super stupid influenza

1/04/2005 06:59:00 PM 0 Comments »
malasnye nk blog lately. thought about writing the edinburgh trip in more detail, but then huda's and bel's blog, both of whom i met at edinburgh, wrote the same thing and in a very much detail and precision, so dont think i need to write the same thing for the 3rd time kan.

the other reason (well, excuse), i've been sick. bodoh celaka. i hate being sick. first i taught it was just a cold. a common cold. got myself Beecham's cold and flu powders, so ingat dah ok lah. and that was a week ago! then baru nk baik, someone ajak mkn ice cream. then, on the same day, i over-worked, kononnye nk pulun abis since last day cuti kan. pastu the next day...pengsan satu hari. dah mcm2 ubat dah makan. sudafed. beecham's powder. the whole rack of panadol cold and flu. ubat batuk. vicks pun dah beli. smlm buat sup ayam + lots of pepper, mcm yg mama selalu buat. tapi tak baik2 gak. temperature taknak surut plak tu. otak lembab gile. BILATERAL BLOCKED NOSE, this i hate most. sengau kalahkan bangau. woke up a few times at night, choking of my own kahak. so kene tido gune 4 pillows. skrg sakit leher. binawe. weh belah la weh. tak bosan-bosan2 ke duk badan aku ni. like going to dr makes any different. hate fucking doctor. i know it man. cause i know la.

cant think well.

yeye today's the 1st day of school! got my usual routine back. cant wait to get busy back. eager to do work, work, work!. but tonite cannot work mah. tonite got CSI. both. goooood.

got cracked lips cos been mouth-breathing for the whole day. DAMMIT.