sleepy head..

9/26/2005 11:55:00 PM 0 Comments »
finally i'm settled with the visa application form thingy. what a relief. hope i got the visa, amin.

had quite a full day. seminar and lectures, with sorting out the visa thingy in between, plus doing the case study plus presentation for tomoro. in fact i'm just done with the latter, just killing some time now to wait til it's 8am in malaysia for me to call mama.

weekend was unexpectedly full. met up with the new students, they are so cute and naive and innocent! i can still remember jejak-ing on bumi newcastle in sept 2000, on a wet and cloudy day. i couldnt even remember whether it was day or night! i was a little bit scared, but very very excited indeed. it was a totally whole new world, with whole new adventures. i was a very very naive girl back then.

all i can say is that how bad the weather is here, how heavy the snow will be in winter, how strong the wind will be, like, anytime, newcastle is indeed my second home, and i like being here :)

miss sayang like hell. i want him to come here. but then mama dah seru suh balik this christmas. the winter ticket is double the summer ticket. felt a little reluctant to spend that amount of money. actually i want to spend some time alone with my other half. if he comes here, i got to spend 24 hours a day, times the total day he is here, the most is 9 days. if i go back, tho for 3 weeks, but i got to divide my time between kuantan and ampang. it's exhausting to travel, like every weekend, based on my past experience in malaysia. i like to spend time in kuantan, with the new house that i have not seen, the 1st 3 days will be spent with mama chatting non-stop. food is tasty and cheap. travel is free. but in ampang i got to see the love of my life. i just cant describe how i really really really want to see his face. from his eyes, nose, mouth, basically every single piece of him. i wish i could go somewhere with him, just the 2 of us, like a vacation, while i'm in malaysia. like mama gonna let me go. logically, she shouldnt let me go.