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as you have seen, my blog has a new template. me got bored with the old one, think i want a lighter background this time. this one wasnt my first choice tho, the first choice wasnt created for blogspot, and no, i didnt do the template myself. i just surfed the internet, looking for free templates haha. so, my first choice wasnt created for blogspot, and i had to do lots of modification and then i got bored after the first 2 hours, went back to blogspot dot com and chose one of the ready-made templates there. so here is my 4th templates.

autumn has officially arrived in newcastle. it rained heavily all day, in fact it still rains when i write this entry. and my timetable today hasnt been the best either. had a session at 10.30 til 10.50am (? - dont ask) at meds school before some lectures from 3 to 5pm in the afternoon. in between? if it was 1 or 2 hours, i'll just go hanging out somewhere, but 4 hours? me walked back home. hujan lebat. then at half 2, me walked again to meds school. hujan lagi lagi lebat. i sat in the lecture theatre, soaked wet, for 2 hours. yup, i did have the umbrella plus the hat.

what else? PMS of the month --> paranoia. seriously think that the world is comploting to hate and destroy me slowly., painfully but surely. but since my insight is (very) good, i dont think it can be called paranoia. again, whatever, it's all in my head.

this week has been veryyy slow. nad said i felt that way because i just had my summer break and that it is normal to feel like that on the 1st week. 4th year is weird. i had a full and tense 3rd year, 9-5 almost every day every week, tests and presentations almost every week. then 4th year? 1 hour Monday morning. 1 hour Monday afternoon. Tuesday 2-5pm. Free for the whole Wednesday. Thursday 10-1pm. Friday 10-11am, 3-5pm. what?

i need to find my routine. i need to be organised and adapt to these changes asap. i work best when i'm packed and full and busy. yah, i need to do that.

i also need to improve my social life. i dont mean go hu-ha hu-ha, party-party, i mean to meet new people, learn something new and useful and develop a good hobby and improve my social and communication skills. shanti learnt yoga, judo and salsa last year when she was in 4th year. i want to do something that i enjoy. i've decided on a couple of things. 1st, i want to make a scrap book of all the wedding stuff that i've collected so far. i know it's not as exciting as salsa, but i like weddings; from the dresses, to pelamins, bunga telur, hantaran, cakes, bed etc. i know i dont have much magazine materials here in the uk, but that doesnt stop me from starting my scrap book project.

2ndly, i want to enrol at the language centre. i want to learn a new language, chinese maybe, and maybe japanese as well, if i have time. it's 25quids each language, and i think i can squeeze myself into their 2 hour-per week sessions. well, that's the plan.

i'm not very sporty, so i cant see the benefit of me joining the sport centre. plus shanti said that the fee is much much more than last year.

cant think of anything else to write. it's really cold right now, and i wish for that someone to hug me tight under the duvet right now ;P you know who you are hihi. have a nice weekend


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how aa to delete all these unwanted comments? buat menyemak je. any help anyone? i'm getting annoyed.

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yeay berjaya! didnt notice the pic tong sampah at the end of every comment. they are all peng-iklan btw. nyemak nyemak