complacent (hihi)

3/25/2009 12:17:00 PM 1 Comment »

i'm off to kl this week to see hubby :D yeyeyeye

it wasnt planned, since i last saw him was last weekend, but NEVERMIND hihihi. just found out that my timetable will be free starting from friday til tuesday. I KNOW! dah la jarang gile free, in fact since i came here, mmg tak pernah cuti lame like this (do you know i only got 4 weeks of holiday for the whole year? I KNOW! mcm org keje pulak, except that i'm unpaid la huhu. i think my sis who works for a semi-government company pun dpt cuti lagi byk from me huhu) and it's 5 days in a row, so ape lagi, balik kg la hehe. there's no way i'm gonna stay here over the long weekend break, boleh mati kebosanan sih. and since mama and the rest of my siblings are off to hongkong (yup, and they left me huhu) this weekend, so i'll go to kl la. NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL hehe cos hubby ada di situ HA HA HA

*happy mood**

nothing exciting happened so far, same old busy like hell life, work that doesnt seem like want to end, but i've decided to work hard and play hard, so after a few days of hard hard work, i drive back to kuantan and spend some good time with my loved ones, then drive 5 hours back to uni to face another week. i so love love love being close with my love ones, not too close that would suffocate me, but just enough distance so that whenever i need some emotional support and to 'neutralise' my head again, i can just go to them. and super super thank you to abah who gave me a car, it IS very handy i tell you haha

another 7 more weeks before the semester ends. how fast time flies! last year this time i was recovering from a fall (not literally haha) and this year i'm here, feeling content and complacent (am i being overly confident here? haha) and i wonder how am i going to be next year? hopefully i'll still be here, preparing for my final, amin.

oklah, got to finish a few things before i can rest my head on the pillow. have a nice weekend!


3/16/2009 02:27:00 PM 1 Comment »

tried to blog a few times before but didnt have the mood to post the entry.

kinda stress at the moment, really want to drive back to kuantan and meet the family but dont think that is possible. suddenly all the datelines for assigments, tests, assessments all been brought earlier, and that pisses me off, as well as really stresses me out. i cant deal with too many things in my hand (and head) at one time, or else i'll be too stressed out and start to panic and become tearful and then gone blank and refuse to do anything at all. thank god there is dearest hubby, although he is like about 500km away, but at least he's not like 11 000km away, right? plus he is coming over to my place this weekend, and that is such a comforting thought to have right now. my mind is not at its normal state at the moment, and i need him more than anything else now.

anyway, i've decided to jot down a few things in this blog in an attempt to clear my mind off a bit. dont think this will take much of my time anyway. plus it's like a therapy for me, like its first and foremost purpose of existance. anyway, i've been quite busy so far, as you can read from my previous paragraph. got to this and that, all at the same time. then my health has not been perfect as well. i just caught a cold somehow, i tried not to take any medication, but the runny nose was so bad this morning, i just had to take some. and that made me kinda sleepy and dizzy.

anyway, in my last entry, i was so eager to go to bali. but before that, something happened to me that almost ruined the holiday. it was partly my fault, actually i've got no one to blame but myself. a week before the trip, i had a facial, courtesy of hubby. yup, i managed to pujuk him to pay for my facial hehe. anyway, i did the facial, my regular facial, at my regular place, done by the regular salon worker etc basically nothing change. but the next day, my face was swollen, it looked like i got some kind of allergic reaction. it was not just swollen and become red like tomato (seriously.. it was so swollen i could hardly open my eyes huhu but luckily it was localised and i had no difficulty in breathing whatsoever), but some part of my face got blisters, it was as if it was burnt. a burn on my face, just a week before my honeymoon? i was numb and speechless, i couldnt think anymore. i just wanted my face to heal so that i can look better on my honeymoon huhu.

to cut the story short, it eventually healed, but not before i experienced some pain. the blisters erupted a few days later, but then turned to dry skin, yang mcm berkuping2, sakit gile, then they gave me some treatment cream to keep it well moisturised to prevent more skin injury. but then they said i couldnt put anything on my face, no sun block, not even a basic foundation powder. but i was adamant to still wear a lipstick, cos hubby once said that i looked like a corpse if i dont wear one, and i sadly admit that. then on the day that we went to bali, my face was so plain and pucat, even the lipstick was so thin anyone would barely see it. first day at bali hubby was so dissappointed i couldnt walk under the sun, he bought me a huge huge hat, but still my face was left red at the end of the day.

lets just forget about the sad part. now the happy part. how we enjoyed ourselves at bali! we decided not to join in any tour, as we didnt like to be occupied with their schedule. both of us agreed that it was going to be a free and easy and relax trip hence we didnt have any fixed plan. first day we went wondering around kuta town. just strolling around town, holding hand with my loved one, that was truly enough for me :) then in the afternoon hubby was so tempted to rent a motorcycle so we rented one despite he had no international driving licence hehe. both of us looked like locals anyway, and we were advised as long as we didnt pass any red light or drive the opposite way than the traffic, then we should be ok. talking about being adventurous! and mischievious too hehe.

anyway that same afternoon we went to tanah lot. all by ourselves! no map whatsoever, just some local direction. altho i'm not the kind that like to take risk, but doing it every now and then gave me such a thrill hehe. and to do it with my dearest one, who i trust will always keep me safe and protected, it created a whole new feeling. and i like it :P

so we reached tanah lot, which is famous for its temple and most importantly, for its sunset venue. the temple was huge, and the architecture was overwhelming too. we spent a few hours there, enjoyed the sunset (although it was cloudy that day, but i didnt mind it a bit. all i knew i was there with the person i love most in the world, so i didnt bother with the rest haha). we bought some souveniors (gosh my spelling is getting worse) there as i found that it was cheaper there compared to kuta town. anyway, we left tanah lot after sunset, and again we had to find our way back to the hotel.

on the second day, i decided to treat hubby with some massage. not by me, lol, but i paid for both of us to have a balinese massage together. i've always loved massage, but hubby never actually experienced one before. balinese massage is different than the usual massage that i used to have, which was jawa massage, but it was as good. hubby opinion? he didnt say anything, but since he didnt complain about it, i assumed he liked it hehe. then in the afternoon, after taking a nap at the hotel first (that's why i like it free and easy, we can do whatever we like, anytime hehe), we decided to drive to nusa dua, as hubby wanted to find a better, cleaner beach than the one's in kuta. but it was a dissappointing one. i knew that nusa dua is the place where all the big and rich hotels are situated and that their beaches are beautiful, but i didnt expect that the beaches were not allowed for public. we eventually found a public beach there, but it wasnt as beautiful as we expected it to be. after a few minutes of straightening our legs, we were off to kuta back.

to cut the story short, we went to kuta beach instead that afternoon. to my surprise, hubby bought me something (figure out yourself haha) for me to wear at the beach. haha i was too embarassed to wear it at the beach but i did have it on when we went for the hotel's swimming pool later that evening, of course when nobody was there haha. and that night, hubby brought me out for a dinner, a candle-light one, at this one nice place along the beach. it was so romantic, in fact i had never felt this romantic before. i couldnt stop smiling that night. and that after that we went strolling along the beach, i was so happy, i couldnt describe it in words. it felt like as if i was in a fairytale, you know i dont believe in fairytale, but that night i really felt out-of-this-world kind of feeling. hmm..

........just let me tersengih sorang2 kejap...... heheh.....

ok, back to earth. the next morning, ie our last day in bali, we decided to relax and did nothing. woke up late, had our breakfast, then took pictures around the hotel. the taxi came at 12 to bring us to the airport and so, selamat tinggal bali! there were so many happy memories there, although we were there for less than 4 days, but it felt like it was longer. the locals were nice and friendly, sometimes overly friendly haha and they are helpful too.

anyway, better stop now to continue my work. fuh, i feel fully charged now, writing a blog is indeed a therapy, at least for me, especially when i write on happy things. cant wait to see hubby this weekend! :D