her weekend

9/11/2005 11:43:00 PM 3 Comments »
super bapak malas. that is how i describe my weekend.

think i'm gonna die of laziness. seriously. or maybe for being so fat. oh i'm so fat. officially fat huhu.

it rained all day on saturday. i didnt have a mood to do anything, but i knew i had to get out of the house. planned to meet up with mu'azzah but she wasnt well so i went to town alone. but the town was so packed due to a football match, mind you, our stadium is in the town itself, so ramai gile org pakai baju hitam putih (newcastle's jersey colour) so i went to metro centre. saja jalan2, makan angin..in a shopping mall...always works for me hihi. didnt buy anything, duit pun tade, just nk jalan2. went out for a few hours, bought some millie cookies and that was my dinner. see, i dont have much appetite nowadays, but still, i eat a looottt. fat, fat, fat, fat, fat.

the weather was alrite today. still a bit cold, but at least it was dry. met up with mu'azzah in starbucks later in the afternoon. before that i catched Belgian F1 over ITV1 to watch kimi raikonen won. i dont mind whoever won, as long as it's not michael schumacher haha. i hope next time McLaren gets 1-2 podium positions cos they deserve it man. they got the best cars out there. anyway i met up with mu'azzah later and hell i had enjoyed myself. it was good to catch up with her after a few months, changing news and gossips. it was good to see her happy again.

started my wedding scrap book project. hell it took longer time than i initially thought. well, i'm not in a rush, it's a self project, not an assignment, it's supposed to be fun loh so no pressure to myself, i can finish it later or do it whenever i got free time. gosh woman, you certainly have some issue regarding expectation, havent you? it's supposed to be your hobby ie things that you enjoy doing when you have some spare time, not a one-off thing. hmm a reminder to myself.

need to call sayang soon. really miss him badly, and i really really want to see his face.

tomoro's timetable: 1 hour lecture in the morning and in the afternoon, both are which they already gave out the handouts on friday. are they kidding us or what? like anyone gonna turn up. maybe someone like me gonna turn up. someone like me who felt very guilty over the laziness of her weekend that she thought she needs to come to both lectures and do some work at the library in between lectures. think she'll do that. good for her. do pity her. have a productive week!


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ellyz said...

bloody hell. how did these people got into this blog? i didnt advertise it or anything of that sort. they are advertisers. and i am annoyed. but at least they didnt write bad words, but i'm still annoyed