince nadine and ellina to join me, but ct, yus and shanti prefered to stay at home. good for them, as it was mad freezing outside! but ellina, nad and i managed to get lots of nice pics and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i have just uploaded some of them at my fotopages.

spm result will come out tomoro. i know someone who is super nervous at this time. good luck iwan! i'll wait for your phonecall tonite.

sigh. tomoro's monday. who likes monday?

it's over!

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finally it's over!

my presentation that is.

it went...ok, i think. hell yes, i was nervous. i figured out that it was the waiting that makes me nervous. waiting has always been the biggest hurdle. but once you stood there, everything was ok. well, at least well according to plan la. i have practised this presentation for god knows how many times, almost all the people that i've met and known already heard me presenting. suddenly i felt a bit guilty. for involving too many people. typical me. when gelabah, i tend to be a pain in the ass. seriously! and now i feel guilty and ashamed. of myself. well, the crucial thing now is that the presentation is over, totally, utterly over, and i can have my life back, my sleep and appetite back, and concentrate on the rest of my options.

you know i only slept 5 hours last night? that was after mugs of horlicks and camomile & lavender tea, and 2 paracetamol? these list of stuff are supposed to help me sleep, well, at least they worked in the past. but last night i only managed to get 5 hours of sleep. well, at least it was a dreamless sleep. and i didnt eat a single thing today! was tooooo damn nervous to eat. only took 2 beta-blockers to calm me down. but no food at all. it was a wonder how i managed to stand in front of the lecture theatre to present my audit. i think my liver must be healthy then. they truthfully provide enough stored glucose for my body for one whole day. gosh laparnye!

i have this one ritual everytime i have some big events. i like to wear something new. i believe they bring good luck. i think they are more to boost my confidence. so today i wore something new. not one, but 5 new stuff haha. new shirt, new trousers, new socks, new brooch and new haircut. the shirt is a cute cute one, with its puff sleeves and round lapel, in which ct said like kindergarden's uniform. i got it from topshop and it's white in colour. the trouser is plain black. and the brooch i made it myself, using buttons and ribbons. shanti and ellina think it is cute. and this morning i get myself a fringe (finally!) and cut about an inch of my hair. gosh, look at the preparation! and it was just for one-fucking-8-minute presentation. come to think of it..lawak gak la. elly yg poyo. officially. haha.

the rest of the week was...busy, and very, very surprisingly, good. mr nasty obstetrician suddenly become super nice and cool consultant. seriously, it's my biggest puzzle of all. i went to his clinics earlier this week, and i learnt a lot. this consultant, i admit, is super genius, at least in his field. he looks young, yet so brainy. all of the staff keep asking him 1001 questions and he could answer every single of them. and remains cool at the same time. and then he let me assist a caesarean section, which was super duper cool. i was actually super nervous at that time, and thanks to the wonder of beta-blockers, i managed to remain calm. the consultant even joked after the surgery by saying i was as cool as a cucumber during the whole procedure! ha ha. but to be able to assist a surgery, it was a priceless experience.

later that day, after i realised that the consultant might be in a good mood, i decided to accept his offer to help with my presentation. and he was super nice again. he gave me lots, and lots of tips and advices on how to do a presentation. damn..now my supervisor is nice, i begin to like and enjoy the things i do now, and although i hate to admit, i think obstetrics is not that bad. i like geriatrics so much last month, and seriously considering it for my future, but now that i begin to like obstetrics, it's kinda a mixed feeling. dilemma hmm. well, good thing i dont have to make my decision now. i just want to enjoy 4th year, of course to pass it too lah, go home this summer to do electives and come back with a fresh and committed body, mind and soul for final year. amin.

ok, back to reality. it's a wonder how i can think and write this long with a low sugar level in my blood. so, friday night.. what's the plan? not-a-thing. just chilling out. but there is still some adrenaline leftovers in my body (from the presentation today), and i feel like doing something. like watch the movie. but there is not a single thing on the cinema. just rubbish films. waaa.. i want to do something exciting tonite... hehe need to fill my stomach first. eat first, think later. have a nice weekend everyone!

supervisor & summer plans..

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i'm in my room at the moment. am too lazy to change my formal, hospital attire to some comfy, loose pyjamas. i'm still thinking about what to eat for dinner. fish & chips? instant pizza? maggi sounds good. egg mayo sandwich is good too. cookies and milk sound tasty. we'll see..malasnyer nk makan..

today was ok. monday..what do you expect? no one likes monday huh. well, super nerd geek people may be, but we are talking about normal population here. this week is the 4th out of my 6th week of obstetrics. remember when i wrote about how nasty my current supervisor is? well, he's kind of a changed man now. dono. he is nicer now. which puzzles me. a lot. well, i shouldnt complaint, should i? he is now more relax and flexible, i admit he is a bright consultant, everyone seems to refer to him and ask him lots of questions, and he damn knows most of stuff, so i guess it makes him a bit arrogant. which is mostly understandable and, doubtfully, acceptable. and today he smiles a lot. when i asked him for a day off on this friday for that day will be my presentation day in sunderland, he offers to help me with my presentation. he said i could practise my presentation to him and gave me tips on how to do a good presentation. i was like, 'huh?'. i hope he stays this nice until the end of my option. amin.

and i have one good news. i bought a flight ticket to go home this summer! weeeeeee! who doesnt like to go home? me like home so much. food food food. family. azali. and this summer i got to go home for nearly 3 months! and that includes my electives, of course. takpe la, i'll still doing it at home. home home home la la la. i already have lots and lots of plans. i plan to go somewhere, like a holiday break or weekend, i'm thinking of kota kinabalu or singapore, ie going somewhere that i've never been before. i hope to go with azali, so that we got to spend some good time together, but if he's busy or got other plan or simply refuse to go with me for whatever reason, that's fine, i can always go with kak lysa who is kaki jalan. or maybe i can go with some friends? gee..i have never travelled or jalan2 with friends like wirda or liza. well, i just remember, they are married. hmm.. ellina and her good friends plan to travel to bangkok this august, and i really hope i can join in, but i only know ellina but not her friends, and her friends dont know me, so i'm not certain whether i can join them or not. well, we'll see. gee...cant wait to go home! 3 more months to go!

me and my screwed head

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this week wasnt easy. it was awkward. i lost control. more like i am not sure what has happened. this happens when i got lots of things in my mind at one time. and that time happens right now. told you i cant take more than one step at a time.

have you had dreams so real you are not sure what is the reality? no, this is not 'the matrix', silly you. several times i woke up wondering who am i, where am i, what am i. my mind just lost. lost of what? reality? it felt as if i lost something. more like i lost a grip. of my life.

there are indeed some things that are kept wandering in my head nowadays. the biggest one is the presentation i have next friday. i know it's just a fucking presentation, but it affects me more than i realised. every 5 seconds i will think about it. these days i have to take more beta-blocker tablets just to calm me down. then another presentation at the end of this month. i have been trying to tell myself that they are just fucking presentations, you come and present and answer a few questions, that is all. not something that i've never done before. then why all this lost-ness?

and doing something that i dont enjoy everyday did not help the situation either. obstetrics. deliveries and caesarean. babies. lots of babies. some people will go 'ahh..', 'so cute', 'adorable'. and me was just, 'fine', or '...'. no feeling nor passion at all. do i have no heart at all? do i care at all? i know i dont prefer children, i dont hate them, i just dont prefer them. fine, fine, i dont fucking care about them. puas hati? i know i'm not a heartless person, i hope i'm not, but the last sentence does make it sound as if i am indeed that kind of person.

it was a mistake to choose this option. options are supposed to be doing things that you enjoy. ie things that you want to do. or at least things that you care enough to do. i dont want to do this. well, i am aware i cant have and do everything that i want to. i am not spoilt or big-headed. i'm trying to be rational and reasonable. but whether i like it or not, it affects my life sooner or later.

my mind and body are two separate things. they live in harmony, or at least they try to. and my mind is something that sometimes i cant control. it has a mind of its own. i know all of these doesnt make any sense, but that is how my mind works. the more i try to be in control, ie try to be rational in my decision making, but if my mind doesnt approve it, it will rebel and eventually it wont work. in other words, i'll go nuts.

i know all of these sound nonsense. i'm just not myself. i'm not making any sense.

i know some says that i'm selfish, but when i realise it myself, it hits me worse. fine, let me say this out loud:

i dont care about babies. or small children. or children. i dont like them. i just dont care. yes i am selfish. i am a bad person. but that is something i cant control. you cant just simply care about something. and i am just a person who doesnt care about young people. and knowing this make me sick. of myself. puas hati?