10/04/2007 10:31:00 AM 1 Comment »
i mean my trip to london. tak sabar tak sabar!

just paid for the hotel, bought an oyster card for all the journeys there, all online. just need to find that tube map somewhere in my room. i'm sure i have one, just need to find it. what shall i wear? the hotel is so centrally located, at covent garden, and i so like that area! british museum is just a quarter mile from the hotel, and all oxford street etc are all within walking distance. great! i'll also going to visit my good cousins at sheperd's bush, since raya kan, so going to have good raya meal as well.

cant wait!

it's going to be great trip. i just knew it.

1) need to find that tube map. ESSENTIAL.
2) ask nad or someone about some good malay restaurant in london. need some good food!
3) pack my stuff. maybe this weekend.
4) should i buy the london eye ticket? i've been wanting to go up there since last year, but i'm not sure whether it's worth the 13 pounds ticket. hmm.. plus i need to buy the british museum ticket as well (entrance is free, but 10pounds for special exhibition like China's Teracota Armies exhibition). hmm i'll have a think about it. need to do so quickly tho.
5) buy some chocolates for my cousins when i come and visit her and her kids.
6) what else what else? i'll give it a think tonight.

ok, i need to go to work, hopefully i'll get my pay today, so that's some extra money for the trip! looking forward to have a great tourist trip, with interesting places to visit, hopefully good shopping bargains (handbags and more handbags!), having a tub of haagen daz's belgian chocolate in front of the tele and some relaxing time in the bathtub! yippee!!