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dah lame tak update. been a bit bz myself. finished psychiatry, and am doing chronic illness, disability and rehabilitation since last week. bosan nk mati BOSAN NAK MATI. dah la base kat wansbeck hosp, it's so far away i hate it so much. takes 1 hour to be there by bus, dont like the hosp, dont like the docs there, really hate the rotation. the course is sooo mad bored


anyway, few things to update:

i'm going home this saturday (!!) yup, home HOME. about 3 weeks ago i happened to know that my easter break is 3 weeks instead of 2, got cair with mr fiance who begged me to go home, + i got some extra saving money from my part-time paid work, so i decided then and then that i wanted to go home for easter. this is the 1st time having paid the flight ticket myself, and it felt good. i know i can spend my earning on anything, some prefer to spend it on clothes, or shoes, or for european holidays, or even save it, but i know i will be a much happier person to spend it on a flight ticket back home :)))

i told my mum the night after i bought my tickets that i am due to arrive at klia on sunday afternoon. i purposedly choose a weekend flight so that i can see my family on the weekend when everyone is free. she said "oh, dont you know that all of us are going to pulau tioman that weekend? we are going there on saturday and come back to kuantan on monday afternoon" WHAT? everyone knew that i'll be home that weekend but they choose to go on a vacation instead? marah gile. after all my effort to go home to be with them and this is how they treat me? i know azali will be there to sambut me at the airport, but that is not the same. me being left behind? bengang bengang. my mum apologised prefusedly, saying that it was all my dad's plan and she only knew it that morning. xyzf#$gtfd%jbjabifuckygthbs%

you know what i did? since everyone will be senang lenang goyang kaki at pulau tioman sane on sunday while me just arrive from a 15hours flight, i decided to treat myself and get even. i booked a night at Mandarin Oriental hotel, the one near klcc that cost about RM500 a night. did i mention that i'm gonna use my dad's credit card? oh yes i will. it is the only way to balas dendam + redakan hati yg marah ini MUAHAHAHAHHA

so skrg hati sudah sejuk hehehe. sbb dah book hotel yg best muahaha. lagipun the hotel is strategically located, near to lrt putra where i can go to kl central and take the klia express for a kuantan flight on monday afternoon. (sebenarnye sbb dekat ngn klcc, leh shopping MUAHAHAH + 5star hotel MUAHAHAHHA). weh, tu dah kira bagus, i thought of taking a flight to bangkok tau on the day i arrived at klia sbb bengang sgt. nasib baik mr fiance berjaya pujuk.

oklah. enuff being cruel. you cant believe how anxious i was for these past few days, i just cant contain my anxiety of going home. it normally takes me several weeks or even months to set my mind on something like this. thus i dont usually make spontaneous decision. i usually can cope with sudden changes, but it is my mind that takes time to adapt.

planned to pack my stuff tonight, just realised most of it is not my stuff. it's theirs ie those at home. i think i deserve the mandarin oriental room, a day of shopping at klcc and a late night movie at tgv klcc with mr fiance. dont you think so?

plan to do while in malaysia:

1. meet up a few friends; wirda, atik, mus, liza, nina alwi etc..dono sempat ke tak hmm. dono they want to see me or not hmm

2. beg my dad (cium kaki die if perlu) to get me an F1 ticket. two actually, for mr fiance as well. already got a plan in my mind to text him tomoro 'alo abah. leh dptkan tak ticket F1, ples ples, for anakmu yang ditinggalkan/dilupakan mase pie pulau tioman huhuhu'. hmm agaknye jadik tak? it all depends on his mood. i know he can get good tickets but he is not the type of person to mintak those sort of things hmm...ples ples hope abah is in a good mood (well..better ask now b4 he sees his credit card bill for an unknown RM500 hotel bill ahaks)

3. go to kelantan. to be precised, machang. to be more precised, to meet mr fiance's big family. i've met his parents during our engagement day, but going to his house and meet the whole family, that another major thing to do. gile cuak. well, a fiancee has to do what a fiancee has to do. i hope it's a day trip huhuhu

4. go shopping!! mr fiance promised to pay all my living expenses while me at home, well, i am going home and use my savings for a 500quids flight ticket to see him, so no guilt there for using his money hahaha

5. everyone now has an mp3 player, so i think i'm gonna looked for it in malaysia since elina said it is cheaper there. i dont promise to get one, just look and see hehe. ipod mini is such a nice little cute thing. tak dpt tu, dpt ipod shuffle pun jadik la. cuci mata je...

6. what else? EAT!! eat as much udang as i can, sampai bengkak2 muka like last year hahaha dont care, me like udang very much

7. get a dermalogica facial set. me like dermalogica soo much. it really suits my skin. it's better than lancome.

8. of course, spend time with mr fiance. he's actually one of the main reason i'm going back. + he promised an MNG bag hehehe

9. dono jadik ke tak, but last week i told mama i always want to go to trengganu for a weekend break, they always go there, at least once in a few months, but i never actually stay in a hotel in trengganu. they always go to this place, something bayu beach resort, me asyik jeles je sbb asyik kene tinggal. so mum promised me to go there sometime during my 3-week stay. with all the above plans, i'm not sure whether i have time. only 3 weeks hols ie 2 weekends, 1 weekend is for F1, the 2nd weekend is for machang trip. we'll see....

cepat aa abis this week...gagagaga