what we did last weekend

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in an attempt to boost my mood, i'll post out some pics

this is what i did last weekend

the weather was great

puncak titiwangsa. not as chilly as i thought it would be

this is us!

finally after about 2 hours of driving, we have arrived! what? rumah panjang? nice architecture though. i know who would appreciate all of these hehe (you know who you are)

nice right?

i thought the design was gorgeous

our room. i thought the interior was unique. but a bit smaller than i've anticipated. but it was nice nevertheless

our view, the lake (where?)

lurve the toilet. sleek!

the best part is the sink

the dress, my LBD (little black dress hihi)

the make-up. oh i love dressing up! i've been collecting all the make-ups for quite sometime and i think i have completed my collection, well maybe i need to get a good loose powder. a complete collection consists of (lists according to the ones you apply first):
1) face base cream
2) concealer - eye base + skin
3) foundation
4) loose powder
5) eye-shadow - base
6) eye-shadow - colour
7) eye-liner
8) mascara
9) eye-brow liner
10) blusher
11) lipstick
12) lip-liner
13) lip-gloss
14) illuminator powder for final touch
15) good collection of brushes
16) make-up remover
i think that's it. obviously this is just a basic collection of make-ups, ie the must-haves. there are lots and lots of other make-ups that can be included in the list. anyway, i was so excited to play with the brushes again and it took me about an hour to do my make-up this time, excluding the time to put the contact-lens and the hair-do. i think the most precious make-up that i own so far is the gel eye-liner by bobby brown. i didnt realise it was so easy to apply, obviously it must be applied using the special brush they supply, and it gave amazing result!
maybe on one good, good day, i'll post some d-i-y make-up technique. it would be fun!
wish i could post the final make-up face result, along with the dress that i worn!
btw i know i did alright with the make-up when hubby said 'you look beautiful' and sengih from ear to ear when he saw me!

the candle-light dinner

the appetizer

the main course

the dessert
overall it was a great night. the service was great, they provided everything that we asked and they excluded everything that we didnt need.

the next day...

a cup of tea, anyone?

green, and more green

so there we were! the famous tasik banding, and we were staying at belum rainforest resort, pulau banding. the scene was great, but i thought tasik kenyir has better view. maybe next trip, dear?

us again

after breakfast
thank you for taking me as i am
luv ya


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Happy 1st anniv to both of u!!!