la la la 5 o'clock in the morning la la la

10/29/2006 02:57:00 AM 0 Comments »
ha ha ha kul 5am and why am i still awake? siapkan elective report ma.. wa wa wa it's my fault for procastinating ha ha ha

obviously one's mind ada sket tak betul at 5 o'clock in the morning..

la la la i got a new toy today la la la
best best best best best

i'm beginning to enjoy make-ups now la la la. hi hi hi i got a good sifu la la la you know who you are la la la

she introduced me to so many good things. most importantly she introduced me with dermalogica, and within a few months, no more blemishes and minimum pores! then she got me to know bobby brown, which has the perfect foundation! dia manusia paling best satu dunia tuk kuar shopping make-ups with! seriously.

my make-ups now:
foundation + concealer + lipstick = bobby brown
face powder = mac
eye-liner = rimmel
lipliner = lancome

and now i have those gorgeous benefit blusher + illuminator! best best

i got some other make-ups as well but these are my fav ones that i treasure most and i will bring them wherever i go.

ape lagi nak carik ha? hi hi hi

i dont wear mascara. dont like it as i tonyoh mata quite often gak la. i got a few eye-shadows, but i dont wear them that often. well, even the make-ups above pun tak pakai everyday, dont want to overdo myself when going to hosp. now pun make-up suka2 je, like mase weekends je or bile ade ape2 function.

ok time to bed!

..plain pathetic whinger

10/15/2006 01:13:00 AM 0 Comments »
it's that time again.

i think this template suits me better. i'm not feeling 100% nowadays, so black is THE colour. i wish to have more black but then no one would be able to read, or see, anything, so i choose the most black ready-made template out there. cant even bother to make one myself. like i know how to huh.

i hate sunday. it means that monday and the rest of the weeks are coming. it means that i have to leave newcastle. again.

moody. moody.

i'm going to start whinging now. do go away if you dont feel like it.

i've just spent the last 6 weeks in carlisle. and i've just moved to whitehaven this weekend. for another 6 weeks. i dont mind the places, but the distance sucks. damn sucks. here's something for you to have a clearer view:

100 miles. 160 km. no car. not even a license. AND someone actually wants to buy me a car but i cant. stupid no license. super sucks. AND someone actually wants to come to visit me but i cant. why? cos i'm in a somewhere hospital accommodation, very like a hostel with rooms in a long corridor with shared toilets and everything. cant-find-a-ruder-word-wirda-help-me sucks.

super tired body. 4 bloody hours.

and raya...

no i dont even want to start. you dont want me to start