random thoughts

11/19/2009 03:31:00 PM 0 Comments »

internet soooo lambat. i thought when at least half of the uni students already left for their semester break, the internet connection would be faster due to lesser users.. well i dont know..

it's raining non-stop, starting 3 nights ago, i think. mmg sgt ler akan banjir..

soo sleepy right now.. but have to continue reading.. got to finish this chapter..6 more pages to go..

kenshin and kaoru, my turtles that is, have grown so much. in fact.. too much. they are now almost a palm's size. have to change their water at least once every other day. penat lah.. but i love their company.. cute (not so) little creatures they are..

will have weekend classes. kinda sucks huh. my weekend = my time. doesnt matter how i'm gonna spend it, but my weekend time is for me. mine and only mine. i will decide how i am going to spend it. weekend class suck big time huh

not enjoying current posting very much. enough said.

i think the nearer everyone is to the big, big exams aka the finals, all the stresses seem to come out. people start to show their true colours. will have to talk about it in my next blog. already got this headache, this typical headache that is like a siren in my head telling me to sleep. i'm really amaze in someone who seems able to not sleep at all for the whole night. tadaloo..