sejuk bapak

9/28/2005 09:57:00 PM 0 Comments »
quite a tiring day. wednesday: my work day. and guess what? today i got myself a subordinate.

i remember i started working at that gp surgery last october. then by april they offered me a permanent post. in june i got my own work place and do various nits and bits office work. and now i got a subordinate. cos my work is too much and i couldnt possibly finish it all in 6 hours, so they hire another girl, but she doesnt have the medical knowledge so she cant complete my work, so she has to report to me, once a week. me was like, 'huh?'. sigh. i like this job. but i think i have to quit this dec. after christmas hols, the ssc or student selected components aka the options will start. i'm pretty sure that i wont have wednesday off again. what to do.

my class starts at 11 tomoro la la la. it's quite a full day tomoro, nah, not that full, 11-1pm, 3-5pm. mueh ehehe. maybe i'll find some time to go to the uni job fair tomoro. dono, i'm not trying to find a job, i just want to be there and mingle with people. ha ha.

adoi..pening la plak. maybe cos kene hujan balik keje tadi..