la la la

9/21/2005 02:50:00 PM 0 Comments »
ellina is back! la la la

she brought the stuff that mama kirim, like bilis and cili kering, plus baju raya too! dark turqoise kurung la la la

she also bought the latest pesona pengantin, my fav mag in the world! la la la

she also bought a new kebaya for me! light green la la la

there are another million reasons why i like her coming back hihihi me got my partner in crime back :))

today's wednesday and as usual, i have the whole day free. usually i work today, but since the rest of the week isnt full, so i decided to stay home, keep up with my notes and revisions and have the whole day for myself. i'll work tomoro or friday, where i only have an hour or two lectures. neat.

gonna continue drooling over the wedding magazines. borrowed 3 more from mu'azzah, dont worry i wont drool over yours haha. gile i got 4 fav-mag-in-the-world with me la la la think my saliva gland gonna work extra time for the next few days :p