blogging again (?)

3/18/2008 06:36:00 AM 3 Comments »
hmm i think i should blog again.

or should i not?

i miss blogging. i miss pouring my heart out on my blog, not knowing who will read it, hoping that no one will read it, but knowing that that would be impossible.

i was also thinking of changing to a new blog address. tempting.. really tempting. i actually have thought of a new address, but i couldnt finalised my decision. some people would stricten (does this word exists?) their readers by asking for passwords and so, but for some reason i know i wouldnt like that. confusion confusion..

one other thing that i miss about blogging is writing. in english. i know my english is far from perfect, but i like writing in english. it just felt good. hmm donno why if you ask me. it also felt easier to express what you want to say (well, in this blog, write) in english.

i'll make up my mind in my next entry.