hanging in here..

8/19/2007 08:25:00 AM 0 Comments »
i'm still here..

too busy, and lazy (more of the latter) to blog. nothing to write, well that's untrue, well there's nothing worth to write. i try not to whinge in my blog, and that consists of mostly of my life nowadays, hence nothing worth writing here. i'll let pictures do most of the talk now..

happy birthday to me :)

i've got these for my birthday:

from ellina and shanti, respectively. they know their housemate well. really well. love it!

nad gave me the chocs. no, not that size, it's DOUBLE. mmg nak org gemuk tul. dah la dark choc tu, my fav. thanks nad!

and that dress.. hehe mama got it for me. well, she gave me some cash and i decided to spend it on this bapak gorgeous dress. my first proper night dress! bile nak pakai, i dont know, but i'm sure there'll be some occasion in the future. azali likes it too, so more of the reasons to love it! and that shoes :) i bought it for myself. best best. supercomfy, and i'm a huge fan of buckles and buttons :D

but i want this now hehe. cant decide between those two. lawa... but dont think i can afford it right now huhu



and it's going to be the end of a 3-year era. goodbye housemates! will gonna miss living with you guys. 3 years living together, and 6 years with that girl with the red dress, i think that's an achievement! we got on well most of the time, and we shared a lot. i'll write more later... emo emo..

and i've got this gorgeous little thing too :) introducing my niece, maisarah bt ridzman. COMEL!! never thought i would care for someone whom i've never met! she's the apple of everyone's eyes at the moment, ai cucu first la katekan, my dad's first words when he hold her was, 'i'm so going to spoil you!' and that's huge, coming from a guy who used to dislike children.

that's all. nothing else to write. my housemates and i are supposed to go for a lunch together today, but it's raining outside so i think most probably it's going to be postponed. well, we can go next weekend. but there's F1 next weekend hmm.. i'd better suggest for us to go on saturday, so that i can catch the race on sunday hehe i dont think they'll mind but i'll ask them first.
have a nice week :)