a hole in my chest, a mask on my face

1/23/2005 11:12:00 PM 0 Comments »
sigh..tomoro's monday. yup, the weekend was short, as usual.

saturday's highlights were visits to some eid open houses, some snow, and the 6th anne of green gables book. ct and i went to kak jua's house to have her delicious roast chicken and elmi's tasty dessert. then we went to mu'azzah house to eat some more good food; nasi minyak, sate, kuah kacang and caramel cakes. a big big thank you to our hostess. it was snowy when we left mu'azzah's house, but i managed to drag ct to town to get the 6th anne's book. of course i started to read that book as soon as i reached home ;)

sunday morning's full with laziness. i felt a little down this morning, i got my mind occupied with something. i decided to have a walk in town to ease my mind. the town was rather empty, which was good. went back home after spending a couple of hours in town, but i still had this awkward feeling.


managed to do some work tonite despite of the feelings that i had, so i felt better, a bit.

maybe i think too much. but i always think too much.

really hope this feeling will go off soon.