happy mood

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happy 4 months anniversary hubby :D

it was he who reminded me just now. knowing him, who seldomly remembers (any) dates, i'm indeed impressed, and pleased hehe. and what better ways to celebrate it than to go to an exotic trip? none!

tee hee hee.. as you can see i'm in a cheery mood :)

afternoon class got cancelled, weekend is coming, HUBBY IS COMING this weekend, then 3 days later, we are off to a (not so) faraway island, just the two of us!

tee hee hee.. yup yup you know already i'm in such a good mood :)

guess i have to hold those cravings of secret recipe's choc brownies. for the sake of some flat tummy haha. should i get some facial this weekend? i want to look as good and fit as i can, but i want to bring that extra money to the trip. i guess this is when i ask for an early anniversary present from hubby ;p it's for him afterall he he he


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it's true that i've been busy in these last couple of weeks, but the main reason why i didnt blog was that the internet connection in my uni is getting worse each and every day. i've been trying to check my email since yesterday, all with no success at all. not even a brief connection at all. so when i noticed there is a connection right now, i try to browse the internet as much, and as quick as i can. dont know when it will disconnect again.

guess which website i visited first? the OSCARs of course! been waiting for 22 feb since they first announced the nominees exactly a month ago. love it that kate winslet won, i know it was predictable, but who cares, she is a good actress afterall. sean pean was a surprise winner, but i always think that he is a great actor, especially since i watched 'i am sam'. been wanting to watch 'slumdog millionaires' but couldnt get a decent dvd over here. mind you, i always prefer to watch a movie at the cinema, but what to do, got no cinema at my place.

anyway, enough of oscars. it's a good feeling when i manage to keep in touch with the outside world, i doubt any one of people around my current place would know anything about the oscars, and this is when i feel grateful with the existance of the internet. so, what have i been doing lately? well, i've been to k.trengganu last weekend to meet my mother and siblings who happened to be there last weekend, and i simply couldnt resist to stay at the hotel with them so i drove there on saturday. i had such a great time with them, although i admit when i came back i was totally exhausted to start the week.

and next week i'm going to bali!!! yeyeyeyeye. tak sabar nyer! to visit bali, to rest, to get some massage, but most of all i cant wait to spend some quality time with hubby :)

before that, got to finish tonnes of work! work hard, play hard huh. bring it on!

ps:/ need to get fitter (flatter tummy, if i have to be honest haha). plan to get swimming suit :p

super smiley =D

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i am so EXCITED!!




wa... cant stop having a (wide) smile on my face for the whole day ngeh ngeh


we are going in 3 weeks time.

finally we are going for a honeymoon trip. hubby mentioned once in the past that he would love to go to bali for our honeymoon, but we thought we could not afford it, since i'm still studying and him trying to save money to buy a house, but then yesterday my good and resourceful sister told me there was an offer with airasia, and guess what? yours truly managed to get a return ticket, during the weekend time some more, for rm88 and that includes the tax and everything! i lurve good bargains :) i dont think there would be any cheaper flight ticket than this.

i havent done any travelling for some time, i think the last time was the barcelona trip with ellina, and that was on dec 07 i think. and going with ellina means that she would plan for most of the trip ittinery as die mmg kaki jalan pun. and knowing hubby, i think i would be the one who plan and arrange for most of our trip haha. and that is not a problem for me! got plenty of time to plan this and that :)

oklah, am too excited to continue writing. will start doing the research after i finish my class this afternoon. wish it was cancelled! he he. ciao :)))


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i'm eager to watch brad pitt's the curious case of benjamin button, but there is no cinema at my place. or maybe i can go and watch it at kuantan since i'm going home this weekend, but somehow i doubt it. got too many things to do and settle this weekend. managed to get the 2-day off, but found out at the last minute that i've got a test paper on that 2nd day. so not only i have to return early to the campus, i have to study some more.

at the times like this, i would want nothing but hubby's hug huhu i want my hubby huhu

shall we change the topic and write on random stuff? yup yup

i cut my hair last chinese new year hols. now it's short! well, not that very short, i can still tie my hair and it's well below the shoulders, but i still felt it's short nevertheless, according to my standard hehe. but it was something that is need to be done. my hair has grown ridiculously long, i myself didnt notice it until my sister mentioned it had reached my waist and i might be mistaken as a pont***ak if i was to walk in the dark with my hair lose. pergh ape punye komen. but what made me decide to cut my hair is that my eczema has started to flare up again. i admit i'm kinda stressed out nowadays, with the situation at home, then my studies, with hubby's away, then i noticed some itchy plaques on my scalp that is unmistakenly eczema. it also starts to appear at its favourite place of all: my neck. so before it's getting worse and i end up with loss hair and neck like leher ayam, i cut my hair. it can always grow back huh.

bought a nice case of the turtles! agak besar juga la. hope this will motivate them to grow and grow and grow!

oklah, got to finish the case report. i'm almost half-way through. then early tomoro morning i can start my journey back to kuantan. first task is to see him. then bring maisarah to see the doctor. then the next day is to see the lawyer. then the court. ya Allah, do give me strength, good strength to face it all. i know i have to be brave to face it all. amin.