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10/03/2005 05:43:00 PM 0 Comments »
such a busy day. well, self-induced bz day actually. cant wait for my first language class. well, not actually my first ever language class, but i have always wanted to learn chinese and here i am, taking chinese language class!

yup, i enrolled into the class, and it is going to start in an hour time. it is a 8-week course, 2 and a half hour session each week, every monday night. it is one of my aim in life to learn chinese and japanese. they have japanese class as well, but i dont want to have extra-ordinarily packed life, with my part-time work every wednesday and pilates class every tuesday night. yup, i enrolled into pilates class as well! only one hour session each week. bz bz bz. i told you right, i function best if i keep myself occupied. now that i'm a member at the uni sport centre, i plan to play consistent badminton as well. dont think i want to join the badminton society at the uni, i dont want to pay the soc fees of 12 pounds, plus i dont know anyone there, but i do like the idea of having a T-shirt with the badminton soc name in front hehe.

so, what happened last week? basically still catching up with ellina, there are always topics for us to discuss and gossip about, went to royal quay, metro centre and ikea in one day and felt our feet numb for walking non-stop, attended my first ever political meeting, cooked mee kari, and of course, bought one or 2 or more or even more (hehe) new stuff. and yeah, nad was back for the weekend and irene too, who came all the way from leicester (do i spell this right?) to spend her weekend in newcastle.

still no news about the visa. they said 70% of applications will be processed within 3 weeks. and i only posted mine last week, so no worry here. but i heard various stories about this visa thingy, so i cant help myself but to worry about it. plus i am not very lucky lately, so anything can happen, right? please please please let it be ok, cos i need it so that i can go back home this christmas. yup, my family begged me to come home this christmas. they never beg me to come home before, never ever, so i knew i have to go home this december, no matter what happens. maybe that's one of the reason i keep myself busy these days with various activities, to keep my mind off things and keep myself from being bored and buy more stuff because of being bored, got what i mean? so, basically, i cant buy the flight ticket until i receive my passport and visa back. plus it ached my heart hearing my mum begging me to come home and i couldnt do anything about it till i receive my visa back.

i know i promised myself to go to blackburn to visit huda when my mara thingy got sorted. well, it has all sorted now, but dont think i can go to see her now. the ticket is bloody expensive. 52 quids. 35 quids with a railcard, and i dont have one. coach? bloody 7-8 hours journey, and it costs 38 quids. tgklah huda, think i'll wait till my visa and flight ticket got sorted, then i'll go and visit you, ok?

ok, gtg. hope i'll enjoy this class. i dont know anyone, i know there will be 12 of us, i hope they are nice people. tomoro i got presentations and tutorial as well, yey, i got my busy and occupied life back la la la. have a productive week :)