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what an odd week

we barely have classes this week. class to start at 11am and finish at 2pm and free for the rest of the day? then to start the next day on 11am again?

what an odd, odd week

i aint complaining, but i hate unproductive days. even yesterday the class finished quite early. am i in the final year or what?

as you can guess, my mood is not actually at its best.

someone asked some really stupid and idiotic questions today. really hate it when someone asks question with so bloody damn obvious answer.

'oh is that lisptick on the mannequin?'

'why do you wear lipstick?'

because i feel like i want to, you asshole

such a stupid, stupid question

if you dont know what else to say or ask, just shut the fuck up

what do you expect me to answer? 'oh this morning i 'accidently' put some lipstick on' or 'oh ade lipstick ke, oh tak perasan la'. what the fuck? what kind of question is that?

i wont let people change me for who i am

i am what i am, and unless i ask for your opinion, just shut the fuck up

this person has pisses me off for quite some time, and this is not the first time such stupid questions being asked to me


i promise you if this stupid person who keeps on asking stupid questions to me ask me some more stupid, stupid questions, i'll slap it hard on the face

example of someone who has mouth wayy bigger than their head

i hate it la when people starts to ask question about me and my life and my decision and my choices, when they in fact is nothing significant whatsoever to me

i just like to be myself

take it or leave it

what you see is what you get

i dont ask stupid question to you, you dont ask stupid question to me, got it?

now i need to do something to clear off my mind