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hubby and i went to my cousin's wedding 2 weekends ago, while i was having my semester break at kl.
cute maisarah. datang2 je terus duk kat pelamin, siap posing haha
harith and atuk. most people agree that harith is a splitting image of his grandpa, just minus the glasses and the mustache, and of course, he is fairer la
iwan! he drove all the way from utp for the wedding. he is closed to the bride's younger brother, ie one of his cousins juga la
tired maisarah. sian kene gigit nyamuk
kak lysa and i. i love those kurung pahang! and as you can see, my sis was the bridesmaid on that day. you can never guessed that she's 32 (shh...) and married
the bride and groom with us. my cousin is a pharmacist working at UH at the moment. she met the groom while she was studying at surabaya. a week after the reception, my whole family, excluding me (damn my course started that weekend) and iwan (who had exams), went to surabaya for the groom's reception. even maisarah went to surabaya huh. anyway i wish all the happiness for ibi and her husband. they went through a lot to be together huh


アリアナ said...

elly...!! ko kat ne skang...? mesia ke? jom lepak2...


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