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9/19/2005 10:41:00 PM 1 Comment »
such a tiring day. almost flat out.

started today at 10. went to sort out the visa application thingy in between lectures and seminars. almost got it sorted. almost.. but not yet sorted. got to wait a few more support letters.

hate group tutorial. out of 10, only 4 were cared enough to prepare the topic discussed. the other 6 didnt even contribute a thing. and we are supposed to have 3 tutorials each week. i can feel the tension in the group more and more each week.

tomoro gonna have another 2-hour tutorial, plus a presentation. it's my turn this week. shit. gonna present in front of 300 people. think i'm gonna really shit myself this time.

got back to my habit of reading story book before bedtime. nice. got this one nice lil book, 'Weekend in Paris'. i dont read chic book. but this book is alright. i like it. it's very thorough. 2-day experience in a 350++ pages. i wish i can be more spontaneous. just jump on a train or plane one day and just do what the heart tells me. if only i was single. if only i was braver.

weekend was nice. cant remember what i did on saturday. but on sunday i had my first ever carboot visit! never been to any carboot sales before. ade lah jakun kejap. thanks to mu', and her sister, for the nice invitation, plus the nice lunch too! bought myself a picture of moscow's red square for a pound and fifty, the above book for 50p and an electronic foot massager for 3quids! the latter i bought from a sweet lil old couple and i knew i couldnt say no. and now, bless my feet, i have a 30 minutes foot massage at the end of each day.

finally decided on my options. i decided to ditch the MRS thingy and choose a geriatric option instead. i like old people. this is what i want to do. to be able to meet and care for old people, as much as i can.

obviously i'm tired right now. or else i would have mumbled non-stop, describing every second of my days. i do like to write, especially in a story book kind of way, reflecting my thoughts and feelings. if only my english was as good as ct or nadine or hazleena or ahmad, i would have been a novelist :)


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