mumble jumble

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i'm very bored at the moment. friday night and no plan at all. nothing what so ever on the tele. nope, not even the extra channels that we have from telewest. it's bloody freezing cold out there, even in my room, with the portable heater on, me wearing my red fleece robe some more, plus socks, yet it's still cold. sejuk gile gile. donno how to emphasize more on the coldness here in newcastle. and it's not yet winter!

nothing else to do but to browse the internet. download the latest naruto anime. dont feel like want to eat. look through argos catalogue that i picked earlier today when i went to buy the bike pump and lock. yup, i finally got a bike! nope, not mine, it's emelynne, my ex-housemate. she is moving to glasgow to continue her postgrad study, and she still got some of her stuff here. she texted me yesterday from malaysia saying that i can use her bike. yee haa! her bike is in a very good condition, just the paddle is a bit high for me (damn you short legs!), but i can still manage. i think it's ok for me to invest on a good bike pump and lock, so that even if emelynne take the bike to glasgow some day, i can still use those pump and lock for my next bike, right?

today was a bit mumble jumble. woke up early to book my options for next sem ie from jan to june next year. yup, we had to book our options online. it was quite an experience; 300 something people browsing the same website, and everybody hope everybody else dont choose the same option as theirs. i have to choose 3 options. and? did i get it all? NnnooOOoooOoo. sob sob. gile betul. serious macam biskut chipsmore. now you see it, now you dont. i didnt get my 2 top choices, even my 2 back-ups choices pun dah abis dikebas org sob sob. i didnt get the obstetrics and palliative meds that i want. i just got pening after that and jumped off the bed to go to library to do some work. need to calm down a lil bit. then on my way to the kitchen, found some bbiiggg trail of slugs. bengang bengang. i think they're preparing some surprise party for you la ellina when you come back this tuesday hehe.

did some work in meds school for a while before checking the options website again. fuh, thought it was going to be a bad day, then someone changed their options and my beloved obstetrics is available again! sorted. but it was only for my 2nd option slot. i still need to choose my 1st one (3rd one being complementary meds). altho the website is opened for the next 10 days, but i need to fill up my final slot, in case i forgot to do so (typical me..pelupa mak nenek). finally i made up my mind, altho it's not finalised (fickle minded!). i like it, in fact i really like it, but i actually had done it before, more or less the same topic, about a few years ago. it's about how the new technique of MR Spectroscopy is used to measure the brain size. last time it was MRS to measure brain tumour for a more precised radiotherapy, this time it's MRS to measure cerebral atropy in Alzheimer's. basically the same stuff. hmm.. shanti said to choose something that i like. i like this one, but i dont think it's very useful for my future, cos it's not very clinical, no patient, just literature review. i like geriatrics ie elderly medicine, but most of them are in faraway hospitals. and being in the 1st slot, meaning jan-feb, meaning winter time, meaning snow and bloody freezing cold. so? shanti said it depends on how much i like the topic for me to willing to travel to the allocated hospital during winter time. comes the complicated mind! wish i could have a simpler mind and just make up my mind, instead of considering A to Z, then Z to A, then -A to -Z blah blah blah.

better change to a more light and random stuff:

finally, finally, FINALLY some news from mara. any news is better than no news.

britney gave birth to a son! nice. i always like britney. go britney! yeah yeah

missing sayang like hell. really really REALLY miss him sob sob sob..the nearest possible time for me to see him is this dec. hopefully!

finally got some pics of my new home in kuantan! i think it's a nice house. not too big, not too small, just nice. my parents like it very much, they put all their effort, idea, everything to the house. lots of chocolate, i mean the colour, cos mama is crazy of chocolate. open planning like what abah always want. big big berandah, cos they like to lepak2 kat luar sambil minum kopi petang2. big big lawn for abah's various projects. they are having an open house next weekend, they invite everybody, even tukang masak of their fav gerai kat kuantan pun got invited, and i wish i could be there..

want to watch pride and prejudice. i like kiera knightley. dah la ade mamat hensem. but everybody is quite busy at the moment. maybe i'll wait for ellina. or maybe i'll watch it tomoro, along with Bewitched, the movie which i longed to watch.

printed out the visa application form. me so like procastinating. got scold from the lady in student advice centre, yeah, think i deserved it, i should have at least sorted out the forms earlier.

found my fav kuaci from tsang's food (kedai cina here in newcastle). it's the red packet, sunflower seed aka kuaci. best gile. i learnt to eat it from kak lysa back in malaysia, and believe me, once you start, you cant stop!

talked to my bestest friend in the whole wide world yesterday night! and i'm not exaggerating. she's the dearest of all and i miss her so much. i promise myself to buy the 1st ticket to blackburn when i got the money from mara. hope to see you soon, huda :)))))

damn, forgot to get rid of emelynne stuff from ellina room. better do that tomoro. hope i remember this time :s

seriously need to cut my ridiculously long hair. it's all over the place now. i want it short, but dont think it suits my round face. arghh need rebonding! i'm no one without rebonding. ok..a bit overstatement heheh

siew yin is getting married! she is an ex-flatmate of mine. she'll be getting married on 22 oct somewhere in jesmond. cant wait to see the blushing bride!

it's a long entry, isnt it. i know. i just type and type and type and b4 i know it, it's like a few thousand words essay. apologise. dono la, suka sgt tulis lately. maybe cos i dont have anyone to talk to..sedih tak? anyway, enough of me, nighty night to you all. have a nice weekend.