especially for nad and shanti, who wish they were there..

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such a gorgeous, gorgeous dress. i fully recommend this designer, a bit pricey, but you will be truly satisfied. guaranteed.
finally we are together

my family. all colour coordinated! except the purple bunga pahar who was bought by an aunt who misheard my mum mentioning about having a 'purple' colour theme for the wedding, when that colour was actually our family theme colour for raya..

friends are forever! glad to see some familliar faces

i'm his. and it shows on my face. and the atypical wedding ring with its matching pendant, me so loving it!
will write more about the wedding soon. need to get some rest now. one more reception to go to this saturday. all in all, i was so happy that day. for the event that went as planned. for the weather that was bright and sunny. for the perfect wedding dress. for the familiar faces who came all the way to see me get wed. and most of all, for getting married to the person who i love with all my heart.. it's the most wonderful feeling ever :)

unwell...huhu :(

10/19/2008 08:52:00 AM 1 Comment »

less than a week to go.... and i got sick!

talking about the right timing...

noticed there was this one swelling at the lateral part of my neck at the right side for a few days. and it got bigger and bigger each time i palpated it. and it is tender too. then i got this headache, worse on lying down or bending over, and i cant move my neck as freely as i want it to be. and i noticed i got some fever too, thought it was the weather, but i took anti-pyretics nevertheless, being a self-medicate freak i am. then the symptom got worse and i was nauseous and lost some appetite too. so i went to see the doc and she said it was my tonsils and prescribed me with some antibiotic and analgesia but she thought the unilateral lymph nodes enlargement was rather strange so she asked me to come back again this tuesday. arghhhhh! i want to be at my greatest condition for my wedding! is it too much to ask??

guess i have to accept every qada and qadar..

on a different note, my pengapit has decided to make herself unavailable on the day of the wedding. it wasnt her fault, my cousin that is, it is her graduation day on that same day and it takes place at indonesia, where she used to study. talking about bad coincidence huh. so i asked ellina to become my pengapit but she hasnt replied but i reckon she would decline it as i, more than once, told her that i wont want a fair girl to become my pengapit cos it may tenggelamkan me as a bride. sound silly, but there is some truth behind it if you think about it. everyone has their own insecurities and having a not-so-fair skin is one of mine. and knowing ellina with her kind and good intention as a friend, i would expect her to decline, and i'm totally understand and fine with that.

so, back to the main issue, who is going to be my pengapit? hehe i already thought of something and got a back-up plan. my sister! she is fair, i know, but for some reason i'm more relaxed now (actually, more like want to settle this issue asap and want to get through the whole event asap), and she was the one who volunteered herself and i love her so dearly and thought, why not? she is married, yes, but if you see her, she looks like a teenager and you would not have guessed her age is 3* (hehe). and because i couldnt fulfill my dream to become her pengapit when she got married last year (because i couldnt return home), so i guess by letting her become my pengapit somehow fulfill my own dream a little bit. sound like it doesnt make any sense but what is important is my own feeling and i know now i feel honoured to have her as my pengapit.

i think i'm talking mumble jumble. think it's the antibiotics. arghhh oncall tonite! will try to finish my tasks asap so that i can have an early sleep. pray for me to get better!

wedding bells

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one more week to go

this time next week i'll as busy as ever! wish that everything will run as smooth as planned.

my wedding dress is finally ready! i wish i was there to pick it up. but it was kak lysa instead who fetch it from the boutique at ampang point. she said it is gorgeous, but i really wish i was there to hold it, to touch it, to smell it, and most of all, to try it! if you must know, having a perfect wedding dress is the most most top priority in my list. second is, of course, having a good make-up and a hairdo. but having a gorgeous dress on that day is really really important to me. i hope it fits well on me, i hope i dont put on or loss more weight. cant wait to go home this wednesday and to try the dress, along with its shoes and veil!

things started to get excited at home. yesterday the curtain lady came in to put on the new curtain, the aircond people came around too to install a couple more. sian mama alone at home at kuantan, kemas itu kemas ini with no one to help her. i told her to wait for me to return home this wednesday, but she insisted on starting cleaning the house. kak lysa at kl is also as busy as ever. fetched my wedding dress, finished doing the lapik dulang, picking up my ordered contact lenses, and she will be fetching my grandma and my auntie too from our kampung at kuala selangor before coming to kuantan on thursday morning.

me, on the other hand, is also doing things as much as i can. i went to buy the bunga telur for the hantaran yesterday. didnt realise that kelantanese's tradition must have some bunga telur along with pulut semangat as part of the hantaran. i'm also lucky that my current posting is not as busy as my previous ones, so i got some spare time. i'm also lucky to have a car, so that i can move around easily, and drive back home at any time convenient to me.

found out that some of my good friends are coming for the wedding :D and that makes my heart swell with happiness. i didnt invite that many friends, and those who i invite place a special place in my heart. hope to see you guys at the wedding, remember that the akad is at 9am, at my house, if you want to come to that event, and the bersanding is at 2pm, all at the same day. have a safe journey ok.

oklah, i wont bore you anymore with the wedding itineries. i hope it goes as planned, and that i've bought, booked and arranged everything that is needed. the latest thing that i've booked is the photographer. to have to pay someone to take my picture is the last thing in my list. seriously. i hate people taking picture me, i hate being in a photo. then all 7 members of my family mebebel2 pot pet pot pet ba dibla so i booked it anyway to keep their mouth shut. but as usual, it's going to be my choice and i choose a collegue of my brother, iwan, from utp. a freelance photographer who has a huge interest in photography. exactly what i need.

oklah better off soon. got to start writing my case report. tadaloo

my family

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got this from my sis-in-law fotopages.

so here is my family. it was the 2nd day of raya, so no matching2 colour lah. 1st day raya we all decided to have a pink-purple colour theme this year. but 2nd day raya pakai bantai aje. to all newcastle people, yup, that baju kurung was my previous baju raya, i think i wore it for raya 2006. but i like that blue-green kurung so much, so i didnt mind wearing it again this year.

ok, from left:

jiman, real name ridzman, my first younger bro. 26 years old, got married aged 24 to his childhood sweetheart, a very matured person. kinda jiwang too. a safe and caution driver. the most health-cautious in the family. serves the arm forces. very protective and responsible too.

imeldazefy aka meda, or mak buyung currently, my sis-in-law. own a nice pair of big eyes. kinda independent, tough and brave, used to be part-time cikgu silat. incredible talent: can mix really really well with the people around her. her all-time favourite colour: soft pink. expected date of delivery: late dec 08

mama, real name is a secret, or else she will have to kill you after that (hehe). crazy of handbags (no guess where i got my passion from huh). crazy also to her one and only grandchild, maisarah (altho not as crazy as the guy standing next to her). loves to go to the cinemas with her children and nieces.

abah, the most quiet person in the family. never saw him without his moustache. a super workaholic. the biggest ever ever fan of maisarah. vow to buy her anything she wants, anything, including a (not-so) secret trip to disneyworld when she reaches 5, and a car once she got her licence.

kak lysa, the awet muda one in the family. no one would believe her real age. got the 'workaholic' gene from the dad. look soft from the outside, but actually as hard as steel at the inside. wouldnt mess up with her if i were you. a very protective elder sister, who gives really good advices, sometimes

abang jef, aka brother-in-law. biggest fan of mawi. didnt have that much data about this guy, kinda private person, but actually has a kind heart and cares about the people around him, in his own way. but i admit he is kinda mysterious.

now, sitting (more like squating haha) from the left:

iwan, the youngest in the family, altho not anymore. and he hates that fact. once claimed that maisarah took all the attention in the family from him (du'oh!). tallest in the family (and the fattest! teeheehee) but owns a childish face and the kindest heart. someone that you can definitely trust and rely to. plays the most important role in the integrity of the family,but i dont think he realises it.

maisarah aka cindel aka cendol aka big boss, aged 15 months, receiver of the most love in the family. fan of mickey mouse clubhouse and barnie. loves mini chocolate corneto and twiggies. cannot sleep without her selimut busuk. hates being left alone. owns almost 20 pairs of shoes, and counting..

yours truly. late 20-something lass who is a guilty owner of a fendi. a gadget idiot. obsessive harry potter fan. suffers from eczema once in a while. self-medicate freak. uses right eye more than the left. loves rainy days. broke 80% of the time. loves accesories but hate wearing them. someone's wife in 8 days time.

that's all folks. wish me luck!

lazy writing

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right.. not that i dont have time to spare, but it was more of a mind that was fully occupied with miscellaneous stuff. it's that time of the month again, i guess. everything seems not right, i didnt feel like want to write anything at all. i did try a few times, but before i was able to end it, i just clicked on the save button (ie send it to the draft). so here is one of my many attempts, and we will see if it goes public or not..

another 2 weeks to go. for what? my WEDDING of course. scared? a bit. as i mentioned before, i'm not scared of getting married, it's the whole event/process/ceremony/you name it that make me sleepless at night. it's the preparation that makes me sweating. and i just realised this morning that i have forgotten something really essential. azali's sampin for the nikah! how can i forget that? he left me in charge (so typical of him, i wonder if he did that because he knows i like to be in charge of, like, everything, or that he knows if he buys the things himself, i wont be satisfied, or because he is so malas to settle things. hmm i think, knowing him, it's almost certain the most latter).

anyway, where to find a decent sampin now? white silvery songket with a decent price? bet if i tell mama, she will be super duper panicky/hyperventilate/palpitation and scold me like there is no tomoro. so, the solution would be - not to inform her at all. argh malas nak pk skrg, will think of a solution later. haha not funny.

i wrote about raya in much detail but didnt finish it before i decided to put in the draft box. should i re-write it again in a short and simple writing, or should i finish my previous writing? argh malas nak pk, will decide later haha.

i managed to get the book that i want, after searching it in 3 different bookstores around kl just to find it soldout, and that's including kinokuniya, the bookstore i thought would have almost any book that any reader would want. but finally i managed to get it from mph bukit bintang and i was so happy. it is a thick book, but i dont intend to finish it right away. gonna really enjoy the reading, a few pages every night just before going to bed, that would be ideal. i know i'm going to enjoy this book :)

my car decided to get sick again, so currently i cant go anywhere. kafe food is so dull! always have the same menu everyday. lucky the price is so cheap, and that's why i shouldnt complain. the food is actually good, it's just a bit dull. and the mechanic is supposed to call me today to confirm about the 'alternater' thingy that need to be changed (dont ask me what it is, but abah said to go ahead with the fixing since the mechanic already called him last night to explain about the situation with my car, so i'm off the hook. GOOD) but he hasnt called me yet. worry worry.

oklah. need to asar. the toilets and bathrooms at my hostel wing are currently being fixed, so we all have to use the ones at the adjacent wing. malasnya..