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i'm at the old library computer cluster now. just finished my tutorial at ridley building and singgah sekejap at this uni cluster before i head for town. i got tired with walking so i thought today i catch the bus. today's discussion group was so-so. i dont want to be labelled as the lazy or the dumb or the quiet one, so i prepared my stuff the night before. but some of them did not take this group discussion serious enough. or is it me who take this too seriously? well, no harm done if i prepare my stuff beforehand as long as i dont bising2 or act like miss-know-it-all during the discussion right? it's our group's turn to present this week, but nearly half of the group wont even present on the presentation day itself! talk about group spirit.

anyway, yesterday i got a migrane. something that i havent had for about 2 years, i think, thanks to the beta-blocker that i take for the anxiety, which also acts as a prophylaxis for migrane. i usually have some signs before each attack, like blurred vision, with or without scotomas (betul..can see flying flashing yellow dots), and this time my vision got blurred, i had some difficulties to write and read my handwriting. but yesterday i just ignored the sign, i really wanted to stay in the library to do some work between the lectures. alas, it got worse, and i had to walk home with a very bad vision and a throbbing ache at the back of my right head. until now i am still not sure what triggers it on.

i used to have quite severe episodes of migrane in the past. one that i remember was about 3 years ago when azali came to visit me in newcastle. me and azali werent a couple yet at that time. he came to newcastle in the morning, and i had this massive throbbing pain in my right head, so severe i thought my right eye could have came out of its socket. i laid on the bed, in full pain, for 10 hours. think i took about 6 paracetamol kot, plus ubat batuk, ubat selsema etc, basically all the ubat that i had at that time. i tried everything to ease the pain but nothing worked. finally, i just laid on the bed, feeling very sick, half-mabuk with all the drugs that i took, with azali sitting on the floor next to the bed. i couldnt remember what happen after that, i must have slept, and when i opened my eyes again, i saw his face, looking very concern, and i knew he stayed awake all the time, worrying about me.

so yesterday, i went back home, the headache got worse, i couldnt even see the doorknob, took some paracetamol and the beta blocker, changed into my pyjamas, closed the curtain, locked the door, and tried to sleep. luckily the house was quiet and i had a pleasant rest. woke up a few hours later, feeling much better, walked back to meds school for the 4 o'clock lecture. luckily the migrane wasnt that bad this time.

it's 12.30 at the moment, think i'll just pusing2 town before heading back to meds school for the 2 o'clock lecture. i'll be working tomoro at the usual place in monkseaton. not sure what to eat for lunch. i'm not that hungry, but i bet my stomach will start growling in the middle of lectures. cant wait for ellina to come back from malaysia next tuesday. i promise to get rid of emelynne's stuff in her room, think i'll do that tonite, if not this weekend, before she comes back. not sure what to eat for dinner. i dont want to cook. maybe i'll buy a big lunch and save some of it for dinner haha. have a nice day.