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helo helo

this weekend is not a typical weekend. my schedule is empty, just finished the last posting on thursday, so my head is free of worry of assigments, logbooks, exams etc. so supposedly i'll be happy to be lazying around, like laying on the bed facing the ceiling and just kelap-kelip with nothing to do (one of my other guilty pleasures haha), but as i said, this weekend is not a typical one. i want to do something! tasks! homework! reading! anything!

sangat pelik i tell you this feeling

so what i decided to do was kemas-ing my room. thoroughly. kemas tu kemas ni, arrange this and that, siap tukar2 position side tables lagi, then sapu and mop etc. and now i'm done. but i want to do more! my room is a tiny one i tell you, so dah takde apekende lagi nak kemas dah. almari baju? check. book on the shelf? check. jahit butang etc yg dah koyak? check. kemas make-up? check. lap all the surface, sapu lantai + mop? check, check and check! what else to do?

think i'll open up the books for my next posting. hope i'll enjoy this next one