long time no post..

4/22/2010 12:11:00 AM 48 Comments »
i know i know i've been neglecting this blog for some time.

so much has happened!

bz bz bz

to cut the story short, i've passed my exam (yup, THE final exam) and now i'm having a break for a little more than a month before starting to work sometime in june. happy? i'm ecstatic!!

however, since i lack of time at the moment to write in more detail about the things that's been happening in my life, let say, for the past 3-4 weeks, so i'll make a list for the next entries. easier this way hm.

  1. the event that happened before the exams. where i got so stressed up and my body's immune system got haywired and i got sick really bad with high fever, not-the-typical ulcers at-not-typical-site and bleeding and swollen gums and hubby had to take an emergency leave to fly over to my place to take care of me. want to know more? hehe have to wait maa ;p

  2. result day. where i (also) got so stressed up and decided not to go and went to stay at hubby's place at kl. hmm this is not that interesting, as everyone know the result already ie i passed

  3. mini celebration with the family at de palma hotel, ampang. got pictures :) great company (everyone was there!) but the steak was a wee bit too dry :(

  4. went back to the uni the next day to attend a compulsory course for fresh graduate. nothing interesting..

  5. graduation dinner nite! theme: glam nite. woooo everyone was so glamourous! me? i wore the most glam dress that i own: my wedding dress ler. and the make-ups! fuh i felt like a bride that nite. too many pictures to upload! also final goodbyes to dear coursemates..

  6. grand celebration night with the family at kl. guess where? kl tower restaurant! soo pretty!to be honest i was so jakun that night haha. even promised myself to save rm150 every month to go eat there haha. i was so happy that night, the whole family was there :)))))

  7. finally about a present that i received for finally passing my exams. HEHEHEHE as you can see there's a huge huge smile on my face at this current moment =D. i was torn between the iphone or this thing, but obviously it wasnt an iphone. so what is it? it's small and bright pink and i've been aiming it for a loooonnnggg time. clue: i'm using it to post this blog :D

ok ok my mother dah panggil tu. this first week i have to spend it with her, become her driver etc. and guess what, she allows me to drive her brand new honda jazz! hehehe skill memandu ku semakin bagus hahaha. ok ok gtg now. wait for my next entries ;)

final battle

4/08/2010 06:50:00 AM 13 Comments »

oh my god.

i think i have gone to hell and come back alive. barely alive.

enough with that. it's not something that i would like to remind myself all over again.

this time next week i'll be gone. for good. to home that is.

i'm not good with goodbyes, so i think i'll just leave.

not that i have any bestfriends who will miss me when i'm gone.

but overall, i have enjoyed myself here. for the past 2 years, here is where i called home. a place where i am welcomed to stay. for me, that is the most important. you wouldnt understand. because you would never be made as if you were unwanted in your own house, when no one talks to you the way they used to, when you made to feel as if your own flesh and blood would like to disown you if they could?

anyway, it's all in the past. i had my bits and now i'm scarred. i may forgive, but i cannot forget. i know they love me, and vice versa, but i cannot forget what they did. the scar's still there. and i'm a pitiful person who cant seem to forget her past.

so, by this time next week, i'll be home. my home. with hubby. he promised no matter what happen to me, no matter what, that his home will always be mine to stay and i'll always be welcomed in his. and i trust him.

so this is it. my last battle. my very last one. i put every single cards that i own on the table and i gave it my all. promised myself this battle would be my last one. i pray night and day for god to fulfill my wish, but if He says it isnt so, who am i to deny His final words. if it doesnt turn out like i plan, i'll have to start another journey. a different path. that is a promise.

so no more goodbyes, no more tears, no more heartaches, no more letdowns, no more frustation. i'll face the world with my head held high and be brave to face whatever come my way. i hope i'm strong enough to face it all.