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such a cool job title

whoever loves F1 must know who mike gascoyne is. he's one of F1's most renowned technicians, having previously worked for reynault and toyota F1 team, and he used to work as a aerodynamicist for the mclaren team upon finishing his phd in fluid dynamic at cambridge university, i think. how cool is that

and he's now the chief technical officer for lotus f1 team, also known as 1malaysia f1 racing team.

super cool!

then today they announced the 2 new drivers for the team, 2 well-known, experienced f1 drivers, jarno trulli and heikki kovalainen.

triple coolness!

i'm an avid f1 fan. or i used to be one. hubby introduced it to me some time ago and he explained a lot about the rules, the strategies, the technical parts, from the role of the tyres to the role of the weather and everything else, and i'm hooked since then. i would never missed a single race, and would literally be glued in front of the tele huh

but since coming back from the uk, i have other priorities that need to be paid attention to, so i seldomly got to watch the race. but i do keep up-to-date about the f1 world, mainly from the internet. hubby has stopped following the f1, he said nowadays it has been tinted with much politics and money and has lost its sport appeal, but for me, i still find f1 fascinating. we even went to see f1 race once at sepang, and it was such a memorable experience.

anyway, i am now very excited about the development of the new 1mf1 lotus team. not just because it's a malaysian team, but i can feel the potential. obviously i'll also be watching other teams like mclaren (now that it has such great 2 british drivers - button and hamilton), but definitely not ferrari. i can understand the attraction, but i tend not to go for too commercialised team, furthermore they had now ditched raikkonen for alonso (what were they thinking!!), lagilah malas nak tgk haha.

i feel so much enlightened by all these news, i decided it is worth for an entry on my blog.

long live f1!