chasing one's dream..

6/22/2008 02:02:00 PM 2 Comments »

am back in kuantan. penat!

think i take back what i wrote in my last entry. about being unwell causing you to lose weight. think i overdid it this time. talking about bad advice! to myself that is huhu. my sorethroat is getting worse each day huhu.

gosh i cant believe i will be leaving at the end of this week. it's been about 7-8 months since i came back home. now it's time to leave again, altho not as far away as before. still it's 5 hours drive, not 12-hour flight! so i'm grateful with everything that had happened, everything that He gives me, everything that He has destined me to do.

being the usual me, i'm the kind of person who is afraid of changes. this new path that i decided to choose. it will be the same, yet different path than before. nevertheless i know i should choose a path, a route, no matter what it is. and i chose this path. my heart chose it. now i know what it means when people talk about chasing one's dream. cause i am chasing a dream of my own. now. a part of me is glad that i have finally chosen a path and more glad that it is my own dream, but the other part is telling me that i'm crazy and it's totally unbelievable that i chose this path, after all that had happened. what i lack now is commitment and patient. i know that this path that i've chosen is in fact my dream, my ambition, my love, but do i have the strength, commitment and patient to do it?

i have to believe that now, at this moment, i am chasing a dream. my dream. not anyone's dream, but my own. may Allah guide me in my journey, amin.

midnight mumbling

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finally i got my laptop back. it was with azali for about a week for the usual updating the programmes and softwares, and now i can just switch on a button and wallah it's ready to used! i know i know these things are usually done by the people who sell laptops, but knowing azali, i know he wants the laptop to be formatted, updated badibla with the latest softwares and programmes and i know he loves doing it so i let him do it. and of course it's in a better condition than before. thanks sayang.

by the way, microsoft vista is such a pain in the ass! but i think i'll get used to it for sure.

i'm in kl at the moment. until sunday where i'll return to kuantan. cant wait to see my car again! it's a used car, a kancil, my first ever car. abah bought it for me, so thanks abah so very much! i've driven around kuantan several times and it felt so natural. thanks abah for allowing (and sponsoring hehe) me to get the car paint (and i choose the colour! and NO, it's not pink nad..) and buy a new car stereo! and the speakers as well hehe. as you can see, my youngest bro iwan is at home now for his semester break and he's the one who accompany me to the car shops that sell all the car accesories. and being a typical 19 years old boy, he is passionate about cars and what he calls - car gadgets! he's the one who recommends me to buy this and that, including the front and back speakers! ayoyoyo. skrg die tgh promote me to put stickers on my car huh. he brought me to this car sticker shop in kuantan and i have to admit that they are high quality stickers, but me? stickers? on my beloved first car? me dont think so. but those huge cute sleepy snoopy stickers, or the black ninja-with-sword shadow are kinda cool... he he he

anyway, i hope my car is ready by next week before my leave. my car is at the car paint shop now and it takes about a week to be readied. cant wait to drive again with some kylie minogue's songs! guarantee takde org nak naik sekali hehe

by the way, just to mention that i met up with nad yesterday. it felt like ages since i last met him. it was very good to be able to see him again, and i'm glad that i stay friends with someone like him. now the next person i would very much like to meet up is ellina!

and i also would like to mention that i found a very reliable (but a bit suspicious hehe) method to lose weight. just get yourself sick. NO, not get yourself to throw up, but get yourself unwell, like demam ka, selsema ka, sorethroat ka. cos this will suppress your appetite. to get sick is not that hard, especially in malaysia. just drink extra ice everyday, mesti demam nyer hehe. then before you know it, you lost 3 kg already hehe.

just to inform you that i wont hold responsible for the method above hehe. plus it's past midnite now and i cant find a kinder joke to close my blog hehe good night!


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it's so much easier when you have your own laptop. i guess personal computers have become essential nowadays.

got nothing to write actually. am waiting for the download of the latest naruto's manga to finish. gosh. dial-up. what do you expect? well, better than nothing. bila lah abah nak psg streamyx nih. haha very funny i dont think that is possible. first, all of his children are grown-up and not staying at home anymore. the youngest, iwan, is at utp, perak. so the ones left at home are only my mum and dad. mama doesnt even know how to switch on a computer (i'm not saying this in a bad way, just stating out facts hehe), and abah is working most of the time and will not be at home. plus our nomad lifestyle, meaning it would only be a waste if we install streamyx at home.

gosh. i've really got nothing to write.

done something silly just now. just now abah was browsing between channels and i thought i saw 'f1 race day' on astrosports. i begged abah to switch back to that channel but he was adamant to stay at his favourite channel ie the golf channel. being tak puas hati, after saying 'fine' out loud, i decided to go online and check the result. punyalah puas browsing sane sini, then apsal lah result tak kuar2 lagi online? i thought the result should be quite instant. then after bebel2 for a while, iwan said to me, 'ntah tgh race kot', and i was like, 'huh?'. it turned out that he was right, and i was left tersengih2 sorang2 haha.

am very tempted to iwan's idea to go to any mamak place for it's wireless internet. it's the euro cup season you see, in fact there is a match right this moment between austria and croatia (like i care haha but i'm in the living room at the moment with the tv on).

oklah i give up. as you can see, i'm able to continue writing if i want to because i enjoy writing, but if i dont have a clear topic to write, the contents will be nonsense. i guess i'll be blogging more often since now i have my own laptop. cherio

blogging from the super slow ampang dial-up connection

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after just 2 nights in kuantan, i'm back at ampang. until tuesday, that is. then i'll be kuantan for another few nights before coming back to ampang. our family's timetable can only be written in a week time in advance haha.

sudah tempah all of azali's baju melayu, plus songkok etc. am happy when a task is done.

cant wait for my kancil this wednesday!

wide smile on my face!

6/03/2008 04:18:00 PM 1 Comment »
so many things to write about!

but first let me take off this keyboard cover of my bro's white sony viao laptop.

isk. siap kene tanye whether my hands are clean or not. huh. sape suh beli white laptop. huh. leceh aa pakai keyboard cover. slow typing. huh. well i shouldnt complain since i'm using his laptop now!

by the way, i'm back in kuantan. but not for long! i'll be in ampang in 2 days time. talking about being nomads!

anyway, as i mention earlier, too many things to tell! but dont think i have enough time, and courage to write it all. first, it's now half one in the morning, and it's way past my usual bedtime. two, it's all quite personal and i've made a promise to myself to (try to) keep things to myself nowadays, so i'll just keep it as simple as possible.

i received an offer that i couldnt resist. it's almost too good to be true. and i'm going to accept it. but i'm scared. i'm scared of making mistakes again. someone told me that 90% of the time i made bad, wrong decisions. and this worsen my already low self-confidence and doubt any of my action and decision. but i know that being scared is also a prove that i'm just a human. but this time i have to make a quick but crucial decision. what shall i do? but whatever the decision will be, receiving the offer was such a great news and i thank the almighty for giving me a second chance.

then i was given 2 gifts in a week. a laptop and a car. life is good :)

by the way, this makes me think. why do i have to use this white dont-touch-this-laptop-unless-your-hand-is-clean if i already have my own? talking about being poyo haha

and i've tempah my baju for the wedding. to someone who i never thought i could (afford to) tempah my baju to. thanks mama :). well it wasnt my fault that i have to tempah my baju to this designer. the tailor that my sis and sis-in-law used to tempah for their wedding dress... had passed away. seems pelik, tapi benar. anyway, i think my dress is going to be fabulous hehe. it's going to be exactly like i want. i hope. i've never tempah any baju to this person before, but based on his displayed workmanship, he seems to be very capable to do what he's doing. and he's very charming as well, and mama was very taken by him that she wanted me to tempah my baju there and then.

and that night, i couldnt sleep until 5 am in the morning. gosh the adrenaline!

guess i've to go. i want to send a good, long emails to my two dearest friends in newcastle that i miss most, but guess that will have to wait. nad and ellina, i miss you guys the most :(