29 things about hubby

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today has been a good day, so naturally i feel the urge to write and blog. i wont write about my day, but this is something that i've been wanting to write about for some time.

one of the blogs that i regularly visit wrote on 30 facts about her husband on her husband's 30th birthday. so i thought it would be a nice thing to write about. this friend's friend's blog is a pretty one, and her english command is very good, and that's the main reason why i like to visit her blog. plus from her blog, i can imagine that she's a very nice lady.

anyway, here goes, i've been thinking about the 29 things about my hubby for quite some time. btw, his birthday was on the 25th of november, so happy belated birthday hubby :)

1) hubby was born at machang, kelantan. he's very proud to be a kelantanase, and this annoys me a little bit as i myself dont have a specific place/state that i can called home (born at kedah and was brought up in many, many places). he knows about this, so he likes to tease me every now and then, and said silly, unthinkable, impossible stuff like 'kat kelantan mane ade nyamuk!' when i complained about the mosquitoes while at kelantan

2) he went to sekolah sains selangor at cheras from form 1 til form 5. he was the best spm student in his batch

3) he went to university of warwick, uk under petronas scholarship where he studied computer engineering (but i forgot his minor! sory honey..)

4) hubby is not a fussy person, especially in terms of his meals. he eats whatever i cook, and he also doesnt mind if we eat out, like every day. he doesnt have any particular fav food, anything i serve on the table he will eat it haha

5) he loves his family so much, especially his mother. i couldnt understand it at first, but after knowing his mother aka my mother-in-law, now i can understand why hubby loves this very warm-hearted woman, who is so kind and loving, and treats me like her own daughter. she is a great woman and now i love her like my own mother

6) hubby's secret passion is to comb my hair (hihi). he would carefully brush my newly washed hair so carefully, like combing a doll's hair haha. one reason why i keep my hair long..

7) when i first met him, he was about 65kg, and was quite fit. now he weighs about 85kg hihi. not that it bothers me as i would still love him no matter what his size is, but i'm kinda worried about his health

8) he doesnt like crocs, no matter how much i promote it to him, i even offered to buy him one, but he refused it flat

9) he is actually a good cook, but quite a messy person at the kitchen, and that's the main reason why i keep him away from the kitchen!

10) he is very brave and doesnt believe in ghosts. but he does believe in politics which is one of the things i dont like about him huh. no one's perfect huh, not that i was trying to find one

11) he used to play football/futsal a lot, but then he injured one of his knees (forgot which one! hihi) + gained some weight, so he doesnt play sport anymore. but he does jog every now and then

12) he doesnt mind spending on beauty products. for me, mind you haha. whenever my cleanser, or moisturiser, or toner, or compact powder etc abis, i would just mention it to him and he will buy it for me. he even pays for my facials. he really stresses on having a clear, pimple-free face for his wife. which is hard for me, cos my skin is not the easiest to take care of.. but i do try my best huh

13) he's very (9999x) passionate about 2 things in this world: cars and computers. he would miss his meals, ignored any phone calls, tak mandi, tak makan when he's 'in the zone' with his computers or his beloved car. i think he would also ignore if there's a naked lady laying in front of him if he is in the middle of doing his obsessed work huh

14) i just discovered about this like very recently, that he likes to match the colour of his shirt with mine. which is so unexpected! apparently he has been doing this for a long time, it is just me who didnt realise it before. like if i wear red shirt, he would find a red shirt to wear it also. and he'll wear orange if i wear orange too haha

15) hubby is the least romantic person that i know of, which is totally fine with me as i'm also a non-romantic person and doesnt like jiwang2 stuff. but he does like to surprise me every now and then, and this pleases me tremendeously hehe

16) he likes music, but doesnt actually play any musical instrument. he listens to a variety of music, a wide range one too, varying from rocks and pops, to dondang sayang haha

17) did i mention that he's very2 good with computers? he does like computers a lot, and he owns a computer engineering degree, but he is also naturally talented with computers. his friends would send him computers and laptops for him to fix, and he would be more than happy to do it for free

18) he worries about me, but he also knows that i hate people, especially him to worry about me, so he tends to not show his worries in front of me

19) he's the only person in the world who can handle me, and gives advices that i actually listen to. that's a very very rare ability indeed

20) he's very good with children, which is quite the opposite of me haha. he can layan children better than me, and he can layan children's karenah easily. i think now we know who would be the one who wakes up in the middle of the night to tend our crying child haha

21) according to him, he said he used to have girlfriends before knowing me, but he never mentions anymore than that, no matter how hard i try. he said i was his first serious gf and the first to be brought home and introduced to his family. i dont care much about his past anyway, so not knowing his past gfs doesnt bother me much

22) he owns 2 cactuses that he takes good care of. he doesnt owns any pet though, and i think he is never a fan of pets anyway. but now he has to like pets, as i plan to take care of my two adopted turtles as long as they live! hihi

23)he owns one of the most perfect natural eyebrows ever, i tell you. it's my favourite of the many features that i like about him. mmg perfect, symmetrical, takyah nak pluck2, mmg elok aje bentuknye i tell you huh

24) he likes me to dress up and wears make-ups, which is ok for me since i like it too. and he would comment on the dress i wear if he thinks it's not suitable for the occasion, which i find it odd, cos he himself is not a fashion-concious person, but when it comes to me, he would prefer for me to wear nice things. which is fine with me as i can now have excuses to buy more nice clothes or even better, ask him to buy me more! haha

25) he trusts me a lot, and gives me a lot of freedom. like he allows me to pursue my ambition, allows me to drive alone at night, allows me to make many, many decisions by myself. which is why i love him even more. i do need my space

26) most of his clothes were bought with me. like i mention, he's not a fashion-concious person, and he prefers to leave all the fashion-related decision to me. this i dont like. cos i'm not very good with male fashion. it's like an alien terratory, cant compared with female's fashion at all

27) he sometimes calls me 'tapir', and i call him 'monyet'. there's a story behind the names, but it would be too long to write it here hehe

28) one of his first present to me was a gray teddy bear, which i owns it till now. i bring this teddy bear to almost everywhere i go, even the flight journey to and forth kl-uk. but now the teddy, which i infamously named 'ismail', is a little abandoned since i got married, since now i got my own real-life teddy bear! tee hee hee

29) finally.. (run out of idea already) he and i got to know each other when we both went to the same a-levels college at lembah beringin. we didnt know each other existance initially, we only got to know after he joined my group for a camping trip. and the rest is history

oklah, this takes a lot longer than i previously anticipated. think i'll read a bit before heading to la la land. adios