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ai tgh ngantuk zzz.. last night we played monopoly til 3am and i got to wake up early this morning to join ct jogged. ai ngantuk sih. monopoly last night was fun, except when i got kick out 1st round, meaning me got last place huhu. haha at least now nadine got some contender in the form of a blur girl named ellina haha. and yup, she got 1st place muahaha. but nad played well as well. me? not destined to hold money, at all, even monopoly money. what a sad fate...

yup, woke up early today after just having less than 5 hours sleep to jog around newcastle with ct. the last time i jogged was a few months ago, and ouch, my body hurts like, everywhere. but it was nice tho, to jog in the morning especially today when the sky is all blue and nice.

tgh jeles actually. my family was having an open house today in our new house. tumbang lembu sekor. and everybody was there. talked to mama just now and she told me that she introduced my sis and bros to the guests, mostly my dad's workers, and she introduced azali as well. yup, he was there, in fact, he is still there til tomoro. she said, 'mama ade 4 anak, ko takde, azali la anak mama'. you should heard her talking about azali, puji lambung2 tak ingat bumbung nyer. kenan gile huh. whatever. and azali once wrote in his blog, 'i'm really gald to have fallen in love with the right woman (he called me woman??!!), i like her mum very much.' huh, they think they can replace me with azali? dream on guys, dream on. waaa jeles weh. huhu wish i was there. mama said they even buat khemah depan umah, sebijik cam kenduri kawin, cume takde bunga telur, and of course, no pengantin. huhu wish i was there. oh stop whinging stupid girl haha.

speaking bout pengantin, i found my ultimate wedding theme colour! muahahahaha. lawa nga nga nga hepi hepi. ish tak abis2 drool over weddings..muehehe

hmm what shall i cook today? nad is here, that's a good reason to cook. i like his company, so i dont mind cooking for him. but cook what? hmm. promised to go to netto this afternoon with ellina, so maybe i can buy the ingredients. la la la me got someone to go to shopping with la la la

think i might take a short nap before going to netto. mata dah separuh tutup dah. petang nnt yus, the sport ajk, has organised a somewhat gathering with the new students. i want to go, but i'm still not sure, but just now i just promised mu'azzah to come to the gathering. ok then, i'll go. before that, it's nap time now..