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no matter how tired and exhausted the body is, work is always a priority..

just came back from a 7-hour journey and go straight to work..

drove to kl this weekend, and yup, i was travelling alone. i almost always travel alone. dont think it bothers me much, well not as much as other people who seem to concern (bother/busybody) about me travelling alone huh

anyway, it wasnt a planned trip. poor youngest bro had an emergency operation to remove a certain cancer, and it was a malignant one. it was diagnosed last weekend. yup, people as young as their 20s can get cancer nowadays. poor him. the whole family was very worried. i was a bit sebak while driving down to kl on thursday, i told myself that no matter how far my family is, if they're in trouble and need my presence, i'll be there. 500km is nothing. i'll drive even if it's 1000 or 2000km. my family, my loved ones, they're always and will always be my priority.

i was always worried sick about my family when i was in the uk. my worst fear was that if there was anything bad occured to my family, i wouldnt have enough time to go back. the quickest i can get back would take me at least 24 hours, that is to arrange for the flight, even the flight alone takes at least 13 hours the quickest. imagine if anything bad, emergency, unplanned event occur to your family, and you couldnt be there on time. it would be the worst nightmare ever.

i guess those who never live that far apart from their loved ones wouldnt understand that.

that's why whenever my loved ones needed my presence, i'll drive/take the bus/flight or even run if i have to, to go back home asap. cos time is precious. you never know how long the time left that you have to spend with your loved ones before you or your loved ones' ajal arrive..

anyway, the operation went smooth and lil bro is now resting and recuperating in a hotel somewhere in kl, with my mum. my dad took care of everything, from the hosp bill to the hotel bill, although he couldnt be there personally (he's in china for work currently). lil brother went to see not one, but 2 specialists from 2 different private hosps for a fast and hopefully an accurate consultation. appointment was gained at the very same day and operation was done all within the same week. i cant help but to wonder how long the waiting list would be if he went to a government hosp. no, dont get me wrong, i think the government docs and hosps are as good and thorough as the private ones, but the waiting lists can be really long. not just the operation waiting list, but also the specialist appointment. at least it will take a few months. well, that's the reality, and it is no one's fault. the public aka the government hosps are still limited in terms of numbers compared to the population demands.

anyway, i should continue my work. penatnye badan! and also my eyes, my hands, my feet and also my mind and my soul.. i'm so exhausted...