sakit mata

11/30/2009 01:54:00 PM 1 Comment »
apola.. balik2 je from cuti raya haji terus kene mc.. baik stay kat kl je huh

anyway, the story started like this..

woke up yesterday morning with an ache on my left eye. it was a bit swollen, with lots and lots of watery discharge. hubby said it was red. i thought it was some kind of allergy, cos i do have a strong family history of atopy, with me, my sister and both our parents suffer from eczema, my youngest bro has asthma, and all of my siblings have rhinitis.

anyway, back to the eye, i thought it was nothing to worry about so i continued yesterday's plan that was to drive back to my uni. the whole journey was uneventful, but then it started to affect my other eye. both were painful to touch, lots and lots of discharge, with red eyes and a bit swollen. it had more or less affected my driving, but nevertheless i reached my uni safe and sound, as usual. it was almost 10 at night when i reached my destination, i was so tired after the 7-hour something journey, but i did sensed that something was not right about the eyes. i decided to go to the a&e but then unfortunately it was full of people waiting for consultations (it's the hospital, what do you expect? haha). i asked the nurse at the triage and she said they were 27 patients on the list before me, queing to see the doctor. so i decided to go back to the hostel to rest and sleep and wait for the next morning to go to the student's clinic.

my eyes didnt improve the next morning but i continued attending classes as usual. then at lunch time hubby called and told me that his eyes were swollen and gone red, just like mine. aha! there and then i knew it was not an allergy, cos from what i know, hubby does not suffer from any allergy. he also said that he went to see a doctor during lunch time and was given 2-day mc and a few meds. so after i had my lunch i rushed to the student's clinic just to find that they were closed after 2 to 3 for their lunch time. so with nothing else to do i decided to come to my afternoon classes. after one lecture, a couple of my friends advised me to go to the student's clinic before it closed at 5 (not sure what is the exact time the clinic closes). so i skipped my final class, of course after asking for permission from the lecturer, and went to the student's clinic.

at the clinic, i was told that i wasnt supposed to go to any class in the fear of infecting the other students. i was given some antibotic eye drops and oitments. i was also been given 2-day mc. but what puzzle me is that how on earth that i get conjunctivitis at the first place? hubby obviously got it from me. i called my family and they said none of the family members currently suffer from any eye disease.

so anyway, here i am, stuck in my room, lucky my roomate is still in her semester break. kesian sgt to hubby who also suffers from this eye thingy, and from the mms that he sent just now, he got it pretty bad. abis muke merah, mata merah, mata bengkak much much worse than me. i wish i'm in kl with him now, so that we can both take care of each other huhu

i want my hubby huhu

i am one spoilt wife i tell you ahahhaha