let the pictures tell the tale

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is it a trend or what to blog only once a month haha

currently feeling quite depressed over current posting that is over-the-top/suffocating/intimidating/SUCK big time. first time ever for a long time i feel suicidal. fuck you old man

anyways, dont let the fuck old man interfere with my life, especially my head. only 8 more days to go and i'll pray really hard i dont have to see you, not even your shadow, ever again.

right, raya time. it's time of happiness and cheerfulness right.. not in the mood to blog actually but need to do something to clear my head so i'll let the pictures tell it all.. or almost..

this is us! picture taken 2 weeks of ramadhan. we joined my family to buka puasa at concorde hotel, shah alam. minus my old man (not the bastard mentioned above, fyi), he wasnt invited. nevertheless, hubby & i had a great, great time, along with mama, kak lysa & abg jeff, jiman & meda and their children, maisarah and harith, and of course my youngest bro, iwan. the food was great, just that it was too over-crowded. lots of food, but lots of people too

the whole clan, minus the old man. mama left him for good, at least for now. good news for me as a woman, bad news for me as a daughter. anyway lets just leave it there

little maisarah! sukenye dpt belon. ade clown buat belon kat situ. harith pun dpt satu gak, tapi dah hilang ntah ke mana haha

about 2 weeks later, my cuti raya started, and hubby belanja us buke puasa chinese food. best! kat sogo tingkat 6, forgot the name of the place already. i've been craving for chinese food for a long time, since i left newcastle ages ago. alhamdullillah rezeki hubby bertambah baik after we got married. rezeki bini yg makan byk kot hehehhe

first day raya! typical twosome picture. makes me wondering whether the number will expand next year.. am very broody i tell you! anyway, first day raya was spent at hubby's family place at machang. ps/ worth to mention that it was my first ever experience to drive an 11-hour journey to go back for raya a day before. and both of us puasa! gile penat. luckily we drove my auto car, so that we could change drivers. but 11 hours! giler gak la when remembering the crawling traffic throught the almot 500km journey...

2nd day raya. from machang, we drove straight to genting highlands. mama decided to have our raya there, so there is where we all shall go haha. agak pelik gak la to spend the 2nd day raya at genting, but as long as it makes mama happy, then we all happy gak la. and as you can see altho it's the 2nd day of raya, the traffic going up to genting is still mildly congested.

at genting, waiting for our hotel kondo to be readied.

the next day, we had breakfast at a mamak's restaurant. someone craved for roti canai and teh tarik haha
budak makin nakal, si maisarah

us again. poyo gak bile tgk byk gambar2 gini hahah

budak makin-hari-makin-cute, harith. budak ni sgt baik, compared with his big sister yg makin lame makin ganas. craving for attention kot, i guess
guess that's all. hubby and i left genting on the 3rd day of raya, and went straight to kuala selangor to visit my side of the relatives. that night we went back home at damansara damai as hubby started working on the 4th day of raya. so me lepak2ing at damansara until the 7th day of raya, when i drove back to my uni.
ok, shud stop now. no mood to write anymore