ipoh trip

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last weekend i went to ipoh. i drove all the way there, it took me 4 hours and a half to cover about 350km i think. the road condition was ok, in fact it was the first time i took that route. besides my over-used-sampai-lunyai malaysia map, this time i looked at google map to get a clearer route. it was also because when i reached ipoh, i had to go through ipoh town to the train station to fetch hubby. you know what, google map is awesome! seriously useful, in full detailed. me like it :D. i followed the printed google map religiously and reached ipoh ktm station with no hassle at all. another driving milestones for me ;)

as i mentioned earlier, i had to go to ipoh ktm station to fetch hubby, who took an earlier train from kl to ipoh. self-note: next adventure journey, i want to take the train hehe. anyway, the reason for our trip to ipoh last weekend was to attend ellina's wedding. her wedding was on saturday, and hubby and i arrived at ipoh a day earlier. after checking-in at a local hotel nearby (bravo to hubby who booked a hotel with good, adequate room), we carried on our plan of the day. but obviously after having our lunch first hehe.

first, we went to liza's house. and again, it was the printed google map that showed us the right and precised route to her house. it was a joyful moment to be able to meet liza again, last time we met was last october, during my wedding at kuantan. it was also a pleasure to meet afya, who was in such a good mood that afternoon :).

comelnya afya :) me so broody huhu. i want a baby huhu. ni belum lagi jumpe amir, anak wirda, nnt mesti terus beg hubby to give me a baby :p

after a session of borak2 (and me kissing super-cutey afya :D - told ya i am broody haha), hubby and i went to our next plan: to go to cameron highlands. actually hubby wanted to spend our night there and he spent a lot of time searching thru internet to get a good and affordable room there. but it was a school holiday season kan, so most of the rooms were occupied and the ones left were expensive ones. takpe ye hubby, next time kite pie cameron, we plan for it properly k. it took us about an hour to reach cameron, and we reached there just in time for the pasar brinchang. we pusing sane pusing sini, bought food mainly (with my fav, jagung rebus hehe) and sayur for my in-laws (veges are so cheap there). then after about an hour, we drove back to ipoh.

our journey back to ipoh from cameron. lawakan sunset. obviously hubby did all the driving hehe

that night we spent in our hotel room and didnt go out. quality time together :D

the next day, after breakfast, again we spent it in our room. at about 11 am, we prepared ourselves for the wedding. check-out at 12 noon, and went straight to dewan cempaka sari silveritage galleria, near terminal bus medan gopeng, for ellina's reception. she was so gorgeous! she was wearing a kebaya songket bunga tabur. lawa siut kasut ko. velvet bright red hehe. and most importantly, she looked happy that day, and i knew my trip to ipoh was all worth it just to see her ear-to-ear smiling face. we only managed to say a few words, but it was all expected as it was her wedding reception afterall. i hope to be able to catch her again next week, when my semester break starts and where i will be spending most of my time with hubby at kl.

on our way to ellina's reception.

notice her red shoes? i hope she keeps that shoes hehe

overall, it was a tiring trip, and hubby was ever-so-dear to drive me back to my uni later that same afternoon, and then to take a bus right the next day back to kl. so far so good, he has been a good husband to me, and i hope i am a good wife to him also (altho i doubt it huhu). thank you hubby for accompanying me to ipoh, for me to attend my best friend's wedding.

anyway, now i'm back in my uni, trying my best to finish my report and presentation, so that i can have an early semester break. the semester break officially starts this friday, but i just done my presentation this afternoon, then hopefully by tonight i'll finish the report (already half way through) so that i can submit it tomoro, and then i'll be able to start my semester break and drove to kl on wednesday! :D HEHE