summary of summer

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2 entries in a weekend? i must be in a good, very good mood then. nah. sunday would never make me in a good mood. am due to leave newcastle again this evening for whitehaven. it's 3 more weeks to go before i'm moving back to newcastle for good. 3 more weeks! damn i cant wait. i'm so not looking forward to the final rotation, and guess what, it's the least favourite rotation of mine...paediatrics. ba dibla.. it's a known fact that i hate children, and to spend the next 3 weeks with them, it's something that i most not looking forward to. waaa 3 more weeks to go!

but i'm still in an ok mood today. not too bad for a sunday-mood. i had made several calls back home, talked to my beloved for ages, and he was in a good mood, so that makes me a good mood as well. i talked to mama for some time too, so that's good. as always, sunday tele sucks, so i got nothing else to do. weather's outside is cloudy, moody and an absolute grey, so i aint going outside with that kind of weather. so i guess i'll be doing my blog today. finally i have some mood to write the things that i had done over the summer.

this is like a summary, more for the sake of my memory, i like to read it out again some time in the future especially when i'm sad and down.

i went back on the 9th of june, until 28th of august. that was 11 weeks or 12 weekends. i had 2 free weeks before that to wait for my 4th year result on the 7th, so i worked like hell on those 2 weeks and managed to bag quite an amount of money. it was sad to leave the place that i had worked for 2 years, they even threw me a mini farewell party, it was sad but i was happy; it showed their appreciation to my work. i got my final cheque on the 6th, my result on the 7th (wed) and the 8th was spent with all the nits and bits before leaving the UK. there were bills and rents to settle, i felt good to have saved enough money to pay the bills and rents for the 3 months i was in malaysia.

so on the 9th of june (fri) i left brighton grove at 4 in the morning to catch a flight to heathrow. then my flight to KLIA was at noon. i arrived at about 7-8 in the saturday morning and i had got myself a smiley monkey waiting for me at KLIA :D

so 1st weekend: arrived at KLIA. saturday at ampang with sayang and my family. got them lots and lots of presents. left ampang for kuantan with iwan. mama and abah had to stay in ampang for the latter had a meeting in KL for several weekdays. lucky i got iwan with me to stay in kuantan. started my elective placement in Poliklinik Masyarakat Jaya Jading, Kuantan that monday. was still on jetlag. went back to KL that friday.

2nd weekend: trip to singapore! with mama and kak lysa. mama shopped like hell there. puas hati sgt2. i bought kak lysa her first make-up for her birthday. she was very happy to have her bobby brown's foundation and compact powder. then mama pun angkut sekali haha. then i had to return to kuantan that sunday to continue my electives.

3rd weekend: kuching trip! with my sayang. i left kuantan for KL on thursday evening, and left KL for kuching on early friday. sayang was in a very good mood. didnt shop much but that didnt matter. we had such, such a good time. came back on monday, went straight back to kuantan to continue my electives. ayoo you can see i did lots and lots of travelling.

4th weekend: kelantan trip! i finished my electives in kuantan and continued my 2nd placement in HUSM kubang kerian. sayang was kindly enough to send me there. singgah sat at his family's house at machang for lunch before heading to kota bharu and HUSM. the uni hostel was full so they had me stayed at the nearby motel for several days. felt very lonely.

5th weekend: mt first free weekend. as if! i decided to experience kota bharu myself. left kubang kerian on friday afternoon for KB. i was very lucky to get a room in KB, cos apparently they are usually fully booked for weekends. jalan2 kota bharu. planned to go a bit further tapi tak berani plak, so stayed at the hotel until monday early morning, to continue my electives training in HUSM.

6th weekend: trip to machang. azali's family travelled to HUSM to pick me up. i planned to get the bus, but i didnt think they were convinced with me taking the public transport so they went to fetch me instead. it was my first time staying in their place, without azali with me. of course i was worried, but it went very well. they were very nice, especially his mother. went back to kubang kerian on sunday.

7th weekend: trip back to kuantan. finally i finished my electives. my parents and kak lysa drove to kelantan to get me. we stayed overnight in KB, and mama shopped again haha. singgah machang on our way back, and had lunch there. it was my family's first trip to azali family's house. azali's mum bekalkan me some durian and i liked that. arrived kuantan on sunday evening.

8th weekend: terengganu trip! it was abah's company annual family day. we stayed at the gorgeous awana kijal hotel and kak lysa and i got a luxurious executive suite all for ourselves! iwan and jiman couldnt join us, and they were very jealous when we told them about the hotel haha. i had my first mandi pantai for a long time. i also had a jawa massage at the hotel. good weekend!

9th weekend: started to get busy with jiman's wedding. kuantan-kl-kuantan-kl every 2 to 3 days. we live in kuantan, but most of the guests are in kl, plus mama couldnt get a good place in kuantan for the reception, plus jiman's then-fiancee lives in ampang too. it was the first wedding for our family, so there were lots of pressure and anxiety there. they finally decided to have it in dewan tabung haji a few months ago. i was busy travelling here and there to get the stuff i needed for the hantaran

10th weekend: still busy with the wedding. mama got panic attacks several times, while abah was as busy as ever with his work. which left me and kak lysa to sort out most of the things. jiman was a cool as a cucumber. seriously. i admire him so much. he's 24, has a stable job, got tons of savings, already bought a good car and house and is about to marry the love of his life. how he does it i dont know. nice lad

11th weekend: my birthday! azali and i had a very, very nice day. i had promised to spend the whole day with him, which i did, so he was in a very good mood. he asked me to dress nicely for dinner, which i did. i was very surprised for him to give such effort to dress very smartly himself for the occasion. i had the perfect birthday of all :)

12th weekend: this was it. my last weekend. jiman's nikah was on friday night (25th august), his wife's family reception was the next day (saturday), our dewan tabung haji's reception was on sunday, and my flight back to uk was on monday! such, such a tiring weekend. but it all went smooth and well. everybody liked the hantaran that i made hehe. lots and lots of guests turned up. i was soo tired that monday i couldnt remember who sent me to KLIA? i think it was my parents, cos azali had to host his family who came all from kelantan to attend my bro's wedding over the weekend.

i left KLIA on monday noon (28 august), registered at the uni on tuesday, went to carlisle on friday morning to start my rotation, stayed there for 6 weeks, then moved to whitehaven on the the 13th oct for another 6 weeks. now i cant wait for november 24th, where i can finally return to newcastle and have my usual and proper life here. i'm going to stay in newcastle after that, travel everyday to north tyneside hospital for 3 weeks, before the christmas hols which starts on the 16th of dec. and that is when everybody is looking forward to. we are off to barcelona on the 17th! me and my whole housemates! yup, i'll be going with my favouratest people in the whole world! barcelona! isnt life grand?

happy memories..

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happy days... enough said

at my brother's wedding. got 1001 and more pics, but am too lazy to update my fotopages. can go to my sis in law's fotopages she's cool, and she was surely looked pretty on her wedding day :)

pics above were taken at my family's reception at dewan tabung haji. my younger brother, yup he's 2 years younger but lots and lots more matured than me, got married on the 25th of August 2006, and our family's reception was on the 27th (sunday). it was a very, very busy day, lots and lots of people came, i had got myself some very special guests, ie azali's family. they came all over from kelantan tuu, and my family was honoured to have them, and it was of course my task to host them.

oh i miss those happy memories. i miss malaysia. i miss my family. i miss him very mostly..