late night talk..

6/05/2006 09:36:00 PM 0 Comments »
damn it i over-ate myself. again. sigh. i feel damn bloated now huh

4 more days to go yippee!

off on a jet plane
dont know when i'll be back again

wrong. i'm be back on 28 of august ha ha.

understandably, i cant wait to go home. unfortunately there are a few worries that i have in mind. well i dont know. maybe it's just me, trying to complicate things. worrying over things that arent supposed to be worried about. but it's been bugging in my head since last night. poor azali had to listen to it all. told ya he has ears as thick as steel haha

i dont like to do favours for people that i dont like. i can be sincerely nice to those that i like, and as much as i try to control myself, those that i dont like often know that i dont like them. as easy as that. as much as i want to be nice, kind and fair, but i cant. it's more that i dont want to.

i'm anxious over some little things. anxious over coming to my last day at work this wednesday, where they will have a farewell party for me. anxious over getting my result on the same day, and faxing it to mara. anxious over leaving my room, i dont like people touching my stuff without me being there. anxious for the trip, but there's no surprise there. anxious if i ever loose my bag again. anxious over meeting azali at the airport, yup, he's picking me up, i'm anxious for the butterflies feeling that i know i will have whenever i meet him. anxious to see his familiar face that i so long to see. am also anxious over meeting someone at home. i think he's anxious as well, no i think he IS scared on seeing me that he avoids seeing me on the first day at all! i... tend to show my true emotion on my face. i... tend to voice up whenever i feel injustice over something. i admit i am anxious on meeting him. whatever it will be, i know i have to be strong, and mature, for the sake of my loved ones.

enough said. i know i put more questions than statements. part of me is dying to say it out loud, along with some good curses, but another part of me say i shouldnt do that, in respect for those that i care for and for the sake of avoiding arguments.

i wish i could skip all these anxious-ness and just close my eyes to open it again to see sayang's face...