closer and elektra

1/21/2005 11:50:00 PM 0 Comments »
i had a tiring day. morning was filled with seminars, with one of the doctor's first name Babi, and i wasnt kidding. the afternoon was left to clerk some patients in the ward, and i had to spend more time as my patient was half deaf, luckily he was nice. had to present the history to one of the tutor, dr m, who is quite 'famous' among the girls for his good looking, and 5 out of 6 ppl in my group are girls, so you can imagine how the history presentation session went. i already had a plan to meet up with ct, nadine and yus at odeon later to watch some movies started at 5.20. since the bus from my hospital takes about 35 minutes to town, i really hope to finish early. and because i dont fancy seeing some girls giggling blushingly to impress a good looking registrar duh. i arrived at odeon at 5.30 and managed to watch the first movie without missing a bit.

the first movie was Closer. honestly, i wasnt keen to watch this movie, it wasnt actually my cup of tea. but since we planned to catch at least 2 movies tonight and we had a rather late start cos of me finished at 5, so i think i shouldnt complaint much about the choice of movies. it turned out the movie wasnt that bad. jude law was soo hootttt, and i think natalie potman is ok-ish. not as hot as everybody says she is. she is fiinnneee, petite, with an innocent looking face and i dont think she can be a good stripper (honestly, with a petite body size and A-cup breasts? i dont think so. bring some voluptuous women here please..not girls haha). well, the plot was ok, quite disturbing, for me, i might say. honestly, i hate 3 out of the 4 characters in that movie. the actings were really good, dont get me wrong, but it was the characters' personalities that disturbed me, in some way or another.

jude law, hot he maybe, but his character was a coward and selfish one. i always believe that, if one leaves one's partner to be with someone else, then one is not trustworthy. i always have this believe that if someone has the heart to leave his partner to be with someone else, then how could i know that he will not leave his new partner to be with another new and fresh partner? well, i dont know, maybe because i found it hard to trust someone who broke my trust. and i hate those who pursue selfish love. like a married man leaving his wife and children to be with his girlfriend. or a guy who keeps on stalking a girl who has a bf. well, i dont like that. i know that love cannot be forced, but i do believe that it can be controlled or even prevented before it becomes worse or 'melarat'.

julia robert was quite good, as she normally is. but again she pursued selfish love in this movie. i knew that her husband was rough and 'not gentle' as she said it, but that didnt permit her to fuck another guy. and is there any honesty left in this world? if you stop loving your partner/spouse/gf/bf, just tell them. asap. why not? i dont think people will blame you like they blame for late informing your other half, like a year after having an affair with another person.

people always says that i see things in black and white. no grey. full stop. well, i like to see things in black and white, cos it will make things easier to see and manage, but i am aware that in reality there is no such thing as black or white, there is always something in between. i like simple, straightforward things. although i am fully aware of the complicatedness of life.

and natalie portman. i like her character. it showed that a stripper can have an honest heart, who pursues true love, like everybody else. the only mistake that she made was that she loved her partner tooo much. never ever give your heart 100% to your loved ones. always keep, at least, 20% for yourself, so that when your loved one leave you (believe me, there is always a possibility for this to happen, no matter how chenta hati terjun gunung punya cinta), you still have some love left to console your broken heart.

the 2nd movie that we watched was Elektra. jennifer garner. in red leather suit. kick some butt. what else can you ask? i didnt have any expectation for this movie, i just watched it to see jennifer garner kicks some ass. and she did that. and i'm truly satistisfied ha ha. it turned out the movie was quite ok. the plot was a bit weak, but who cares? ha ha. guess she will be in my dreams tonite..drooling...

i'm not working tomoro as the gp surgery will not be opened for some reason. well i need some rest anyway. 2 of my friends invite me to go to their houses tomoro for eid, and of course i wouldnt say no to free food hehe.... nite.