short entry

7/05/2009 09:35:00 AM 0 Comments »

it's been a while since i last blog. this is solely due to me over-enjoying my 2-week semester break haha. dont blame me, i did try a couple of times to blog while in the middle of my holiday, but i only managed to write half-way thru, and then was too lazy to finish it. anyway, now i'm back in my uni to start the new semester. i expect it would to be a lot more busier, more hectic and obviously more stressful year as it is my final year, but i know i wont be facing it alone. i know hubby will support me all the way, and of course the role of my beloved car is not something to be seen lightly. the viva will bring me south and north, west and east, for me to see my loved ones. long live viva la vida! :p

hmm i plan to write bout the things i did during the 2-week hols but then realised it was too many. you know i like to write in such details (more like 'elaboration' and 'description' haha). i guess that is the way and style i write, altho i was, more than once, being told off by my english writing teacher about my way of writing haha. well, i dont plan to write professionally, altho i would like to write as good as i can, but i guess that is the least of my worry at the moment haha. in fact i already passed that writing class and to my surprise, she gave me a B+ for my writing haha. how generous of her hehe

and the most surprising of all, i got an A for my speaking class hihi. and a B- for my BM class :D. i honestly thought i'd failed that BM class! susah gile BM sekarang i tell you. alhamdullillah i passed all my subjects so far :)

unfortunately, now is not a good time for me to write about the hols. didnt have the time and the mood to continue writing. will definitely write again pretty soon.. tadaloo

ps/ hate the fact that there is no cinema at all at my place, and that the new harry potter movie is coming to the cinema in a few days time :(