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stayed longer on the bed this morning. golek2 haha. i like my bed. with all my precious with me hehe. 3 anak beruang, 2 anak lembu, 2 anak monyet, 1 ikan paus. sayang gile. they are all my precious hihihi.

i like saturday. it's my favourite day of the week. dont have plan to go out today. just stay in my sweet lil room, on my sweet lil bed, in my sweet not-so-lil pyjamas hi hi.

didnt do much yesterday. it was a boring day. someone was in a bad mood. whatever. not sure whether it was me, or something that i said, or something that i blogged, or it was just me being over overly sensitive. since when do i care about other people's mood? is it not my prinsip - do whatever you want, as long as you dont disturb me? whatever. but i still feel this uneasiness in me.



whatever. you know deep inside that there was some truth in what i said, whatever it was. i wouldnt care less about your mood. fine.

shanti is back yey! the house is full again. cant wait for ellina to come back hihihi.

sayang is trying to amik hati my sis by belanja-ing her at the chilli's. jealous! no, i'm not jealous of him going out with my sis, i'm jealous that they eat good food! haha. me? nasi with telur goreng and kicap. sad sad. but i'm happy deep inside for sayang is able to go out and enjoy himself again. go and borrow kak lysa's harry potter and read it fast! love you to bits, hun.

finally the telekom had installed a landphone in my parents new house. not only that it is cheaper to call a landphone, it has a much much better reception as well, as my new house is quite ulu located. kak lysa, nak gambo! ko janji nk email gambo umah baru tu, like, 2 weeks ago. nak gambo, gambo, gambo! hihi

i finally bought some hair tongs!! they had some final sale in boots and guess what? it is exactly like ct's! since i bought them with the gift voucher that ct and yus gave me for my birthday, so the hair tongs are actually a gift from them la kan? thank you thank you haha me so happy next time leh buat big curls again 8-in-1 set tuh i can do my hair whatever style i want la la la.

options update: 1-obstetrics. 2-palliative meds. 3-complementary medicine. not final decision yet. gosh i'm so fickle minded nowadays. make your choice, woman

dont feel like i want to cook this weekend. somehow lost that urge to cook. it was something that someone said to me, but again, i think i'm being ridicilously overly sensitive again. like, whatever.

suddenly feel malas plak to start my course again this monday. there are too much hassle in 4th year. presentations. options. elective. why cant they sort it out themselves? i just like to stay in my room, studying. gile anti-sosial. yup, guess that what i am nowadays. like to be left alone, mind my own bloody business, no one eye-ing at me who ready to tegur me anytime. whatever. you know what? i am an anti-social person, and i'm fully comfortable with that. like someone gonna die if i dont go speaking to the world.

got to go. gonna watch F1 qualifying now. good day